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Paleo Diet Ebook Shopify Store For Sale

💯100% Ownership

📒 Ebook to sell, with Master Resell Rights 

💻 Fully Functioning Ecommerce Store

📲 100% Automated Fulfilment

✏️ 2 Hour Custom design time*: Make this store your own

🔒SLL Encrypted Checkout: Safe to shop with us

📚 60x Day Free Trial of SkillShare (to learn digital marketing)

💪 Support Pack

🏆 Premium Setup Support

💵 Money Back Guarantee: Take the risk out of investing

Business Overview

Paleo refers to a style of eating that mimics the way our ancestors did in the Paleolithic period, free of processed foods and full of what could be hunted and gathered. Health experts argue that agricultural practices have advanced far faster than people's digestive systems have. This means our bodies are designed to function best with foods similar to what the cavemen ate rather than today's standard dietary staples of sugar and refined grains.

The Paleo diet is not a fad or some creative diet plan. It's a matter of returning to the fundamental meals that the human body intended to eat. This kind of dietary plan allows the individual to get the best health as well as strengthen their digestive and immune system.

This is a template starter store meaning that it is non exclusive. This enables new entrepreneurs to start their ecommerce revenue streams in a cost effective manor. All benefits of investing in a starter store like this are stated below and please conduct your due diligence by reading carefully. We are readily available for if you have any questions via email or live chat…

Target Market Research

According to Google, up to 1 Million english speaking people search for 'PALEO' and 'PALEO DIET' every month. More specifically, narrowing down the optimum demographic, up to 10,000 search each for 'PALEO DIET RECIPES', 'PALEO DIET PLAN' and 'PALEO FOOD LIST' respectively. You can target the people searching for these terms with Google, Facebook and Instagram to name a few marketing methods: We provide information to learn how to do just that with this store.

What is included with this business?

This business includes the following as standard:

  • 100% store ownership
  • Digital products to sell, all added to your store and fulfilment is 100% automated
  • Logo: We edit the standard logo with each store to match your store name
  • Master Resell Rights - You own the right to sell our digital products without the need to pay royalties
  • Copies of the digital products to send to influencers for promotional purposes
  • Product images to aid with marketing
  • Free 60 Day trial of SkillShare (to learn digital marketing)
  • $100 Google Ad spend, when you spend the first $25 (Provided by Shopify after you choose a paid plan)
  • 2 hour custom design time - Make it your own: 1 hour supplied by Startup Streams, 1 hour supplied by Shopify
  • Startup Streams Support Pack
  • Premium Support as standard
  • Money Back Guarantee

There are options to add extra perks to your store when you add it to cart...

Included product to sell

With the sale of this website, you will acquire the Master Resell Rights for the following titles, already added and automated on the store:

1. The Paleolithic Diet Ebook, Ebook

This ebook has been written by the same ex-professional athlete and holistic health coach from Canada who wrote the Keto Diet Ebook for Startup Streams - one of our most successful stores yet!

Included within the 51 pages of the ebook is a full length guide, what foods to avoid and eat, how to 'eat out' on the diet, 32x paleo recipes with matching photography of the completed dishes, 4x week paleo diet plan and 4x weeks of grocery shopping lists. No royalties are needed to be paid so you can keep all of the profit, all 100%.

How to operate this store

This Shopify store is ready to scale very quickly. You need to expend most of your efforts concentrating on driving targeted traffic to the website. Anyone from beginners to marketing pros can get to grips with this website as no technical skills or coding is required and sales can be made from day 1 of ownership.

After a customer makes a sale, the customer instantly receives the ebook (resulting in instant gratification). Equally, the customer automatically receives a link to their email to download too. Everything is set up and is 100% automatic. You then get paid every 24-48 hours from Shopify directly to any bank account you nominate.

Why buy a duplicate starter store?

This store is a starter store meaning that it is non-exclusive. This means that there may be one or more people who are selling the same products with a store which looks very similar. Although exclusivity would be nice and has its benefits, a duplicate store has it's advantages too...

For starters, a bespoke store would cost $1500+ as standard, not including any of the perks below, so you are saving money. Secondly it saves you time: Even if you have the design skillset, knowledge of how to create a website, link a domain name, create shipping categories, write terms and conditions, write product descriptions, link apps and know how to set everything up through Shopify, it may take weeks to complete. Here, the work has been done for you. Thirdly, a starter store would benefit specific types of people:

  1. You may be new to eCommerce and entrepreneurship and want a new business to learn the ropes with
  2. You may want to be a business owner but have limited funds to start up and are after a cost effective way to do so
  3. You may want to experiment with various marketing strategies to see what works, and what doesn't, before applying that knowledge to another business
  4. You may want to purchase a starter store to improve and 'flip' (sell for a higher price to another buyer - another lucrative business strategy!)
  5. You like the idea of being an entrepreneur but don't know where to start (We include a support pack with each store - how to manage a Shopify store and how to market it)

> We do thoroughly encourage every buyer to treat this store as a template and to change, edit, customise and improve upon what is provided. This will not only help your Google SEO rankings but will differentiate you between all other buyers of this store. As an idea, you could find new products to add, create a blog and even edit the ebook's content (additional fees apply for working files). That said, you can of course leave the store and market as is.

Monthly expenses: What is Shopify?

There is only one compulsory expense applicable to this store which is the Shopify monthly fee of $29 per month. There are no long term commitments and you can pause or close the store at any time. Once made store owner, you can choose when to active the store and when to start paying this monthly fee to Shopify. You can edit the store to your preference before making your store ‘live’ - you do not have to active the store straight away.

Shopify is the platform where this site is hosted and allows you to sell. The domain name, files and website are all hosted on Shopify's servers. With your store, you will gain access to the store's admin where you have full control over the front and back end of your store and can make any changes you want or need. It is very easy to use.

There are many advantages to using Shopify. As standard you get: Automated cart abandonment emails, visual analytics, unlimited discount codes, SLL encrypted checkout, email push notifications to your customers; you can choose from over 1700 apps to increase conversions, help with marketing or customers support (many apps are free to use) and you can run the entire business from your smartphone… Plus, you can make use of the fantastic Live Chat support if you have any questions when you set up. Is Shopify reliable? Yes…

FACT: On Black Friday 2019, Shopify processed 10,978 orders per minute! That’s $1.5 Million in sales every 60 seconds during its peak. Over the day, Shopify stores made a massive $2.9+ Billion in sales (Up from $1.8 Billion in 2018!), demonstrating the increasing reach and power of borderless commerce.

800,000+ merchants can’t be wrong, $100 Billion+ sales have been made so far using Shopify!

Premium support as standard

We pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service as we understand that investing in a new business can be very daunting. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have before, during and after the business transition phase. Our 100% positive feedback speaks for itself.

We even supply a Startup Streams Support Pack made by ourselves, in conjunction with Shopify, to learn how to mange your store and we point you in the right directions to start your marketing efforts to increase your speed of success.

Important to know

It is important to conduct due diligence before investing money in any business. This is to help set your expectations and realise to what extent a business can benefit you and your goals. We are very easy to get into contact with so please message us if you have any hesitations before buying.

Please read:

Purchase Terms And Conditions

Master Resell Rights Terms and Conditions

Refund policy

Top reasons to buy now:

  1. This business is ready to scale very quickly - just drive targeted traffic to the website
  2. Make use of the efficient, easy to use, highly recommended and world renowned Shopify ecommerce platform.
  3. Buy from a trusted seller with 100% positive feedback - the transition to store ownership is swift and easy
  4. Anyone from beginners to marketing pros can get to grips with this website: No technical skills or coding is required and sales can be made from day 1 of ownership.
  5. 100% Profit margin, 100% autonomous

Download Sample Ebook

Paleo Diet Ebook Review



How does it work step-by-step?

We are here to save you time, energy, effort and money by completing all of the steps associated with starting an online business.

How it works:

Step 1: Order a prebuilt Startup Streams business for sale in your favourite niche

Step 2: Startup Streams will build a beautiful, responsive and professional store

Step 3: Your store will be transferred to you with 100% ownership, a support pack and premium support to get you started

Step 4: Send targeted traffic to your store to make sales

Read on…

What is the money back guarantee?

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try our ecommerce businesses for sale with peace of mind…

After your store is released to you and you have 100% ownership, you will have a strict 7 day inspection period whereby you qualify for a refund for the business at any stage during this period. This allows you to test the website, get familiar with Shopify and the products we provide.

Terms and Conditions apply. Read on…

What expenses are involved?

There is only one compulsory expense applicable to this store which is the Shopify monthly fee of $29 per month. There are no long term commitments and you can pause or close the store at any time.

Read on…

How long does my order take?

All orders are completed within 48 hours of purchasing. Startup Streams stores are built on order meaning we create and build you your professional business upon receipt of payment.

Read on…

How can I learn digital marketing?

We recommend SkillShare as they have tons of useful courses which can help you in whatever field of marketing you need help with. We have partnered with SkillShare and can offer a 60 day Free Trial. 

There are also a lot of resources in our Support Pack such as recommended YouTube videos and support provided by Google and Shopify.