Our origin story is a love story…

Hello, thanks very much for your interest in Startup Streams and it’s nice to virtually shake hands… I am Eddie Eastman, the founder of Startup Streams.

I started my first online business aged 12, selling homemade skateboarding stickers - winning a Business and Enterprise competition in the process then went on to speak at a UK national teachers conference about the importance of learning entrepreneurship in schools the same year. From that moment on, I was hooked on ecommerce and have been starting up and selling businesses in the years since… 

Fast forward to 2019 where I put my ecommerce skills on hold and was training to join the British Army for a bit of a change whilst holding a manual job in a warehouse which kept me fit and allowed me to prepare for Infantry Officer Training.

The warehouse where I worked at burnt down (luckily no one was hurt) but the company pledged to pay us full wages until they decided whether to re-build or relocate the warehouse. I thought this was as fantastic opportunity to go travelling as I was location independent so had my sights set for Bali, Indonesia, with the intent of staying in a different country each month. Doubly so, as my Army application was rejected at that time for something as trivial as a food allergy - no epipens are allowed in the British Armed Forces apparently.

I went to Bali and 3 days into my 30 day trip there, it was a classic case of boy meets girl. I knew I wanted to stay in Bali as much as possible, not wishing to travel elsewhere once I met my girlfriend. However, three months later I started to run out of funds and the warehouse company notified us that we would all be made redundant. What’s more, my visa for Indonesia was also about to expire - I had to fly home to the UK. 

Once home, this lead to me grabbing a pen and notepad and thinking of business ideas whereby I could sell in the UK and US, but remain in Bali where the standards of living are fantastic. Although I have always been involved in entrepreneurship since school, I have never enjoyed the marketing side of business. I enjoy designing websites, branding, products etc… so decided that is what I wanted to do. So I setup and sold a website on a non-exclusive basis and managed to sell it two further times that week. I was in business. Startup Steams was born.

After not leaving my bedroom in the UK for 2 months, solidly designing new websites and products every waking minute, I had created a recurring and reliable income for myself in record time. This allowed me to sell from anywhere to anywhere, so… next flight to Bali!

Then 2020 happened. We all know what happened there. Although I experienced a dip in sales as the dreaded pandemic dispersed, sales quickly bounced back and even increased as more people across the world found themselves at home, potentially unemployed, and wanting to get into ecommerce. But looking back, running an online based business was tough at the time I was admitted to an Indonesia government hospital with Covid19 symptoms - where they didn’t have any wifi in the isolation ward until the last day before my release. Luckily my girlfriend was always on hand to help and acted as a fantastic support system who helped run the business in my absence and kept the morale high. 

Fast forward to today and I have 7 full time members of staff in beautiful Bali (girlfriend included) made up of very talented people - all of whom lost their jobs beforehand due to the pandemic.

We now have 100+ businesses for sale in the most popular niches: Keto, fitness, dog, wedding, finance, dating, blogging and marketing to name a few. All stores come with ready-to-sell products and we are currently working on providing the best possible marketing support for new entrepreneurs based on feedback from our hundreds of customers. I also have a background in customer service so I wish to apply my experiences to our company ethos to provide excellent service for all Startup Streams entrepreneurs and I look forward to doing so for you today. 

As always, we are super-approachable so please let us know if you have any questions at all? 

The best email address to contact us with is

All the best,