Please find Startup Streams's most frequently asked questions here where you may quickly find the answer to your question. If not, please get in touch: hq@startupstreams.com

Can you make bespoke stores?

We prioritise scalable projects, like the starter stores you see on this store, over custom paid-per-project work and are therefore not available for custom work at this time.

Can I host the store and/or domain name with my own host?

Everything has been made specifically for Shopify and it isn’t advisable to move elsewhere. Hosting is included with the $29/month Shopify fee anyway and the domain name is also bought through Shopify (hosted with Tucows) if bought through us. You can not transfer a new domain anywhere else until after 60 days of its creation so you may need to wait before transferring a domain anywhere else.

How much profit can I make?

Brilliantly, you do not need to pay any royalties for any of the products sold on our stores. This means that you can truly keep 100% of the profit you make! 

Who writes the ebooks included with the stores?

(Ebook products are available with most Startup Stream stores)

They have been authored by a a topic specialist / researcher where the re-sell rights of the ebook have been bought. Startup Streams has however designed the ebook to create a beautiful looking ebook and matching website.

How would you get more content to sell such as more eBooks?

We'd personally try Fiverr - you'd be able to find people there to write quality ebooks for a fair price and in any niche.

How would you go about promoting the stores?

Facebook and Google ads could be the way to go, but your success here would depend on your experience and your budget. Ideally, you'd want to start with 3 campaigns and ad sets to test, and would probably want to spend $500 in the first month on obtaining the best customer details on those platforms to find the ideal ad sets. After the first month, close the 2 least performing ad sets, invest in the best campaign and scale from there.

One of the best methods would be to send free copies of the ebook to influencers as you have infinite copies and you can do this for free. You can find influencers on Instagram using hashtags, reaching out to them and asking if they'd post about the site in return for receiving the ebook for free. We did this with one of our own stores (the mental strength hacks store) and made $500 in the first month. You'll have more luck targeting micro influencers (1000-5000 followers).

Of course, you do get the Startup Streams Support Pack with every sale which outlines how to market the stores in more detail.

You are selling the same store again and again. Are you saturating the market?

We understand your concerns...

As you would have read on the listings, the stores are indeed all starter template stores. This provides a cost effective solution for people just starting out in online marketing and you would have seen the benefits of buying a starter store in any of the Buyer info decks on the product pages.

Assuming that you know what dropshipping is, where hundreds if not thousands of people are selling the same stuff from China, our stores come with a product which is available is much less quantities. 

What's more, everyone has their own marketing strategy; some prefer Pinterest, or influencer marketing on Instagram etc... And two people rarely have the same marketing know how. 

How long does it take for the store to be completed?

Your store is built on order, and creating each store is much more than a copy and paste job. We provide all stores within 48 hours of purchase - or you can purchase the 'Express Ownership' option at checkout to have your store within 24 hours.

Do you provide bulk discounts?

We currently offer 3 for 2 on all full priced stores - simply add the 3 stores you want to cart and one store will be deducted automatically. If you wish to purchase more than 3, please get in touch for increased discounts.