About us

It is said that the average millionaire has 7 streams of income.

Wealth therefore lies in quantity, not just quality. This is the premise of Startup Streams: Kickstart your ecommerce ambitions by providing the opportunity to startup and develop multiple revenue streams simultaneously.

We produce ready-to-grow businesses, designed for the new entrepreneur, which allow you to take what you learn from one business and apply it to a range of ecommerce stores in the most popular niches. Your investments would be split across a diverse portfolio and free your restraints from become totally reliant on one source of income.

Our mission:

To maintain our excellent 5 star reputation as the go-to provider for new ecommerce stores, designed for new entrepreneurs.

What sets us apart:

With Startup Streams, being an entrepreneur can be…

  1. Easier: We lower the barriers to entrepreneurship
  2. Effort saving: Anyone from beginners to marketing pros can get to grips with our websites as no technical skills or coding is required and sales can be made from day one of startup
  3. Time saving: To be successful in business online, you first need ideas; a niche, a website, a product… Startup Streams has already done all of this for you.
  4. Cost effective: You can startup and own an unlimited amount of new businesses for one yearly fee.
  5. Location independent: Our stores sell digital products, so you can sell from anywhere (at home, a bar or at the beach?) to anywhere. No stock to worry about, no shipping, no fulfilment.
  6. Educational: We offer excellent marketing support with our 1-to-1 marketing consultancy, available on select plans.
  7. A business owner: You own all of the stores you setup from us. You keep 100% of all profits. You don’t need to pay any royalties for the products you sell.
  8. Part of a community: Feel supported as you setup your new businesses by joining and meeting like minded people.

How does it work?

  1. Join Startup Streams today and you’ll have access to all of our 100+ businesses waiting for you to own and launch.
  2. Through the members only log-in area, you then download the business pack for any businesses you intend to launch: Pictures, products and website files included.
  3. Open a Shopify store and upload the website files provided
  4. Send targeted traffic to your store(s) to make sales
  5. Rinse and repeat: As you grow and learn you can start up as many revenue streams as you wish…


Eddie Eastman,

Founder Startup Streams

Registered address: Startup Streams Ltd, 128 City Road

London EC1V 2NX UK

Company number: 12449620