What Exactly Is A Serial Entrepreneur?

what exactly is a serial entrepreneur?

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Podcast by Eddie Eastman
CEO Startup Streams

“We are here to kickstart your ecommerce ambitions by providing you with a range of ecommerce stores in the most popular niches whilst providing you with a fully functioning business complete with products to sell saving you time, money and effort in the process."

Podcast by Eddie Eastman
CEO Startup Streams

“We are here to kickstart your ecommerce ambitions by providing you with a range of ecommerce stores in the most popular niches whilst providing you with a fully functioning business complete with products to sell saving you time, money and effort in the process."

Serial entrepreneur definition

The image of a serial entrepreneur is someone who seems to have dozens of amazing, well thought ideas destined to change the world, as enforced by billionaire idols such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey. But what is a serial entrepreneur really? Are you one? Well, listen to this episode of the Startup Streams Serial Entrepreneur Podcast to find out…


What is the difference between an entrepreneur and a serial entrepreneur?

As quoted by Scott Adams, “In business, making a million dollars is a goal, but being a serial entrepreneur is a system.”

But what really is the difference between a serial entrepreneur vs an entrepreneur? In a nutshell, a serial entrepreneur is an individual who runs more than one business at a time - or multiple times throughout their career. Entrepreneur is singular, where as serial entrepreneur is plural. But whilst running more than one business can have its advantages, it isn’t for everyone. It requires a skillset of organisation and management which even the most experienced business owners may find hard to possess. This is why many top entrepreneurs remain entrepreneurs and never pass the threshold towards serial entrepreneurship. 

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that entrepreneurship is one the rise. In fact in 2021, 5.4 million new businesses were registered in the US, up from 4.4 million the year before. It’s never been so easy to start a business online after all. At least, we at startupstreams.com have helped to reduce the barriers to entrepreneurship by selling pre-made, ready-to-grow businesses to new entrepreneurs looking to start their first business, and equally, serial entrepreneurs looking to startup their next business.


Serial entrepreneur or serial starter?

To help us to categorise further into the serial entrepreneur meaning, I think that it is also worth mentioning that a lot of serial entrepreneurs could instead be categorised as serial starters. Meaning, some people don’t like the idea of running the same business for more than 5-10 years, so wish to get it to a an exit as soon as possible, then do it all over again with their next big idea. 


It's not just about great ideas

However, it isn’t just about great ideas. It may seem that the poster boys and girls for serial entrepreneurship know something we don’t? They seem to be able to come up with so many disruptive ideas. And whilst this may be true, you may find that it’s their execution, rather than the idea, which leads to their success. I will cover serial entrepreneur characteristics in more depth in a future podcast, so it will be worth subscribing to this Startup Streams Serial Entrepreneur Podcast on your favourite podcast platform to be notified of new podcast releases. 


A serial entrepreneur is very quick to create 

To help our serial entrepreneur definition, it is important to note in this podcast that it is worth identifying that serial entrepreneurs tend to be very quick to create. They have an idea and run with it. Serial entrepreneurs are quick and efficient at building teams and systems. The ideal serial entrepreneur tends to be one who starts a new business then a few years later, sells it on for a hefty profit or hires a management team to take over from them.

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Introducing Mr.Beast...

It is also worth mentioning that some celebrities who have managed to build a large and loyal base of fans and followers who have managed to change our meaning of a serial entrepreneur, by launching multiple revenue streams to benefit greatly from their audience. My initial thoughts turn towards YouTuber extraordinaire, Mr Beast, who has over 200 million subscribers across all of his channels. He is respected as a YouTuber because of his work ethic and as he continually re-invests every single penny into his content, essentially creating a new age media company. insider.com reported recently that Mr Beast is expected to spend $8 million a month on just YouTube video content. In fact, he spent $10 million on a new head quarters to be able to work on many big budget videos at the same time. 

But his serial entrepreneurship refers to the many businesses which he has developed to bring in more income to increase his production budget for each new video. Mr Beast has started his own chocolate bar company, now available in Walmart stores, called Feastables. He has started Mr Beast Burger, which offers his own range of burgers, named after his friends who appear in his videos, which are delivered from any of 1700+ ghost kitchens in the US, UK and even now in the UAE. 

Mr Beast’s net worth is estimated to be $54 million, making him the wealthiest YouTuber in the world and he has been able to get there by utilising systems, heavily reinvesting all profits and thinking like a serial entrepreneur. 


Become a serial entrepreneur today

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