How To Launch A Startup Without Giving Up Your Job

how to launch a startup without giving up your job

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Podcast by Eddie Eastman
CEO Startup Streams

“We are here to kickstart your ecommerce ambitions by providing you with a range of ecommerce stores in the most popular niches whilst providing you with a fully functioning business complete with products to sell saving you time, money and effort in the process."

Podcast by Eddie Eastman
CEO Startup Streams

“We are here to kickstart your ecommerce ambitions by providing you with a range of ecommerce stores in the most popular niches whilst providing you with a fully functioning business complete with products to sell saving you time, money and effort in the process."

It is possible to start a new business whilst you work a full-time day job

Many entrepreneurs want to start a business with a dream of a different kind of life. But starting a new business is often very risky. That’s why it’s important to cling onto your full time job and make sensible steps to start and launch a new business. Listen to this episode of Startup Streams Serial Entrepreneurship Podcast to find out how…


The odds are against you

Let’s get real, most people don’t have the luxury of starting out a new business idea anytime they want. Everyone has commitments; Job, family, mortgage, car finance… you need to figure out how you can still pay for your overheads whilst dividing your attention and focusing on starting a new business.

It takes resources like money and time to start and maintain the business. You obviously don’t want to ruin your life by quitting your steady full time job, just to gamble on a business that may fail. One out of every four businesses fail after all. But at the same time, starting a business while maintaining your full time job is not an easy thing to do. As such, many people fail to make that jump to start a business whilst working a full time job. How can you possibly do it?


Choosing your business niche

The first thing you will want to do is to choose what kind of business niche you want to get involved in. This is super important because you’ll want to choose something which genuinely interests you. This is because, after a long day at work, your daily commute, after working out, preparing dinner etc… you need a business which you are enthusiastic about to help your motivation and will want to work on it for a number of years. Starting a new business is a marathon, not a sprint after all. You need to picture yourself gladly doing the extra work for time to come.

And by choosing the correct business niche, based on your interests and main skill set, you won’t need hire someone to do the job for you, keeping your costs lower.

And when have your niche chosen, it’s time to start time planning…


Planning your time

Good time management is a must for any business owner.

While your time is mostly occupied by your full time job, you still need to implement a good system at home for your new business to work. So, picking a good business you can manage in your spare time is to your advantage. You want to make sure your business is something you can pick and chose when you work on it, and not something which is super labour intensive. In short, you ideally want a business which keeps you proactive, not reactive - meaning, you chose when to work and you are not spending every waking minute putting out fires, figuratively of course.    

You will want to start a business which can be modelled around 1 to a few hours of work each day without sacrificing your primary source of income. That way, you can focus on both and reduce the chance of having burnout. You may wish to employ finishing work at 5pm, home by say 6; dinner and a short rest by 7, then work on your new business between 7-9pm, and in bed by 11.

If you still struggle to find 1 to 2 hours a day, make sure that you check out our four part mini podcast series called “How to launch a business in only 15 minutes a day”. This walks through how to set up and launch a new business in less than a month, in only 15 minute increments. Link in the description.


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Considering your financial investment

Okay, so now you know what kind of business niche you want to use, you know how to find the time to spend on the business, but how about the costs of it all?

The general rule in finance and investing is ‘make sure you don’t invest any money you can’t afford to lose”. So whilst budgeting for your new business, make sure you are spending money which can be easily replaced at the end of the month, with your next pay check.

Running a business can be a bottomless money pit. There are lots of variables which can determine your business’s future; like product quality, marketing strategy, product distribution, financial administration, an so on…

Yes you can hire people to handle it for you, but the more you hire, the more costly your business will become. And of course, you don’t want to make the mistake of taking on early hires when just starting out in business, before you have your business procedures and processes in place. By spending more, you will increase your risk of failure.

With this in mind you might want to spend your budget strategically while still maintaining your monthly savings from your primary income. Maybe you want to start a business with only 10-50% of your total saving as capital. This will lower your risk, but you can still work on your business ideas. You can still invest more capital in the future into your business, when it’s already proven.


In summary

So in the end, when you plan on starting your own business alongside your full time job, you will need to pay significant attention to time and budget. You already have less free time from your full time job, so pick a business that only needs a few hours to manage daily.

You also need to compromise your budget. Make sure you don’t spend so much that your risk increases tenfold, before exploring all options to create the same opportunity with less budget.


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