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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

Startup Streams

Your first Shopify sale within 30 days: A beginners marketing guide

Yay, you finally have a store! But all you hear is an owl howling in the darkness of your shopify store’s traffic figures. Why aren’t you getting any sales? Well, you aren’t doing things the right way and we are here to make those things happen. Here are the ways that can help you get your first sale within 30 days. 


Offer Free traffic using items to attract people – Get instant Shopify clients. 

First, you need to check all free traffic sources. This usually involves sharing the store through a network and associated online communities. These traffic sources are relatively easy to create and can be used by all online store owners, making them a good starting point. Keep these points in mind when using free traffic sources.

  • Start by offering something – either a buy one get one offer, or a discount code which can let customers save some money – this alone can help you win new customers. 
  • Any action you make on the internet can bring traffic to your store. Add the store URL to your personal online profile such as your Twitter bio, Facebook or Disqus profile for people to notice. 


Your personal network can add some magic too...


Many entrepreneurs get their first few sales from personal relationships, but that's not bad, its actually very beneficial. If you are looking for sales, share your store with your personal Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat accounts. Also, please consider writing email directly to people you know to inform them about the opening of the store and what you are offering. Your first sales are most likely to be from people you know.

The sales you make this way are not enough to gain the trust of complete strangers and get external clients, but they are a good way to get early feedback and spread word of mouth.

What’s more, you can re-invest the profit you make from your first word of mouth sales into paid ads to generate a more regular income.


Look into online communities

The power of online communities and how much they can add to your store are limitless. You can post on forum communities like Reddit, join Facebook groups, and find a niche online community in your industry. Each of these channels provide an opportunity to reach people around specific topics. Search for interests related to your business and sprinkle your magical – helping people get what they want.

Become an active member by joining groups frequently visited by target customers and interacting with other members of the community. Once you have gained a reputation and made a real connection, you can share the link to the store using a discount code and voila, everything will get much easier.


Paid Advertisement – the most beneficial.

The best way to get targeted traffic quickly is by using paid advertising. The good news is that many paid advertising channels allow you to pay for every click. In some cases, you can start with a budget of as low as $10.

  • Facebook: Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in terms of age, income, gender and business, and its user base is the most diverse. Therefore, different brands can use Facebook's targeting options (including age, gender, job title, location and interests) to reach their ideal customers. You can basically use people's favorite Facebook pages to create an ideal buyer profile that determines who your ad will reach.
  • Instagram: The advantages of this platform are not limited to the visual format of Instagram, but primarily the people on this platform. It is also one of the most active user groups on social media, according to Smart Insights. Not only is it an ideal platform for influencer marketing, you can also use related tags to get lots of regular free positions.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is often an overlooked channel. But it also has the most clearly defined user base. Most of these users are women, and Hootsuite points out that most of these users have disposable income. Additionally, you can increase traffic through free plans and paid plans.
  • Google Ads: Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) can make your website appear at the top of the page when customers search for related terms. Google Ads offers several different options, including prominent text ads in search results and shopping ads that show product photos and prices in a more e-commerce fashion.


The gripping spell of influencer outreach

  • Work with bloggers: Some secrets about online content are not fully protected. bloggers are always looking for new content and stories. A solid promotion based on good stories and interesting products can provide you with ideal blog spaces and posts for customers to read. Look for blogs that match your niche and try to share your brand with them.
  • Partnerships: Partnerships are a great way to promote your products to other buyers. The key is to find an unrivalled, like-minded brand that attracts the people you are looking for. Finding and creating these opportunities takes some time and luck, but the trade-off is that the nature of partnership can be creative and very helpful.
  • Influencers: In addition to major brands, you can use influencer’s support to promote your products. You can work with influencers (creators with a large audience in a niche market) to use your existing fan base to drive traffic while creating content for your products. There are influencers on all channels from YouTube to Instagram. You can contact directly to negotiate deals.



If none of this works, analyze your store

We hope that you've tried enough strategies to see the increase in traffic and sales. Now, it is time to make improvements and get the real deal running. Money spent on Marketing is not wasted, so keep this in mind. Get to work, you can start diagnosing potential problems with your store by looking at the analytics dashboard (Shopify and Google Analytics) and the feedback you receive by actively promoting your store.

As Henry Ford once said ““A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

Do you agree?

navigate_before Post by Eddie Eastman, CEO Startup Streams

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Our mission is to maintain our excellent 5 star reputation as the go-to provider for new ecommerce stores, designed for new entrepreneurs. We provide excellent service for all Startup Streams entrepreneurs and I look forward to doing so for you today.”

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