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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

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118x Service Business Ideas To Startup Today

The best business ideas in the service industry...

The service industry is an increasingly large part of the world economy. For example, in the United States, retail trade comprises over 85% of employment in the service sector. It is estimated that there are more than 200 million service-oriented jobs in the United States alone.


Acupuncturist Business Idea

An acupuncturist is a person who practices Acupuncture, the art of inserting needles into the body to promote healing. The term "acupuncture" comes from Latin word "acus" meaning "needle" and "pungere" meaning "to puncture" or "to pierce." Acupuncture is often used as an adjunct treatment for chronic pain management, addiction recovery, smoking cessation, nausea, vomiting, depression, anxiety disorders and other physical and psychological ailments.


Administrative Support Services Business Idea

Administrative Support Services are the people who support key business processes. They may work in offices, backrooms, or outside in customer-facing positions.


Air Quality Consultant Business Idea

An air quality consultant is a professional who specializes in the management of air pollution. They are typically hired by organizations with high-risk of exposure to toxic chemicals, hazardous materials, or large amounts of airborne particulate matter. Air quality consultants work with the design team to ensure that engineering systems meet regulatory standards for indoor air quality. This can include using green technologies, installing effective ventilation systems, implementing emergency response procedures, and inspecting buildings for energy efficiency.


Audio Visual Technician Business Idea

An Audio Visual Technician is a person who is in charge of the set up and operation of audio and video equipment, as well as managing production footage, for event presentations. They generally work backstage to make sure the audience sees what they are supposed to see.


Bar or Club Business Idea

A bar is a place where alcoholic beverages are served to customers. These establishments have professional staff that prepare and serve the drinks, as well as provide entertainment in some cases. A club is a business or organization that provides social activities such as dancing, live music, a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks. Clubs generally have a bouncer at the door who is responsible for selecting which guests will be allowed to enter the venue.


Birth Photographer Business Idea

A Birth Photographer is a person who photographs babies being born. They typically enter the birthing room with the parents to take pictures of the birth. The birth photographer can also be known as a birth doula, which is an individual who provides emotional and physical support to women during childbirth.


Boat Excursions And Tours Business Idea

A boat excursions and tours is a form of transportation that uses watercraft to provide passenger service. This type of boat can be rented for short trips, or for longer excursions. The amount of time the boat will be used varies, but usually ranges from one to three hours. People can go on these boats for sightseeing, fishing, or even to watch marine life.


Bug Testing Business Idea

Bug-testing is when programmers test for errors in programs. This is done by the programmers closely examining the program at hand and creating tests with which to expose bugs or incorrect code in the program. Bug-testing looks at both the code and the logic, with an emphasis on logical correctness, data validity, and data consistency.


Business Support Service Business Idea

A business support service is a type of professional service that is performed by an external company for the benefit of a client's organization. It is often used in cases where it would be impractical or cost-prohibitive to have an entire company providing the service internally, such as when the service needs to be outsourced or turned over to help manage new business growth.


Business Turnarounds Business Idea

A business turnaround is a process that is used to create value for the company by converting the company's operations. The process of turning around a business can take place in numerous ways, but it is typically done through restructuring the operations and cutting costs.


Cabinet Maker Business Idea

A cabinet maker is someone who builds custom cabinets for residential and commercial usage. Cabinet makers may also refurbish existing cabinets to suit their customers' needs. They are given an idea of the room's dimensions, what type of cabinetry is desired, the customer's style preferences, and any other specifications that might be important. Then they will build the cabinets according to those specifications.


Car Wash Business Idea

A car wash is a facility, usually open to the public, where a customer can have their car washed and detailed. A carwash typically employs a large number of low wage workers who work for an hourly wage. In addition to washing the exterior of the vehicle, a typical carwash will provide services such as vacuum cleaning, hand waxing, polishing and inside detailing including vacuuming and wiping down the dashboard and door panels.


Sell Digital Finance Guides Online

If you can’t manage $100, you can’t manage $1,000. If you can’t manage $1,000, you can’t manage $10,000. And, if you can’t manage $10,000 you can’t manage $100,000. If you wish to become wealthy, it starts with basic money management. There is a reason why people want a bigger house, a more extravagant holiday and faster sports car but can’t afford it. People lack the personal financial skills needed to manage basic daily finances. 

The solution would be for you to offer a series of personal finance guides to help people get a hold of their finances. You, this finance online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people save, manage money and achieve financial independence. Who do you know who needs to control their spending? Sell them the solution…


Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Business Idea

A Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning is a way of cleaning the carpet and upholstery of a vehicle. A professional cleaner will use a vacuum cleaner to suck up dust and dirt from the surface of the fabric. Then, they'll apply a cleaning solution with a damp cloth to remove any stains they find on the material.


Chemical Testing Business Idea

A chemical test is a test for the presence of chemicals. It can be used to detect the presence of certain metals, or other substances. There are different types of tests developed for specific purposes, such as pH testing or acidity testing.


Chiropractor Business Idea

A chiropractor is someone who practices the profession of chiropractic. Chiropractic practitioners are health care professionals who diagnose and treat the spine, nerves, pelvis, and joints for pain-related conditions. Chiropractors are distinct from physicians (MDs) because they do not use drugs or surgery to treat patients. They do not perform physical exams or tests that can be done by medical doctors.


College Essay Editor Business Idea

College essay editors are professionals who work to make your essay look its best by editing grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and even clarity. They also make sure that the content is relevant to the prompt and their experience will help you select the best words for your essay. The process of editing starts with reading over the paper which entails reading it through at least twice to catch mistakes. Then they use a list of rules to work through to edit errors, thus making your paper better than before!


Conference Marketing Manager Business Idea

A Conference Marketing Manager is a professional who is in charge of marketing for conferences. They are usually in charge of the main marketing activities, such as designing advertisements, setting up social media profiles, and sending out event information.


Contract Drafting And Review Service Business Idea

A Contract Drafting and Review Service is a service that drafts agreements according to the needs of the customer. For example, they will draft an employment agreement based on the requirements of an organization or an independent contractor agreement for independent contractors. Just as with any other type of contract, both parties must agree to take part before it can be executed. The person who commissioned the contract drafting has the option to pay up-front or make monthly payments.


Cruise Booking Agent Business Idea

A Cruise Booking Agent (CBA) is an individual who offers cruise itineraries to potential travelers. The CBA can be a travel agent or any individual with knowledge of the industry. They typically offer discounts, specials, and other deals to increase sales for their company.


Daycare For Adults Business Idea

A Daycare for adults is a facility that houses adults with disabilities or other specific needs, who require care and supervision for 24 hours a day. The caretaker will be responsible for assisting the person with their needs, such as dressing, feeding, bathing, and toileting. A Daycare for adults may also provide a variety of other services to help them live as independently as possible.


Doula And Birth Coaching Services Business Idea

A doula is a trained labor assistant who provides emotional support, information and physical assistance to the mother or partner during labor. A doula is a woman who has been professionally trained to provide continuous physical, emotional, informational and educational support throughout childbirth. Birth Coaching Services are a service that can be offered to a pregnant couple as they prepare for birth.


Dry Cleaning Delivery And Pickup Business Idea

Dry-Cleaning is the process in which clothes are sent to a dry cleaner for washing and drying. A Dry-Cleaning Delivery And Pickup is what you can request when using UberTailor where clothes are picked up from home, cleaned, and delivered back to the same location for pickup.


Elderly Companion Business Idea

Elderly companions are volunteers who spend time with seniors. These people are generally retired, have the time to do the work, have a desire to help others, and can afford to volunteer. A typical day for an elderly companion might include walking with an older person, sharing a meal, or playing games. Elderly companions provide valuable services to the community by helping some of the most vulnerable members of society remain independent and self-sufficient.


Electrician Business Idea

An electrician is someone who installs, maintains, and repairs electrical distribution systems for buildings. Electricians may specialize in residential, commercial, or industrial work. Some electricians are certified to suggest modifications to buildings for improved electrical safety.


Environmental Cleanup Service Business Idea

Environmental cleanups are used to decontaminate the soil, surface water, and groundwater. This process can be done by removing or neutralizing hazardous substances or by removing the contaminated site. Environmental cleanup services are needed when there is a risk of human exposure to contaminants.


Environmental Restoration Business Idea

Environmental Restoration is a process that restores ecological functions and ecosystem services to a degraded, damaged, or destroyed ecosystem. Traditionally, restoration has been reactive in response to an event such as a fire, flood, or economic development. However, more sustainable approaches are now being developed to restore the health of ecosystems.


Errand-Runner Business Idea

An Errand Runner is a person who performs errands for businesses or people. They typically take the form of an Uber driver, and will drive to pick up and deliver items such as food, lunch, deliveries, and more. Unlike Uber drivers, however, they are not required to be insured or licensed.


Event Furniture And Equipment Rental Business Idea

An Event Furniture And Equipment Rental are items that are used for events such as weddings, graduations, and other celebrations. These items are rented or leased to people to use for their events. They are usually leased because they may not be needed by the person after the event. The rental company will deliver the items to the location of the event, set them up, and take them away all at no cost to you.


Event Planning Service Business Idea

Event Planning Services is a business that provides services for staging events, such as conventions, conferences, concerts, dinners, and weddings. The company will help plan the event by organizing everything from the location to the menus to managing the budget. For example, if there are 10 people attending an event-the event planner may recommend hiring six servers for food service so each person can have their own server.


Event Videographer Business Idea

An Event Videographer is someone who films events, traditional ceremonies, and private parties. They often work in tandem with photographers to capture moments of interest. They are often either independent or freelance videographers who may not be affiliated with any one company, but rather work on a per-project basis. The work can be sporadic making it difficult to find steady employment, so many videographers have a second job in order to support themselves.


Executive Headhunting Business Idea

Executive headhunting is the process of recruiting or hiring an executive for a specific company or organization. It is an employment process that involves visiting the organizational website, reviewing the requirements for the position, then matching them with current and former employers of the prime candidate.


Expert Witness Business Idea

An expert witness is an individual who provides testimony, usually in a trial, on a specialist subject. Experts are traditionally educated in the field of their expertise and have studied one or more academic degrees in that discipline at an institution recognized by that particular field's professional body. Experts are often called upon to evaluate the evidence in court proceedings, with their testimony often determining the outcome of the trial.


Sell Digital Freelance Guides Online

There are 830,000+ registered freelancers on Fiverr (and counting), all competing with one another for the custom of people looking at outsourcing various services. However, how do these freelancers all compete with each other? Whether on a freelancing marketplace or providing services privately, the paradigm shift from employees to freelancers has meant greater demand and greater supply. But how can a freelancer look to compete in such a crowded industry? 

The solution would be for you to offer a freelancing guidebook to help freelancers with getting a competitive edge over the competition. You, this freelancing online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help freelancers get into the industry, where to find customers and deliver. Who do you know who wants to work freelance instead of working for an employer? Sell them the solution…



Failure Analysis / Evaluation Business Idea

Failure analysis is the process of determining why a product or system failed, often to help with future design efforts. This process can be as simple as inspecting the broken product and noting any external factors that could have contributed to its failure, such as user error. In more complex cases, a failure analyst will run tests on the product and compare it to similar products to find patterns in the way it failed.


Financial Planner Business Idea

Financial planners help individuals and families to understand their finances, including investments. They also offer advice about retirement planning, college savings plans, and home financing. A financial planner will typically check a family's income and expenses to make sure they are on track with their goals. They can look at a family's budget to see where they might cut costs or where a family may be spending too much money.


Fishing Boat Rides Business Idea

Fishing boat rides are a way for people to go out on the water and catch fish. Fishing boats ride on the water, often with fishermen on board, who use rod and reel or nets to catch fish. The boats can sometimes be seen anchored in one place or slowly motoring about the horizon.

A fishing boat is typically a vessel that carries equipment for catching fish. They can be seen anchored in one place or slowly motoring about the horizon.


Flea Market Seller Business Idea

A flea market seller is a person who's primary task is to buy and sell secondhand goods. The term, as it relates to the business world, refers to individuals who sell their old belongings at a flea market or other similar venue. If someone sells an item that he or she has not previously owned, then they are not really a flea market seller.


Food Delivery Service Business Idea

A food delivery service is a business that delivers ready-made food to customers. As the name implies, they ship out meals to their customers who are often busy professionals on the go. Sometimes these services provide meals for one night only, others are on a subscription basis.


Foreign Language Teacher Business Idea

A foreign language teacher is someone who, in simplest terms, teaches their own language to someone else. This can be done in the form of teaching a language through grammar lessons in classrooms, by teaching through personal conversation in tandem with immersion in an environment where that language is spoken or by applying it to writing.


Formal Wear Rental Service (Male Or Female) Business Idea

A formal wear rental service is a company that rents high-end clothing for formal events. Services are offered for both genders, but catering to women's needs has traditionally been more popular. Some formal wear rental services offer special "bridal" packages for wedding dresses and tuxes, even if the event will not be held at a chapel or other venue where attendants are traditionally expected to wear tuxedos.


Framing Service (Picture Frames) Business Idea

A framing service is a company that would provide people with frames for their artwork.


Fundraiser Business Idea

A fundraiser service is the charge of a business to find and organize a fundraising event for an individual, group or organization. This can be anything from home-based events such as bake sales to large-scale events like galas.


Furniture Reupholstering Business Idea

Furniture reupholstering is the process of replacing all or part of a piece of furniture's upholstery. The new upholstery materials may be leather, fabric, vinyl, or other materials that match or complement the existing upholstery. The weaver of this material will then stitch and assemble the coverings to the frame and springs of the furniture.


GED Test Preparation Business Idea

GED Test Preparation is the process of preparing for the GED Tests in order to attain a GED or General Education Development certificate. GED Test Preparation includes taking classes that teach the necessary skills in order to complete the tests. These are often offered by community organizations or at high schools located near low-income neighborhoods, giving individuals who are unable to afford private test preparation courses more opportunities for success.


Grocery Shopping And Delivery Business Idea

Grocery shopping and delivery are two services that are offered by many grocery stores. It is convenient to buy groceries online, have them delivered to your home, and not have to worry about the hassle of paying for parking or walking around the store yourself. You can also get a list of all ingredients needed for a meal plan you created in advance so that you don’t forget any ingredients while you’re at the store.


Handyman Service Business Idea

A Handyman Service is a service that provides repairs, maintenance, or installation for household items. The service may act as general contractors in installing new kitchen cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and light fixtures. They also may assist with building closets, hanging shelves, painting rooms, assembling furniture, and other tasks. This type of service will involve the use of power tools sometimes including circular saws.


Home Design Service Business Idea

A Home Design Service is an organization that assists with the design, construction, renovation, and exterior renovation of homes. They provide professional home design services to homeowners looking for expert advice on the aesthetics of their property. If you are looking for a contemporary fresh look or something more traditional they can help find the perfect style that suits your needs. Their team of professionals will listen to what you want and work with you to create your perfect space.


Home Inspector Business Idea

A home inspector is an individual who has been certified to inspect and evaluate the physical condition of residential properties. They may also be referred to as building inspectors, structural engineers, real estate inspectors, or property inspectors. A home inspector typically specializes in one of these areas rather than performing all tasks at once.


Home Or Office Organization Services Business Idea

A Home or Office Organization Services is a company which offers assistance for individuals who are looking to declutter their space. If the individual is feeling overwhelmed by the process of organizing themselves, then an organization service can offer help in areas such as de-cluttering, sorting items into designated categories, and re-packing items into storage spaces. Organization Services can also provide a system that will be easy for the customer to maintain without needing outside assistance.


Housekeeper Business Idea

A housekeeper is a person who has the job of cleaning buildings. They are also responsible for maintaining the general upkeep of the building they are working in. Cleaning duties include sweeping, vacuuming, washing dishes, changing linen, and scrubbing floors. General upkeep tasks could include gardening, replacing light bulbs, repairing locks, and painting. A housekeeper may be employed by one building or home or may have a number of different clients to maintain their homes on a weekly basis.


HVAC Installation & Service Business Idea

A HVAC installation and service is a type of installation that provides air conditioning, ventilation, heating, or refrigeration for a home or building. The need for this type of installation will depend on the geographical location in which the home or building exists. In Alaska, for example, it would be necessary to have a HVAC system installed to circulate cold, conditioned air throughout the house when the outside temperatures are too hot to allow residents to cool themselves naturally.


In-Home Masseuse Business Idea

An in-home masseuse is someone who gives massages in the comfort of the individual's home. There are some advantages to this type of service. For example, you can save time and money by having a professional come to your house rather than going to their place of business. Personal privacy may also be more preferable than at a spa or salon where people could see you.


Sell Digital Home Decor Guides Online

The home furnishings industry in the US is worth $30.9 Billion a year, according to IbisWorld. This amount may not be shocking when you acknowledge the fact that a well organised and displayed room, with lots of light and natural colours, can help influence mood. A cluttered room can make people feel agitated, whilst a calm and minimalist surrounding can be soothing and relaxing. But to achieve the results of an expert home decorator or interior designer can be expensive. Why hire someone else to do it when you can do it yourself? Surely you wish to maximise your budget on furnishings? Well, it’s not that simple. Professionals make a full time living out of designing people’s homes for a reason - because they know what works. So, what if you could get the knowledge of a professional interior designer, without the designer price tag…

The solution would be for you to offer home decor guides to help people to get the home they want. You, this home decor online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people to pick the best furnishings, lighting, windows, linen, plants and accessories to match both their home and their lifestyle. Who do you know who could do with an interior home refresh? Sell them the solution…


Interior Painting Service Business Idea

An Interior Painting Service is a company that provides interior painting services to homeowners and businesses. One of the most important things they do is provide cost estimates before starting work on any job. They also provide different paint colors, types, and finishes depending on client preferences.


Inventory Control Service Business Idea

An inventory control service is a company that helps with the management of a company’s inventory. This can include helping to plan for manufacturing, procurement of materials, production of goods, and controlling final product distribution.


Janitorial Service Business Idea

Janitorial services are a common form of outsourcing labor. They play a critical role in maintaining the cleanliness and safety of buildings, as well as reducing the need for cleanup after large events. Janitorial services will generally provide cleaning staff at a fixed price or on an hourly basis to replace custodians and supervisors. The janitors can be contracted to clean and maintain individual and shared spaces such as restrooms, break rooms, and offices for companies or building tenants.


Junk Car Removal Business Idea

A Junk Car Removal is the process of taking an unusable vehicle and recycling or disposing of it. The primary goal is to remove an eyesore that occupies space, prevents parking, and can be hazardous. Junk Cars are usually disposed of by crushing them into scrap metal (to be used in manufacturing) or by using a metal shear to slice the car up so they can be sold for their ferrous metal content.


Lactation Consultant Business Idea

Lactation Consultants are professionals who have specialized training in breastfeeding management. Lactation Consultants often work in hospitals or clinics where mothers can get help with breastfeeding problems. They not only provide education about the best ways to nurse, but also may provide therapy for anxiety, depression, stress, postpartum mood disorders, and other mental health issues that are exacerbated by breastfeeding difficulties.


Lighting Designer Business Idea

A lighting designer is the person who plans, designs, and directs stage lighting for theatrical productions. They are an integral part of any production because lights are the only way to communicate to the audience what they are seeing on stage. Lighting designers also use visuals that illuminate performers on stage with colors that represent emotions or plot points in the show.


Limo Service Business Idea

A limousine service is a company that provides transportation by car. Limousines come in many shapes and sizes, so there are often multiple services to choose from. They must be pre-booked as they can't be hailed at the side of the road like a regular taxi. Limousines provide excellent amenities such as an on-board bar and champagne glasses for those who want to celebrate or feel special.


Locksmith Services Business Idea

A locksmith provides a variety of services, such as key making and lock installation. A locksmith often works with customers to determine the best course of action for their needs. For example, if a customer is replacing their locks after an emergency house call, a locksmith works with them to decide what type of lock they need and which key will work best.


Mailing Service Business Idea

A mailing service is a business that specializes in handling mail and packages for small or medium-sized businesses. They offer services such as outgoing mail, incoming mail, package delivery, small parcel shipping, parcel pickup, order fulfillment, fulfillment center management, fulfillment center leasing and many more.


Manufacturer Business Idea

Manufacturer service refers to the goods and services that a manufacturer provides to customers. It typically includes things like inventory, repair, spares, and other similar items.


Medical Claims Billing Service Business Idea

A medical claims billing service is an organization, usually a company, which charges a client a monthly fee and then charges the client for every transaction they do with their client's insurance company. The main responsibility of these companies is to ensure that doctors, hospitals and health care providers receive payments from insurers.


Meeting Planning Business Idea

A Meeting Planner is a professional who ensures that all details of an event are managed, from venue selection to catering and entertainment, to ensure a successful meeting. This person may work for a hotel or a conference center, but the role can also be fulfilled by an individual with entrepreneurial spirit if they have connection to venues and service providers.


Messenger Service Business Idea

A Messenger Service is a company that sends and receives messages. It is not uncommon for this type of business to offer translation services as well as document delivery services such as courier and mail. The company will take care of the delivery of documents like envelopes or packages.


Mobile Veterinary Services Business Idea

A Mobile Veterinary Services is a veterinary clinic on wheels. The mobile vet team often visits schools, fairs, and other community events to provide rabies shots and basic animal care, such as neutering dogs and cats. They also provide emergency services for animals in need of immediate medical attention.


Moving Company Business Idea

A moving company is a transportation company engaged in the specialized activity of providing prearranged moving services from one location to another. A moving company may also be engaged in the sale and delivery of furniture, appliances, boxes, and other packing material.


Nutritional Supplement Sales Business Idea

A nutritional supplement is a product that has been developed to add to the diet and provide some additional nutrients often not consumed in a general, everyday diet. In most cases, these supplements are developed for specific purposes such as weight loss, muscle building, or heart health. There are different categories of supplements, including food-based supplements and herbal supplement.

An individual who sells nutritional supplements would typically focus on a particular category of supplement.


Office Services Business Idea

Office Services is a service that provides all the necessary tools and supplies to maintain an office. One of the items they offer are Post-it Notes. They also offer printer paper, pens, paperclips, and other needed items.


One-Man Band Business Idea

An One-Man band is a type of musical performer that uses no other instrument, but his/her own voice to play and produce different sounds. The One-Man Band would typically sing and drum at the same time; each hand drumming with one hand as they would strum with the other. One can even make some music using only their mouth as an instrument by using their tongue to block off one nostril while blowing air out of the other.


Online English Tutor Business Idea

An online tutor is one who offers online sessions with pupils. Some of these tutors are hired by students, others have before-school programs for elementary school students, and some are hired by the teacher to tutor a specific student or an entire class. Online tutoring began as supplemental help for those homeschooled, but has quickly become the norm in many classrooms.


Outsourced HR Services Business Idea

Outsourcing HR services is the process of transferring human resources tasks to other parties. This can be completed using an internal approach by hiring a separate department for this function, or through external providers such as private firms, which provide outsourced HR services. This approach includes many functions such as employee benefits and programs, training and development and succession planning.


Paralegal Services Business Idea

A Paralegal Services is the service that is provided by an individual or legal team. This service helps individuals or legal teams to conduct their activities. The objective of this service is to provide assistance to the client with administrative duties, research, and analysis. This helps the client to focus on dealing with their case.


Payroll Processing Service Business Idea

A Payroll Processing Service is a company that processes payroll. This includes calculating hours, wages, social security tax, Medicare tax, federal withholding taxes, state withholding taxes, unemployment insurance tax and any other applicable taxes.


Personal Chef Business Idea

Personal chefs are individuals who prepare food for personal consumption. They may be hired by an individual or family to cook at their home, or they may be self-employed and cater food to clients' homes. Personal chefs may also do cooking demonstrations that focus on specific dishes, such as a ravioli class, where the chef will give step-by-step instructions on how to make these Italian stuffed pasta.


Personal Concierge Business Idea

A Personal Concierge service provides a personal assistant’s help in accomplishing day-to-day tasks for clients. These services can include everything from booking restaurant reservations and making appointments to managing your social media presence and responding to emails on your behalf.


Personal Wardrobe Stylist Business Idea

A personal wardrobe stylist is a specialist in fashion and clothing design. They help clients make style decisions by offering advice and guidance on colors, fabrics, and patterns. A personal wardrobe stylist is also an expert in dressing for an occasion and suggesting any necessary accessories.


Pest Control Service Business Idea

A pest control service is a company that provides extermination services for both residential and commercial property. These professionals typically offer several different types of pest management services, including exclusion (prevention), sanitation, inspections, and structural repairs. This profession is often regulated by state or local departments of public health.


Photo Booth Rental Service Business Idea

Photo Booth Rentals can be categorized as an event rental service because it is rented for functions where entertainment is desired. A photo booth rental service is a fun way to greet guests and to create memories. Typically, photo booths contain props like funny costumes, wigs, glasses, etc. Guests enter the booth one at a time and pose in front of the camera. Once they exit the booth, there will be an instant print out of their picture that they can take home with them.


Plumbing Service Business Idea

A plumbing service is a company that provides various services to keep your home or commercial property's plumbing system operating properly. These services may include the installation, repair, and maintenance of pipes. Some plumbers may also offer other services such as repairs for dishwashers, hot water heaters, toilets, sinks, faucets and sewage systems.


Pool Cleaning Service Business Idea

A pool cleaning service is an outside company that cleans the water in swimming pools. They typically come out weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the contract with the homeowner, to clean the pool with vacuum cleaners and chemicals. Pool cleaning services are most often used in residential areas.


Porcelain Repair Business Idea

The porcelain repair is an act of repairing cracks to the body of the porcelain. The act of repairing can either be done by using a plaster or ceramics to fill in the crack and then gluing that with a resin adhesive, or just leaving it as is and putting a layer of varnish on top. The entire process takes about 10 minutes, and is perfect for simple repairs.


Power Washing Service Business Idea

Power washing is a service that provides home owners with a wide range of benefits from the exterior of their house. This type of service can be used to clean everything from window sills, to brick, metal and wood. The use of power washing vastly improves the look and makes it easier to maintain your property because you have a cleaner surface with less effort.


Pre-School Tutoring Service Business Idea

A pre-school tutoring service is a type of tutoring service that caters to children who are not yet old enough to attend school. This type of service may offer various types of services, including academic or behavioral services, to children who are not yet old enough for the progressive power of formal education.


Presentation And Proposal Designer Business Idea

The presentation and proposal designer is an individual who designs presentations and proposals for others. They are responsible for creating an image of themselves or the company they are representing. They are responsible for making sure the information is accurate, clear, and easy to understand. A presentation and proposal designer works with both paper based materials, various graphics programs, electronic tools, audio-visual equipment, computers, digital media, videos, photography, images and other visual images.


Private Investigator Business Idea

A private investigator is a person who strives to find and reveal the truth through investigative work. The private investigator will use their skills in surveillance, document examination, and interrogation to solve various types of problems including insurance fraud, corporate misconduct, theft, and more. A private investigator's job revolves around communication and they often work on cases with lawyers or law enforcement such as the police department.


Professional Organizer Business Idea

A professional organizer can help with a variety of things from home organization to workplace organizing, and many specialize in a certain area, such as paper management or storage solutions. A professional organizer may have formal training or have learned skills through work experience.


Rental Property Management Business Idea

Rental property management is the process of managing rental properties. This involves receiving and screening tenants, maintaining the property, collecting rent and handling tenant issues such as repairs. Rental property managers also market and advertise for new renters.


Reunion Coordinator Business Idea

A Reunion Coordinator is responsible for connecting guests with their classmates through the use of social media platforms. Using this method, they are able to organize reunions by identifying people who are interested in attending, contact them to find out what food preferences they may have and any other details that will help to take the stress off of the reunion host.


SAT Tutoring And Preparation Business Idea

A SAT tutoring and preparation company is a business that helps people to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in order to better prepare them for university courses. The SAT is an exam that tests skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics in order to measure potential for success in college or university studies. One may work with a tutor from a company in order to study material and then take practice exams in order to get used to the testing format.


Seamstress Or Tailor Services Business Idea

A seamstress or tailor is an individual who will either make or repair clothing for others. Some of the duties of a seamstress/tailor are to measure the person they are working on, pin up the fabric, cut out patterns, and install zippers, buttons, and belt loops. A person may also be called upon to sew on buttons or do minor embroidery work. The measurement process involves taking of measurements by hand of specific areas (e.g., waistline).


Seminar Producer Business Idea

A seminar producer is an individual who organizes, produces, and/or sponsors academic seminars. The mission of the seminar producer is to provide an avenue for experts in a given field to provide specialized information about their work that would not be available otherwise. A successful seminar producer should show expertise in organizing events, research, marketing, public speaking skills, event production skills, and business management.


Senior Services Business Idea

A Senior Services may include any service that provides support for the aging population. It may include medical screenings, counseling, social services or any other service that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the aging population.


Shopping Service Business Idea

A shopping service is a type of company that will buy items for you. This can be useful if you want to sell an item but don't have the time or energy to go through the process of finding a buyer. To use this service, sellers list their items on a site and select a price they are willing to take for it. Buyers contact the seller and make an offer, hopefully settling on a price that both parties are satisfied with.


Show Promoting Business Idea

A show promoting is a traditional Western phenomenon that has been around as long as the circus. It's a form of advertisement that features an entertainer performing at a venue where they will be appearing later on, with the aim of convincing people to buy tickets for their performance. The show is usually set up by a performer or producer who wants to increase ticket sales and put themselves in a position to make money.


Shuttle Service Business Idea

Shuttle service is the operation of public transportation between two or more places at different locations. Common uses include airports, hotels, hospitals, universities, and office buildings. Shuttle vehicles are typically minivans, buses, or large vans with capacities of 7 to 18 passengers.


Sightseeing Tours Business Idea

Sightseeing Tours is a group of tours that guides tourists around a particular area or city. The most famous, and most common, sightseeing tourist tour is the bus tour. A driver narrates the tour and points out landmarks such as museums, statues, and national monuments, while the passengers get to see the sights from an elevated angle. Sometimes tours are given by guides who walk alongside or in front of their group so that they can show people what they are looking at.


Subscription Newsletter Business Idea

A subscription newsletter is a newsletter that is sent to a subscriber on a regular schedule either via email or postal mail. The frequency and length of the newsletters depend largely on the needs and preferences of the subscription. Subscription newsletters can be effective tools for keeping customers up-to-date on company news and offers as well as providing an outlet for customers to voice their opinions and provide feedback.


Swimming Pool Installation & Maintenance

Swimming Pool Installation and Maintenance is the process of designing, building, and maintaining swimming pools. There are three basic steps for this process: site preparation, pool construction, and maintenance. Site preparation involves grading the ground to create a level surface for the pool. The pool is then constructed with chlorine resistant materials such as concrete or polyester resin mixed with color pigments.


Tailor Business Idea

A tailor service is a service in which a person will take an article of clothing and alter it to fit the customer. This person may do this by taking in material, lengthening sleeves, or buttoning up the front. The tailor may also put darts (narrow pieces of fabric) in the garment to give better shape to it. A tailor service can be had at most department stores, and often alterations are free on many occasions such as when you buy something and want it altered.


Tax Preparation Business Idea

Tax Preparation is the act of preparing taxes for an individual. This usually takes the form of calculating the amount owed in taxes, determining which forms are necessary to be filed, and representing one's self at a local IRS building to file said forms. This is a relatively straightforward process that requires an understanding of how taxes work, but ultimately does not require any specialized knowledge or skillsets.


Telemarketing Service Business Idea

A telemarketing service is a business that contacts potential customers for the purposes of marketing products and/or services to them. Telemarketing services usually use various call centers (offices) to make these phone calls.

The job of a telemarketer is to make contact with potential customers in order to persuade them into buying or using their service or product by using persuasive techniques such as repeating key points, asking questions, and making their offer sound valuable and beneficial.


Telephone Service Reseller Business Idea

A telecommunications service reseller is a business that sells telephone services to other businesses. The telecommunications industry is a complicated one, with many local, regional, and global players. Telecommunications service resellers make it possible for small and medium-sized companies to purchase the same telecommunication services as larger companies.


Tool Rental Business Idea

A tool rental is a kind of transaction where the customer rents the use of another person's tools for a specific period of time. There are many types of tool rentals. The most common type is for construction, home improvement, and gardening projects. A popular type of tool renters are saws, staplers, drills, and other power tools. Tool rentals can also be found in stores that offer rental shoes or costumes.


Tow Truck Service Business Idea

A tow truck service is a company which provides specialized roadside assistance to motorists with disabled vehicles. This roadside assistance might include towing, jump starting or tire changing depending on the circumstances.


Trade Show Producer Business Idea

A trade show producer is a business entity that produces and manages the production of large-scale trade shows. These professionals are typically skilled in pre-trade show planning, onsite execution, show logistics and contract negotiations. A trade show producer will carry out this work for a wide range of industries, including: retail, healthcare and wholesale distribution.


Travel Concierge Services Business Idea

A travel concierge service is a company that provides services to travelers who are not used to the destination they are visiting. This includes everything from reserving transportation, arranging personal shopping trips, and finding entertainment.


Tree Trimming And Removal Business Idea

When a tree is in a dangerous area, it is best to have a professional remove it for you or contact a service that can trim the branches. Tree trimming and removal businesses typically have the necessary equipment to safely remove trees from any type of terrain. In some cases, it may be necessary to crane the tree down from an elevated height.


TV / Video Production Business Idea

TV production is the process of taking raw footage and combining it to make a story. This includes interviewing people, gathering archival footage, and reaching out for third party permissions. The final product has a narrative that follows the interviews and anecdotes of those interviewed and presents them to their audience in an engaging way (i.e. adding graphics, voice over, sound effects).


TV Installation Business Idea

A TV Installation is the act of installing a television in an area to make it functional. This can be done in multiple ways depending on the needs of the user. For example, if someone is renting an apartment where they don't want to remove walls or install anything permanent, then they might find a solution that will work for them through an online retail website.


Valet Parking Service Business Idea

A valet parking service is an operation in which drivers of vehicles hand off their vehicles to the valet operator who parks the vehicle in a designated lot. The driver can retrieve his or her vehicle when they are finished with it. They also provide car washing services if necessary, roadside assistance when needed, and will provide for emergency towing when necessary.


Vehicle Inspection Service Business Idea

A Vehicle Inspection Service is a company that inspects vehicles of all makes and models to ensure the safety of the vehicle for its drivers. This service can be conducted by a certified third party, or by a licensed mechanic who is adept in the inspection process. The purpose of this service is to examine all aspects of the vehicle including tire condition, suspension, engine performance, brakes, steering, exhaust system and other safety equipment.


Water Taxi Service Business Idea

A water taxi service is a boat that takes passengers from one location to another by the shortest route possible. These services are typically used in busy harbors or port areas, where they can take a relatively large number of people in a short time span. Such a service may be set up as a private venture by an individual or company, or operated under contract with a public authority such as a harbor commission.


Window Cleaning Business Idea

When the exterior of a window is not maintained, it can lead to accumulation of dirt, which can result in an unfavorable appearance. The process of cleaning the exterior of windows is called window cleaning. It includes washing and drying the exterior surface of the window, inside and out. Window washers typically use soap mixed with water, or window cleaner that removes grease and grime from surfaces.


Windshield Repair Service Business Idea

A Windshield Repair Service provides a service to repair damages on the windshield of a vehicle. This service is usually offered at a relatively inexpensive price as it does not involve any major components or parts for replacement.


Yard Cleanup Business Idea

Yard cleanup is a term used to define the process of removing debris, usually in the form of fallen leaves, tree branches, and sticks from an individual's yard. The term is also recognized as being formalized for use by individuals who are required to perform this task as part of their job or for organizations who have hired professional contractors to do so.

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