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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

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52x Handmade Goods Business Ideas

Business Ideas For The Handmade Goods Industry...

Whether you make handmade items because it's your hobby or as a way to earn some extra spending money, there are many opportunities and businesses that can be created from these creations. The new age of entrepreneurship has brought about a new world for small business. With the internet at everyone's fingertips, it is easier than ever for an individual to create their own business and market their product or service; these are some business ideas for you who can make handmade goods...


Abstract Painter Business Idea

An abstract painter is an artist who paints objects with little or no attention to the realities of nature. They are, however, not just any abstractionist. Abstract painters are concerned with form, color, line, and texture. They are not connected to realism in any way, but they are connected to the art world and their contemporary era.


Bead Maker Business Idea

A bead maker is someone who creates decorative, ornaments, or small objects that are made by assembling beads. The individual stringing the beads together usually has the intention to create a functional item, but many people see it as an art form. The process of creating these beads may be done with either fingers or tweezers to place them in their appropriate place. They may also use an age-old technique of using pins and needles to string the beads onto elastic thread.


Cash Organizer Wallets Business Idea

A Cash Organizer Wallets is a wallet that was designed to organize all the cash someone has collected over the course of their day. It is designed with sections for different types of currency, as well as sections for credit cards, identification, and other items. A section for coins may also be present depending on the make and model of the organizer.


Clay Sculptor Business Idea

A clay sculptor is a person who creates sculptures from clay. These sculptures can be found in a wide variety of places, from private homes to public parks. Sculptors use a variety of techniques and tools, such as the potter's wheel, to create their masterpieces.


Crafts Instructor Business Idea

A crafts instructor is someone who teaches people how to use their hands in a productive way. They are capable of teaching different aspects of craftsmanship, including sewing, pottery, photography, metalwork, and leatherwork.


Crafts Supply Sales Woodcrafts Business Idea

A Woodcrafts Supply Sales is a retail store that sells materials for woodworking, including saws, chisels, glue, sandpaper, metal-working tools, and so on. The store offers many options to choose from in order to meet the desires of any customer.


Custom Portrait Artist Business Idea

A Custom Portrait Artist is someone who works to create likenesses of people by using paint, ink, pencil, crayon, or other mediums. They take a person’s physical appearance and personality into account when creating the portrait. The main objective of a Custom Portrait Artist is to capture the personality and individuality of their subject.


Decorative Trays Business Idea

A decorative trays business is a business that manufactures or sells items consisting of non-traditional materials for the purpose of providing an attractive surface to organize small objects. The products are generally used in homes to create a cohesive design aesthetic. Typical materials used include glass, marble, wood, stone, metal, slate, clay pottery or plastic.


Design And Sell Craft Patterns Business Idea

A Design And Sell Craft Patterns is a collection of sewing patterns for small, decorative items. They are often used to sell products on Etsy or other similar websites. These types of patterns are often made for things like blankets, coasters, dishes, etc. Some people will even sell finished items that resemble the pattern set they have designed.


Design And Sell Handmade Jewelry Business Idea

A design and sell handmade jewelry is a business opportunity wherein jewelry artists create their own pieces, which are then sold at craft shows to interested buyers. Generally, the process begins with creating one or more pieces of jewelry that are then posted on Instagram or Etsy to attract buyers. Once an interested buyer is found, the process may involve ordering materials in bulk in order to provide custom work for each piece. Actual transactions occur when the artisan sells the pieces at various craft shows where they have been displayed.


Dressmaker Business Idea

A dressmaker is a professional tailor who designs and sells a wide range of clothing, including suits, dresses, skirts, trousers, jackets and coats. A dressmaker has the skills to design clothes for various figures and provides personalized attention to their customer's dressing needs.


Eco-Friendly Phone Cases Business Idea

An eco-friendly phone case or cover is a type of phone accessory that protects a mobile device from damage without using any plastics, metals, or other non-biodegradable materials. The whole point of a green/eco phone case is to save the environment.


Enamel Pins Maker Business Idea

An Enamel Pins Maker is a person or company that makes and sells enamel pins. The process of making an enamel pin typically begins with the use of a digital graphics program like Photoshop to design the pins. The designs can be as simple as text or as elaborate as a photograph. After choosing the design, it must be translated into the required number of colors; typically two colors per side are used.


Gift Basket Business Idea

A Gift Basket Business is a business that specializes in compiling items for customers in an assortment of baskets. Items are typically themed, such as for example wines and snacks, or local products.


Greeting Card Maker Business Idea

A Greeting Card Maker is a company that specializes in the production of greeting cards for consumers. It can be very competitive to do this type of business, as there are many other Greeting Card Makers who are competing for the same customers. The specific style and design of the cards that a business offers should be tailored to what specific customers want and need, and should be based on how much they're willing to spend on them.


Gummy Bear Thumbtacks Business Idea

Gummy bears are a type of candy that is made out of gelatin. Thumbtacks are small, metal pins used to hold paper or other surfaces in place. The name Gummy Bear Thumbtacks refers to the similarity in both the taste and texture of the two objects.


Hair Accessories Designer Business Idea

A hair accessory designer is someone who specializes in designing hair accessories, such as headbands, bows, and clips. They may work for a company, or on their own. A typical day includes drawing inspiration from current trends and designing the items which will be on offer for sale or stock.


Handbag Maker Business Idea

A handbag maker is someone who constructs handbags or purses, typically out of often expensive materials like leather, fabric, and rich fabrics. The term originated in the Middle Ages when women would make their own handbags for carrying their personal belongings. Today, the industry is dominated by custom designers, who create unique accessories for an assortment of buyers.


Handmade Book Accessories Business Idea

A handmade book accessory business is designed for bookstores and individuals who enjoy reading books. The materials used in this type of business will vary, but the general idea is to provide an array of items that can go with a particular book or series such as bookmarks, wine glasses, tote bags, and more.


Handmade Candles Business Idea

Handmade Candles are made by hand, typically with beeswax. They are typically created with the use of a wooden mold. Inside the mold, one will typically find wax that is melted down and then allowed to cool for a short period of time. Once cooled, the candle must be finished to remove any imperfections or excess wax that has not hardened yet.


Handmade Dolls And Children’s’ Toys Business Idea

Handmade dolls are toys that are typically handmade by the person who is using them. They are often made from fabric, cloth, and other soft materials. These types of toys may be used for play or collecting purposes. Children's' toys can be classified in various categories (musical instruments, dolls, plush animals, etc.).


Handmade First Aid Cases Business Idea

A handmade first aid cases business is a business where one creates personalized kits for emergencies. The company would sell premade kits, but the owner would be able to customize the kit to client's needs with items that are not pre-selected.


Handmade Goods Shop Business Idea

A Handmade Goods Shop business is a retail business that sells items that were constructed by hand. They can be created from raw materials or manufactured with other materials. The handmade goods industry has been steadily growing over the years and it will continue to grow in the future as people realize how much time and money they can save by buying locally-crafted items instead of mass-produced items at traditional retailers.


Handmade Kids' Clothing Business Idea

A handmade kids' clothing business is a small business that produces clothes for children on an individual basis. A small, family-run company that caters to the needs of individual or very small groups of children.


Handmade Knitted Goods Business Idea

A handmade knitted good is not complicated, but it does require an investment of time. It’s often made by knitting with needles and yarn to create a fabric that can be used in various ways. These fabrics are sometimes created for specific projects, such as hats or sweaters, but they can also just be made for fun or relaxation. A knitter’s supplies typically include knitting needles, yarn, scissors, and a ruler.


Handmade Pottery Business Idea

A pottery can be made by hand, which means it is human-made. Handmade pottery is an artwork that can be customized with prints and prints of all sorts of different things. The cauldron, the dish, the flowerpot, or even a serving bowl are all made using clay that is then heated to cure the clay into a hard material that won't break easily. Handmade pottery makes for some lovely pieces of art to have in your home.


Handmade Soaps Business Idea

Soap is a common household item that is used to clean oneself. Handmade soap usually refers to soaps which are made by hand using "only" natural ingredients, such as the saponified oils of animal or vegetable fats and usually also some kind of high-quality oil, butters or wax. As opposed to commercial soaps, they may contain no colorants or synthetic perfumes, for example.


Handmade Tote Bags Business Idea

A handmade tote bags business is a company that makes and sells handbags made by the company's staff. Tote bags are usually made from materials such as leather or cotton, and can range in size from small pouches to large shopping bags.


Hat Designer Business Idea

A Hat Designer is a person who designs hats. Hats are designed in order to cover the head, protect the eyes from the sun, and to look fashionable. Common materials used to make hats include felt, straw, and cloth. There are many famous hat designers such as Chanel and Josephine Baker.


Illustrator Business Idea

An Illustrator is an artist who create images and designs and images and designs and images and designs and images and designs that are used to illustrate, or provide a visual representation of, a text or story. A common way to use an illustrator is in children's books. Illustrated texts can be found in magazines, newspapers, textbooks, advertising material, album covers, cereal boxes, clothing prints, company logos, video games or any other form of print media.


Letterer Business Idea

A letterer is a graphic designer who specializes in typography. A letterer will set the text of the comic book, and often times they will create logos, word bubbles, or sound effects. The letterer will also supervise production of the lettering at the printer.


Lip Balms Making Business Idea

Lip balms are not only good for your lips; they can also act as an excellent moisturizer for other dry patches on the body. One of the reasons why lip balm is so popular is because it can be applied quickly, unlike cream or lotion which may require more time to rub in. Lip balms are easily transportable and fit conveniently into a pocket or bag without taking up much space.


Natural Dyer Business Idea

A natural dyer is a person who uses natural materials such as leaves, flowers, seeds, and bark to dye clothes. Dyes are made from fruits and vegetables such as carrots, beets, blueberries and cocoa.


Paper Dresses Business Idea

A paper dresses is a business that creates custom paper dress designs with the customer's specifications. This type of business is often used by bridal stores to offer more personalized, quality dresses with lower price tags for their customers.


Paper Lace Making Business Idea

The Paper Lace Making Business can be a huge opportunity in terms of revenue and profit. The product is relatively simple to make by hand, but it creates a high demand due to the scarcity of the product on the market. This would be a good business for someone who had time and interest, but not necessarily experience.


Paper Purse Business Idea

A Paper Purse Business is a company that sells handmade paper purses. These purses are made from recycled materials that are then combined with water and paint before being molded into the desired shape. The process is then repeated until the purse has reached its desired thickness.


Photo Coasters Business Idea

Photo coasters are a form of photo print media that consists of a coaster with a picture on it. They are used for decoration and protection from spills, condensation, and sweat. It is a great way to bring art into your life while protecting your furniture.


Picture Frame Maker Business Idea

A picture frame maker is a business that produces and sells framed pictures. Picture frame makers can make frames out of a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, or metal. These frames come in different styles such as traditional and contemporary. Some picture frame makers also offer custom framing services to clients who want to design their own frame size and shape.


Plush Toy Maker Business Idea

A Plush Toy Maker is a business that makes stuffed animals, toys, and other items made of cloth. A Plush Toy Maker often begins with a pattern or rough sketch of an animal followed by creating a prototype from cotton muslin. Once the prototype has been approved for manufacture, the plush toy maker will create a pattern from paper and then cut pieces of fabric from wool felt to assemble the parts one by one over a metal armature until finished.


Print Seller Business Idea

A Print Seller can be defined as a party which buys goods from manufacturers and sells them to wholesalers, retailers, or directly to the public. The goods which are sold typically come in the form of clothing or other tangible items.


Recycled And Mixed Media Jewellery Business Idea

A Recycled and Mixed Media Jewellery Business is a company that produces jewellery from second-hand goods. For instance, they may take old jewellery and combine with new supplies to create new pieces. Their production process can involve salvaging and re-purposing materials wherever possible. This type of business will often use upcycled and recycled resources wherever possible to keep materials out of the waste stream.


Recycled Plastic Rugs And Doormats Business Idea

A business that recycles plastic rugs and doormats is what is known as an aggregator. They collect these items from various sources, such as recycling centers or curbside bins. The items are then sorted by size (length and width). These measurements are then fed into a computer in order to generate a list of ordering quantities for each rug size. This list is then cut into individual strips in order to aid in the production process.


Resin Notebook Covers Business Idea

A Resin Notebook Covers Business is a company that produces bound notebooks with customizable cover designs. This process is done in-house by the company, but it can be outsourced to third parties if desired. The business can offer their product in an assortment of colors, styles, and sizes. They also offer cheaper options for the same product, such as $5 notebooks with smaller print on the cover.


Scarf Maker Business Idea

A scarf maker is a person who creates knitted or woven fabric from lengths of textiles. The maker also performs maintenance on the machine and operates it with knowledge of how to produce a great deal of yarn. Scarf makers typically study various educating institutions for a degree in textile science, arts, or engineering.


Scrapbooker Business Idea

A scrapbooker's business idea is to convert personal events, memories, photos, and other memorabilia into organized books or albums for others to enjoy. Scrapbookers can take photographs, create layouts with scrapbooking supplies, and utilize digital design software to produce the content for the book. The business will charge customers a fee per book or album created.


Sticker Business Idea

A sticker business is a simple and quick business that can be started for less than $100. Every material you need to run the business can be found at a local printing or packaging store. By purchasing stickers and other supplies you can create your own personalized stickers with messages, logos, and designs for any occasion. These messages could promote a business, advertise an event, support a cause, or even give the gift of music with CD art.


T-Shirt Customizer Business Idea

A T-shirt customizer is a machine that alters the size of an article of clothing in order to conform to certain body measurements. As such, it is a way for someone who wants to personalize the size and fit of their chosen article of clothing by taking measurements and entering them into the machine.


T-Shirt Designer Business Idea

A T-shirt designer is a specialized type of artist who creates clothing from paper, cloth, or other fabric combined with ink, paint, and color. A T-shirt designer typically designs the entire garment using a special grid system for layout. In addition to designing clothing items, a T-shirt designer may also design logos for bands and create album covers.


Toiletries Maker Business Idea

A toiletries maker is someone who is involved in the production of cosmetics, hygiene products, and perfumes. For example, a toiletries maker might produce soap or shampoo that can be used to clean one's hair or remove dirt from their skin.


Tyvek Paper Wallets Business Idea

The Tyvek paper wallet is a bi-fold, tri-fold or even a book-style wallet that has been reinforced with a thin layer of Tyvek paper, allowing for a lightweight but durable construction. The material is made from spunbonded olefin and is typically used in clothing and other textile products. It's water resistant and the type of material that's been specifically designed to prevent tearing or stretching which can lead to leaking.


Yarn Spinner Business Idea

A yarn spinner is an object that is used to spin yarn for knitting projects. It can be made out of metal, wood, or plastic. A yarn spinner consists of two center dowels with a connecting rod at the top and a handle at the bottom. The center dowels are the pegs on the spinner which engage with the hooks on the spindle by depressing them onto it.

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