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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

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44x Outdoor Based Business Ideas

Business ideas in the outdoors industry...

There are many different types of outdoor based business ideas that can be implemented to take advantage of the vast outdoors. One way of creating a business idea is by starting a company that runs hiking tours for groups of people, with every member receiving the opportunity to explore their surroundings. Running an outdoor based business is a difficult and time-consuming process. If you want to be successful, it’s important to plan out your strategy early.


Above Ground Pool Sales Business Idea

An Above Ground Pool Sales is a business that sells and services above ground pool equipment. They're made of vinyl and PVC, which makes them much easier to set up than most other pools. Above ground pools are not as deep as their in-ground counterparts, but have the ability to be expanded with an additional wall to provide more space for swimming. The additional walls are set-up on the side of the pool that contains the steps.


Adventure Club Business Idea

An Adventure Club is a business that provides outdoor activities to members for a fee. Activities may include hiking, fishing, horseback riding, or mountain biking. The group has expertise in organizing or leading the trips and provides equipment for the customer to use during their adventure. They also provide information on how to get to the trailheads and safe camping spots. Customers can sign up for one-time trips or ongoing membership plans.


Animal Bone Cleaning Service Business Idea

An Animal Bone Cleaning Service is a company that has specialized technology to remove all the blood and tissue from animal bones. This is very useful in studying the bone structure of animals or humans, as well as identifying the age of older fossils.


Awning Cleaning Service Business Idea

An Awning Cleaning Service is a business that specializes in the cleaning of various awnings and window treatments. These businesses often offer regular and emergency services, and can clean both interior and exterior surfaces to help keep your property looking its best. Their cleaning services are not only beneficial to your property but also the environment!


Bench Advertising Business Idea

Companies can advertise on benches by placing ads on the back of the bench. An example of bench advertising is putting an ad for a company on the back of a bench that is around a large field or neighborhood. Bench advertising helps companies reach their consumer base because the bench will be located in an area where many people pass by. The goal is for people to notice the ad and either inquire about it or visit the company's website for more information about the product/service offered by the ad.


Billboards Business Idea

Billboard providers are companies who place advertisements on billboards. They generate revenue by renting out space to advertisers, who then purchase the space in order to show their ad to the public. The placement of ads for billboard marketers is essential to promote their products or services. Billboard providers also sell products or services in order to make a profit.


Board-Up Services Business Idea

A Board-Up Services is an emergency service that consists of boarding up the windows of a property that have been broken or left vulnerable to intruders. The purpose of this type of service is to protect the building from theft and vandalism, as well as providing necessary safety measures before being able to determine how much damage has been done.


Sell Digital Guides About Camping Online

The amount of families who choose to go camping in the USA grew by 1.4 million in 2018 alone, according to the North American Camping Report. In 2020, after the pandemic, the same report stated that a third of vacation travellers will transition from other means of leisure to camping as people don’t wish to fly abroad, have spent too long indoors and feel safer away from the crowds out in the wilderness. What this means is that there will be millions of new campers over the next few years, but the problem is that camping is a skill with best practises and many people, future customers, need to be clued in.

The solution would be to target all of these new time outdoors people with a guide - one for camping, one for hiking - to educate them in the outdoor world. You, this camping online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people get into camping and hiking. Who do you know who would love to spend more time in the great outdoors? Sell them the solution…


Boat Rentals Business Idea

A Boat Rentals is a place where people go to rent boats and different types of water vehicles. This can include rowboats, kayaks, and canoes. The company typically provides those renting equipment with basic instructions on how to operate the boat as well as any safety precautions that should be taken when an individual is out on the water.


Bring Pony Rides And Petting Zoos To Birthday Parties And Other Events

It is a business which supplies animals like ponies for birthday parties and other events. This company provides ponies with rides and petting zoos to make the event more special. The business also has the animals perform tricks, such as standing on their hind legs or rolling over. They can provide an exotic animal like a tiger or lion if requested.


Campervan Conversion Business Idea

A Campervan Conversion Business is an organization that specializes in converting vehicles into campervans. The company will convert a variety of different types of vehicles, such as vans, trucks, and even cars. This business would offer many different services to its customers, which can include customization options, installation of water tanks for drinking or showering, installation of cooking appliances for food preparation, installation of bedding for sleeping arrangements, and more.


Camping Tutorial Business Idea

The Camping Tutorial is a business that provides camping gear and how to use camping gear, as well as general information on the outdoors. The business also offers their expertise in teaching about camping for classes or groups.


Christmas Tree Farm For Business Idea

A Christmas Tree Farm is a place where one can purchase and cut down their own Christmas Tree. These farms offer many different options in terms of variety and size. They also provide assistance to those who may not be as well versed in cutting down a tree.


Deck Building Service Business Idea

A Deck Building Service is a company that offers a variety of different wood products that can be used for building a structure on or near the ground. A builder is someone who specializes in building homes and other structures, they will often use a deck as an extension to their property.


Design And Build Treehouses Business Idea

A Design and Build Treehouses can be built through a variety of materials. The design is typically created by the client, who will need to consider the size of the treehouse, what materials are available, and whether or not they are interested in specific structures such as swings.


Fair Food Vending Business Idea

A Fair Food Vending is a concept where food, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, can be purchased at an affordable price. This arrangement is made possible by the Fair Food Network and its organization's efforts. The Fair Food Network is a non-profit foundation that raises awareness about the inequities in the food system and does food justice work to "promote health, economic opportunity, and sustainability.


Fishing Guide Service Business Idea

A fishing guide service is a business that provides a guided tour for fishing. The guides provide information on the best time and place to fish, what type of bait to use, the species of fish likely to be available at that location, and any other pertinent information that would help a fisherman succeed in catching fish.


Flea Market Vending Business Idea

A flea market vending is when someone sets up a stand with the intention of having another person buy their product. A flea market offers many different products to choose from, ranging from household items to electronics. When someone sells something at a flea market, they typically set up their own stand or table and sell their items one by one. It is important to be organized in order to make sure that buyers know what they are purchasing.


Give Ski Lessons Business Idea

A typical ski lesson consists of a short video introduction to skiing, followed by an on-snow ski session. The video introduces beginners with basic information about how to stay safe, what equipment is required, and correct posture. The instructor then takes you through the basics of the process. After the lesson is finished, skiers are free to explore the resort or return to their hotel for lunch.


Golf Instructor Business Idea

A golf instructor is someone who has the knowledge and expertise in teaching others how to play the game of golf. They spend time analyzing golf swings and providing ways to improve them. They can also identify areas where players need improvement such as their grip, stance, swing plane, and more. Instructors will walk through areas of the course with players and teach them about hazards like sand traps and water hazards.


Graffiti Removal Service Business Idea

Graffiti removal service is a company who helps to remove any type of vandalism on public or private property. They are hired by city governments, neighborhood groups, business owners, and homeowners. 


Gutter Cleaning Service Business Idea

Gutter cleaning is a service which removes debris from the gutter, such as dirt and leaves. This process prevents mud and other objects from getting trapped in the gutter, and in turn prevents water from flowing over the sides of the gutter. The customer will typically be charged for this service, but its cost can vary depending on the size of their house and how dirty their gutters are.


Hiking Guide Business Idea

A hiking guide is a person who leads people on hikes. Hiking guides are usually knowledgeable about the area they are leading through, have an understanding of the terrain, flora, and fauna in the area, and know how to navigate safely across the landscape. They also have experience with backpacking equipment and techniques for staying warm or cool depending on the season.


Horse Stable Business Idea

A horse stable is a building that accommodates horses of various breeds and provides safety or security for the horses. It usually has multiple stalls, each stall having its own entrance and exit. The walls are usually made of wood, raising it off the ground. The roof is usually sloped with a loft to accommodate hay storage. It can house up to 20 horses at a time.


Hunting Guide Service Business Idea

A Hunting Guide Service is a business that provides customers with an experienced outdoorsman as a guide to assist them in hunting for game. A Hunting Guide Services can help you find the best hunting grounds and help you understand the difference between small and large game animals. They're also knowledgeable about different weapon types and general outdoor lore, such as which type of grain will attract certain animals.


Ice Cream Stand Business Idea

An ice cream stand as a business idea is a quick and easy way to make money. The equipment needed for this type of business is not expensive, and it can be operated from a variety of locations. The main investment needed for the business is the ingredients necessary for ice cream production. Without these, an ice cream stand cannot provide its service. Aside from the initial investment, there are no other costs associated with operating the company which makes it a low-risk venture.


Iceless Cooler For Beer Business Idea

An iceless cooler for beer is a marketable, insulated vessel that stores drinks at a cold temperature without the need for ice. This is a product that benefits customers who want to avoid the hassle of adding ice to a drink. The cooler has a raised back panel lined with insulation and will keep your drinks chilled for up to 10 hours. This is an ingenious invention that eliminates the need for carrying around bags of ice, or filling up your freezer with icy water.


Junk Hauling Service Business Idea

A Junk Hauling Service is a company that offers hauling away of unwanted items such as furniture, appliances, and construction debris. A junk hauling service is more than just a trash removal company. It offers an all-in-one solution for those who find themselves in need of some serious de-cluttering.


Kites Business Idea

A Kites Business is a company that manufactures and sells kites. A Kite Company was started in the year 1990 and since then has been customizing and selling their product. The company specifically designs and builds kites for children between the ages of 5-11 years old, with a focus on how to improve their skills as they grow older. The company also has several different models of kites with varying shapes, sizes, and colors.


Landscape Photography Business Idea

Landscape photography is the act of capturing an image of a landscape, usually in order to explore and document its natural beauty. Landscape takes into account the geographical features of the land, such as hills, rivers, valleys, or mountains. It can also include more than just natural aspects of the land by including buildings, plants and animals in order to capture the essence of a specific environment. This type of photography often includes an emphasis on natural beauty with minimal manipulation of the image.


Lawn Mowing Service Business Idea

A Lawn Mowing Service is a company that cuts and maintains lawns for customers. It is challenging to maintain a healthy and attractive looking lawn with the time and resources needed. A Lawn Mowing Service can make it easier for busy homeowners to keep their lawns in great shape. 

A Lawn Mowing Service uses professional equipment, such as lawn mowers, edgers, blowers, and weed whackers.


Lead Canoe Or Kayak Tours Business Idea

A lead canoes or kayaks tour is a type of water sport, where the tourist sits in the front of the boat. The boat is usually guided by an experienced guide who also helps to steer the boat. The tourist will often be given advice on how to paddle and what safety precautions they should take. A lead canoe or kayak tour is often conducted on calm water, but it can be done in rougher weather conditions too.


Litter Pickup Business Idea

A Litter Pickup Business is a business that provides its customers with the convenience and safety of hiring a business to come and clean up their mess. They usually charge by volume or collection service.


Livestock Farm Business Idea

A Livestock farm is a farm that focuses on the production of livestock for human consumption. Livestock includes such animals as cows, pigs, and chickens. It also includes such species of fish as tuna and salmon that are caught fresh or raised in fish farms.


Local Tourism Guide Business Idea

A local tourism guide is an individual who is trained to provide information about attractions in the area that they live in. Typically, these guides are well-versed in their own geographical area and can provide information on all of the sights and activities that exist within a reasonable distance from them. They may also offer a history of the location, a list of attractions, a map, a schedule of events and more.


Organize Children’s Summer Camp Business Idea

Children's Summer Camp is a week-long summer day camp where kids can enjoy games, sports, swimming, arts and crafts. Typically, the camp staff consists of counselors and lifeguards who are joined by volunteers to teach lessons and supervise kids during activities.


Outdoor Travel Excursion Service Business Idea

A Outdoor Travel Excursion Service is a service that provides outdoor-oriented excursions. These can range from hiking trips to backpacking adventures and everything in between. These services will often link with lodging accommodations, meals, and any equipment necessary for the excursion.


Parasailing Business Idea

The parasailing is a recreational activity that has been in existence for a number of years. It is a type of flying in which you are lifted up in the air by a parachute and pulled across the sky by a boat. There are also other types of parachuting such as skydiving, bungee jumping, and base jumping. Parasailing uses an inflatable bag called the parasail to carry the person into the air, while traditional parachuting relies on gravity.


Rent Equipment Business Idea

A Rent Equipment is a company that rents out equipment in order to provide businesses with an alternative to owning expensive, large capital items. Rent Equipment provides their customers with the equipment necessary for the particular business need at the time when they are needed, rather than purchasing them outright.


Roadside Produce Sales Business Idea

Roadside produce sales are often conducted by farmers, who sell goods directly to consumers. Farmers can find themselves selling high-quality goods at substantially reduced prices to people in the surrounding community. The price is reduced because the overhead costs of maintaining a store or delivery service are not required.


RV Park For Business Idea

A RV Park, or a mobile home park, can be a profitable idea if the entrepreneur has the resources to make it happen. In order to build a park, you need land to work with. Once you have secured an agreement on the land and have come to an agreement on price, you have to identify a developer that will work with your goal in mind.


Scuba Diving Excursion Service Business Idea

A Scuba Diving Excursion Service is a service that offers clients the opportunity to explore underwater worlds with an experienced scuba diving instructor. At first, new divers will go through a session on how to swim in the water without panicking, as well as how to use some of the specialized equipment for exploring underwater environments. Once they are proficient at their new skills, they are ready for their first scuba dive.


Solar-Powered House Numbers Business Idea

The solar powered house numbers are efficient and can be used to power up any electrical circuit that is plugged into them. They are cheaper than the solar panels on the roof of the house, which is why they are often chosen for more decorative purposes.


Sundeck Building Business Idea

A sundeck building is a residential dwelling that uses a cantilevered design to allow for outdoor living space. The extension of the roof and wall structure allows for a greater surface area of the ground around the house to be utilized, allowing residents to enjoy their backyards more easily. The downside of a sun deck building is that it requires more careful planning due to the increased size and weight associated with it.

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