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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

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New Job Industries To Emerge in 2022 And Beyond

Get ahead of the curve with our futuristic job predictions...


Since the dawn of time, the world has been constantly changing. Between new inventions and new methods, it can be difficult to predict what industries will emerge in the next decade or so. 

But yet, one thing is for certain: there will be changes ahead. What these changes are, however, are tough to predict. Here are our productions for 2022 and beyond...


Asteroid Mining

Asteroid mining is the process of harvesting minerals and other useful materials, such as water, from asteroids to use in space exploration. This idea has been popularized by Dwayne Day's book "Asteroid Mining 101" which was published in 2015.

Mining in the industry is the extraction of mineral deposits from the earth. When mining asteroids, it is believed that they are made up of two main elements: Hydrogen and Oxygen. For this reason, mining asteroids is an exciting prospect for future space exploration because it could provide a plentiful source of fuel for spacecrafts. With an abundant amount of water contained in asteroids, possibilities for generating oxygen are also high. Mining asteroids may also be a potential source for minerals, such as iron.

Asteroid mining is the process of retrieving natural resources from an asteriod. The first asteroid mining company was founded in 2012 by two Americans, Eric Anderson and Peter Diamandis. They want to develop an asteroid-mining technology that will help solve humanity's future problems with energy, mineral depletion, and space access.

Asteroid Mining is a relatively new industry and it is predicted to create millions of jobs in the next few decades. If we were to establish asteroid mining facilities in space, for example, then an industry that has been largely just theoretical will become a vital part of the way we work and live, providing countless opportunities for everything from engineers and technicians to geologists and miners.


Body Part Making

Body part making is the process of using silicone to create replica body parts. The person receiving the replica will have tissue removed from their own body in order to create a mold for casting. Once the mold is created, silicone can be poured into it to create a replica that will look just like the one's natural body part, but made of silicone.

Another commonly accepted technique is stereolithography. The resin used is light sensitive, so the laser beam is only activated until the bottom of the object, where it leaves a curing agent. 

3D printing can be used to create prosthetic limbs for amputees. 3D printers are being developed that will be able to print an entire limb in one go just by scanning a person's limb and combining them into a computer model.


Car Charging Stations

Recently, electric and hybrid cars have been recognized for their environmentally friendly and economical transportation. However, many drivers fear that they will not be able to charge their cars in the middle of a trip somewhere with no charging stations. Fortunately, we are seeing an increase in the number of public and private car-charging stations popping up in metropolitan areas. These charging stations can charge a vehicle much faster than using a standard 110-volt outlet at home.

The growth of Car Charging Stations is partly due to the efforts of Global Green USA, who is trying to create a network of electric vehicle charging stations. As more people try to go green, their need for these charging stations will continue to grow.

Car Charging Stations will impact new jobs across various fields. Some of the jobs that will be created or impacted by Car Charging Stations include: developers, tech workers, and construction workers. Developers will be needed to help design and build the infrastructure of the system and tech workers will be needed to install and maintain it. Construction workers will be needed to build the stations as well as make repairs on them as they break down over time.


DNA Design Firms

A DNA Design Firm specializes in designing products based on human DNA, using genetic information from individual customers to tailor designs to their specific needs. These companies are sometimes called "DNA Boutiques" or "Personalized Retailers.

The rise in popularity of DNA Design Firms has impacted the job market in many powerful ways. By eliminating the need for humans to recreate patterns, it also eliminates all of the jobs that require that type of work. This doesn't just apply to graphic design- this applies to all industries.


Holographic Theatre

A holographic theater is a type of 3D projection that projects the illusion of holograms in front of the viewer, creating an immersive experience. It can be used to recreate real life experiences, such as playing a game or watching a movie. Holographic theaters are relatively new technology and are still under development by scientists and engineers.

The term “hologram” is used to refer both to the equipment for projecting light, and the images themselves. It is an optical illusion of a three dimensional scene, which appears to have depth. A holographic image can be thought of as being three-dimensional with depth, where each part of it still has its own position in space.

The impact on jobs by Holographic Theaters is hard to determine. It will most likely affect the number of theater-based jobs, but it may also create new jobs in theater design. It would be difficult to determine how this will affect theater culture because the results vary depending on the region. If it is implemented, it could result in a decrease of theaters which are not up to par with current technology.


Vertical Farming 

Vertical farming is the process of growing plants in vertically stacking layers, each with equivalent exposure to natural sunlight. Vertical farming can be an effective way to increase crop yields and decrease the amount of agricultural land needed. There are many benefits of vertical farming such as producing food in a smaller area and use less water than traditional farming.

Vertical farming will impact jobs in various ways, but one example would be production. Producing food on vertical farms requires less labor than operating conventional farms and will reduce the demand for migrant seasonal laborers. The lack of land and natural resources may also result in higher costs of producing food on traditional methods.


Last-mile Delivery Solution Company 

The last-mile delivery is a term used to describe the final leg of the shipment process. The last mile of a shipment often includes more expensive handling, due to distance and weight. The last-mile delivery solution company focuses on this final leg, integrating technologies such as GPS tracking, inventory visibility and real-time dispatch monitoring for their customers.

First off, it's important to understand that the last mile of any shipment is the most expensive part of the process because of distance and weight.

Last-mile Delivery Solution Companies will need to recruit more technical engineers, coders and of course employees specialising in logistics and delivery to meet demand. Some Last-mile Delivery Solution Companies are looking to all kinds of efficient delivery methods, including small electric vehicles and push bike trailers.


Ghost Kitchens

A Ghost Kitchen is a business that offers food to consumers without requiring the consumer to purchase ingredients and cook it themselves. Ghost Kitchens eliminate the hassle of cooking and cleaning up by providing an easy and convenient way to avoid these tasks. Consumers order through a website, app, or phone call to pick up their food at designated pickup locations. This system allows people to still get home-cooked meals while eliminating the need for them to cook and clean up after themselves.

Ghost kitchens shall need a new wave of chefs and delivery staff to keep up with demand.


Conclusion: New Job Industries To Emerge in 2022 And Beyond

In conclusion, new jobs will be available in 2022 and beyond. Industries available include asteroid mining, body part making, car charging stations, DNA design firms, holographic theatres, vertical farming, and last-mile delivery.

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