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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

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38x New Age Business Ideas For 2022 And Beyond...

Futuristic Business Ideas For You To Work On Right Now..

New businesses are popping up all over the place with a variety of different ideas, from those that focus on sustainable living, to those that market to the vegan population. These companies have been able to thrive by satisfying a large need in society that was not being met before...


360 Degree Photography Business Idea

360° photography is the use of digital capture, usually with specialized equipment, to create a full sphere of view around an object. A spherical lens array captures all directions at once and the images are then stitched together to form a seamless panorama. The new technology offers viewers an immersive 360° perspective so they can explore everything in sight. These spherical pictures, or "spherics", are used for both commercial and social purposes.


Alternative Energy Business Idea

Alternative energy is a burgeoning idea based off the theory of alternative energy. This concept refers to renewable sources of energy, such as solar and hydroelectric power, that are not dependent on fossil fuels, such as oil and coal. The reason that alternative energy is growing in popularity is because of the negative health effects from pollution from these traditional fuels.


Amazon FBA Business Idea

Amazon FBA is an selling on Amazon program that operates by fulfilling orders on behalf of third-party businesses. The business owner will ship the inventory to the Amazon warehouse, where it is sorted and stored. When a customer places an order, Amazon contacts the business owner to send out an item. The fulfillment center then ships the order to the customer's doorstep, typically within two days.


Asteroid Mining Business Idea

Asteroid mining is the process of extracting minerals, such as iron and nickel, from asteroids. During this process, there are many steps to extract the desired minerals. One of these is finding an asteroid with a composition that is rich in desired minerals, which is done by looking at the object’s spectral signature or its density.


Bio-Fuel Production Business Idea

Bio-fuel production is the process of obtaining fuel from organic material. Currently, bio-fuel is primarily obtained by processing plants of various types or feeding agricultural crops to animals. The next wave in bio-fuel development involves converting microscopic organisms into energy sources. The processes of solar conversion and seawater electrolysis are being pursued for this purpose. One of the most important recent developments in the field of bio-fuel production is the development of algae that can produce oil on a commercial scale.


Sell Digital Eco Guides Online

The last few years have seen some of the hottest temperatures on record, averaging 0.95 degrees celsius warmer than last century (Statista). You are well aware of the adverse changes our planet will experience if the world continues on the same path of burning fossil fuels, releasing green house gases and enlarging the hole in the ozone layer. However, it is common knowledge that the best way to combat this disaster is if we all do our part and go greener. But, not everyone knows what that means - even if they have the right intentions. 

The solution would be for you to offer a range of ebooks about how to live in an eco friendly manner. Doing so would no only save the planet but has the potential of being economically efficient as well. You and this eco online business for sale, combined with our marketing resources and support, can help provide the best info to become more ecologically aware. Who do you know who would love to save the planet? Sell them the solution… 


Biometric Sensor Company Business Idea

A biometric sensor company is a company that creates sensors to measure biological properties. This helps experts in the field of health or other fields to identify abnormalities that may be found in the body. Examples of biometric sensors are blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and pulse oximetry.


Biotechnology Business Idea

Biotechnology, or life science research and development, is a rapidly growing field in scientific and medical advances. Biotechnology is the use of living organisms and biological processes to create goods and provide services. The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) describes biotechnology as "the use of living organisms and biological processes to create goods and provide services.


Body Part Making Business Idea

The body part making business is a lucrative industry with a significant market share. Conceivably, it can be argued that the industry has less than 1% competition and is virtually monopolistic. The agency responsible for the oversight of the industry is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and their power to monitor an industry was granted by Section 5 of the FTC Act: "to prevent persons, partnerships, or corporations engaged in commerce.


Body Reconstruction Services Business Idea

Body Reconstruction Services offers a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. They focus on a wide range of needs, from surgical procedures to non-invasive treatments, so that patients can get the most out of their time with them.


Bottled Air Company Business Idea

BOC is a company that trades in atmospheric gases. It operates a plant to convert air from Earth's environment, which is composed of nitrogen and oxygen, into pure bottled air. This business plan is an excellent means to cash in on the recent trend of eco-conscious consumers who are willing to spend money for clean air. The plant has been operational since 2034 and the conversion process uses a chemical reaction to break down molecules of nitrogen and oxygen into their atomic components.


Car Charging Station Business Idea

Car charging stations are the new way that people can charge their car without having to use a gas station. They typically have two plugs and four meters so people can plug in at the same time.


CBD Oil Business Idea

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical that occurs in the cannabis plant. CBD is non-psychoactive, so it does not activate the same pathways as THC. Instead, it has anti-inflammatory effects and may be able to help with some illnesses. Many people are turning to CBD oil for relief of chronic pain, anxiety disorders, depression, certain illnesses, cancer cures, and more.


Chatbots Business Idea

Chatbots are a new technology that can be used to automate conversations with customers. Chatbots are scripts that can be written and stored on a database and then pulled up and run by inputting specific parameters. They may also just be pre-written scripts that have been stored on an external database and can be accessed via URL. The business idea is the development of chatbots to provide quick customer service, answer questions, and even sell products or services.


Crowdfunding Platform Business Idea

Crowdfunding is a form of privately raising funds online via small monetary contributions. Platforms are both open and closed. Open platforms include Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, and YouCaring. The goal is for businesses to offer rewards in exchange for donations. Closed platforms include Patreon and Teespring. These platforms allow the person donating to receive an item (such as t-shirt) or access to content (such as podcast).


Cryobank Business Idea

A cryobank is a business idea that collects and stores samples of a person's sperm, eggs, or embryos, with the goal of allowing a couple to have a child even if they can't at the moment due to infertility. The sample of sperm is frozen and preserved for future use in order to limit the number of children from one person.


DNA Design Firms Business Idea

DNA design firms specialize in helping clients create, develop, and execute innovative solutions that go beyond the ordinary. They do this through creating strategic partnerships with their clients by leveraging insights from behavioral science, cutting-edge technology, and deep empathy. They are reinvigorating the world of marketing to take advantage of the shifting environment caused by technological disruption.


Employee Monitoring Services Business Idea

The Employee Monitoring Service monitors employee productivity by tracking their Internet usage, keystrokes, and mouse clicks. Furthermore, the service mitigates risks by capturing hidden data to detect insider threats. The service also provides alerts for malicious actors looking to steal data or bypass security.


Equity Financing Business Idea

An equity financing is a type of financing that occurs when a company raises funds from investors by selling stock. Equity investments are ownership shares in a corporation issued by the company to individuals, which entitles the holder to a share of profits as well as ownership. In exchange, companies offer these stocks as part of their public offering to generate cash for use in operations or expansion. Investors have the opportunity to invest in profitable companies and receive dividends from them as compensation for their investment.


Sell Digital Finance Ebooks Online

If you can’t manage $100, you can’t manage $1,000. If you can’t manage $1,000, you can’t manage $10,000. And, if you can’t manage $10,000 you can’t manage $100,000. If you wish to become wealthy, it starts with basic money management. There is a reason why people want a bigger house, a more extravagant holiday and faster sports car but can’t afford it. People lack the personal financial skills needed to manage basic daily finances. 

The solution would be for you to offer a series of personal finance guides to help people get a hold of their finances. You, this finance online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people save, manage money and achieve financial independence. Who do you know who needs to control their spending? Sell them the solution…


Ghost Kitchens Business Idea

Ghost kitchens are informal-sector food service businesses operating on the same principle as a catering business. They can be set up in a commercial kitchen that is already being used by another food business or in an unused kitchen, providing the necessary licences are obtained. Ghost kitchens are generally seen as being of use to people who have difficulty accessing formal food markets for reasons including accessibility, quality, cost and availability.


Greenhouse Gas Auditor Business Idea

A greenhouse gas auditor is a person who analyzes the environmental impact of greenhouse gases, or greenhouse gas emissions. This person typically assesses how much carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and other gases are released into the atmosphere from fuel combustion, industrial processes, and land use changes. The auditor may study the different sources for these gases before recommending mitigation strategies to reduce their release.


Holographic Theater Business Idea

A Holographic Theater is a theater in which an audience observes 3D images on a 2D screen-or at least it would be if the screen were not located in space, but rather some six feet or so above head height. It has been thought that this technology would allow for more immersive viewing experiences.


Jet-Pack Dealership Business Idea

The Jet-Pack Dealership is a company that sells jet packs to those who can afford them. They provide a wide range of jet pack models, from the basic ones to the more robust and powerful ones.


Kids Friendly Apps Business Idea

Many kids seem to be glued to their phones. It is important for parents to make sure their children are watching educational programs and playing games that are appropriate for them. The Kids Friendly Apps are designed for students of various ages.


Lab-Grown Meat And Fake Meat Business Idea

Lab-grown meat and fake meat are terms for the production of food made from animal cells, proteins and other nutrients in a factory. With lab-grown meat, you can make any kind of cut of beef, chicken or pork and it will grow muscle cells and fat cells to make meat products like hamburgers and bacon. With fake meat, one would use plant proteins such as soybeans or wheat to create seitan, tofu or tempeh.


Last-Mile Delivery Solution Company Business Idea

The term "last mile delivery" refers to the distribution of goods from distribution centers to individual customers. This is typically the most expensive part of the process, with traditional models having carriers delivering items on trucks or by using shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS. A last-mile delivery solution company is a company that provides an option for those consumers who want their items delivered by walking, biking, or scooters. The company utilizes those methods in order to save money and reduce its environmental impact.


Lunar Tour Guide Business Idea

A Lunar Tour Guide is a person who facilitates a tour of the moon for tourists. The guide is responsible for providing information on the lunar surface, including topography and formations, as well as providing an overview of lunar exploration history. Space tourism companies such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic operate tours of the moon from Earth orbit by boosting space-bound passenger vehicles to altitudes of up to 100 kilometers before returning them to Earth, whereupon they make a vertical landing.


Marijuana Cigarette Maker Business Idea

The device which creates marijuana cigarettes is called a "joint maker." This device is often used by people who smoke marijuana to aid in the process of breaking off and rolling joints. The joint maker is typically made out of metal which can be heated up on a stovetop, and after heating it up the pencils are placed inside then pulled out of the machine to create a cannibus roll that can be smoked.


Nanomedic Business Idea

Nanomedic businesses are on the frontier of personalized medicine. The potential of nanotechnology in this field is tremendous, and it may be exploited to diagnose and treat diseases on a cellular level. For example, one could imagine tiny robotic DNA machines that could travel through our circulatory system, or doctors administering tiny robots that can release medicines at precise locations in the body.


NanosatelliteP2P Lending Business Idea

A nanosatellite is a type of rocket that is significantly smaller than a common satellite. Nanosatellites can be used for a variety of purposes including launch detection, Earth observation, and scientific research. A P2P lending business idea is one where people lend money to others online without going through a traditional financial institution. The person who lends the money sets the terms and the borrower agrees to them in order to get access to the funds.


Scientific Research Business Idea

In order to provide a more robust process for evaluating the effectiveness of a new drug, a study was conducted to determine the efficacy of a new experimental drug for treating a certain type of illness. The study was divided into two parts: subjective and objective. In the first stage, subjects were interviewed about their thoughts on how they felt after taking the medication. In the second stage, objective tests were used to determine if their condition had improved.


Services For The Retirees Business Idea

The service industry of elderly people is of great importance because of the sheer increase of people becoming more aged. It's of high importance because the aging population are the ones who need the most care due to their higher chance of diseases, disabilities and limitations. The number is steadily increasing with an estimation that by 2020, there will be 801 million older adults globally with a total of 66% being women. Services for retirees are on the rise with many differing degrees of services available.


Solar Water System Business Idea

A solar water system business is a company that sells and installs solar panels to heat water for shower and hot tub. The business may also sell and install other products such as pumps, storage tanks, or heaters. Solar heaters are usually installed on the roof of the building. A solar water system business has many advantages over traditional electric heating systems such as no risk of power outages, cheaper energy costs, and increased value for homes.


Sperm Bank Service Business Idea

The Sperm Bank Service is an institution that stores and distributes sperm to potential female partners who need them for insemination. Sperm banks are typically operated on the basis of anonymity, with people donating sperm for money on a contract basis, or by being compensated for expenses. It is also possible to make arrangements where donors are not anonymous.


Sell Digital Gardening Ebooks Online

The average US household spends $503 a year on gardening, according to Garden Research. The entire gardening industry is worth over $47.8 Billion. People like to garden and want to know how to get started or improve their gardening skills. But the activity of gardening can be overwhelming - it is a topic which consists of a number of disciplines and requires a great deal of knowledge. Where do you start?

The solution would be for you to offer a range of 7x gardening ebooks. You, this gardening online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people get into gardening, grow herbs, grow vegetables and even grow a perfect garden to attract butterflies. Who do you know who wants to grow a garden to be proud of? Sell them the solution…


Vertical Farming Business Idea

Vertical farming is a type of farming that uses vertical space to grow vegetables and fruits. It uses greenhouses and tall towers in order to promote natural sunlight. It may use hydroponics, aquaponics or aeroponics to cultivate plants in an efficient manner. Vertical farming saves both water and land space. Furthermore, it does not require pesticides because the plants are grown in trays without contact with the ground.


Wind Energy Installation Business Idea

Wind turbines harness kinetic energy in the earth's wind to produce electrical power. To start the process, the tower is assembled and secured to the ground for stability. The blades are attached to the turbine via hinges on their outstretched ends, while individual blades are angled with respect to one another in order to control how much of their surface area they expose to the wind. Individual blades are connected through gearboxes that transfer torque from them to a drive shaft that rotates a generator.

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