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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

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How to Market Your Business in 2022: Business Trends For The Next Year

Marketing has never been so rapidly evolving. Let’s review the changes from the past year and analyse what new marketing strategies are working right now and will continue to do so throughout 2022…

Facebook and Instagram, post iOS update:

You may be well aware that Apple is cracking down on protecting user privacy and as such released an update this year whereby apps, like Facebook, can no longer track all user data by default when a user exits an app after clicking on an external link. Instead, each user must opt-in to receive personalised tracking. Understandably, this had the marketing industry, and Facebook, fuming. 

This means to gain an advantage, you would need to play into new algorithm changes and utilise what Facebook and Instagram has to offer us business owners on the platforms. It will no longer be best practice to create a lead generation campaign (where you offer a freebie for an email address of a potential customer) by sending traffic to your own landing page, but by using Facebook’s email capture feature in Facebook itself. The ‘Lead Ads’ look like any other ad on Facebook, but when clicked, a form shall appear for the Facebook user to enter their details to receive the freebie right in the app. What’s more, the form shall already be pre-populated with the user’s data so they can submit the form with one or two clicks. As you aren’t taking people off of Facebook (they want to keep people on the platform as much as possible), ad spend will be significantly less than a classic lead generation campaign. 

Video should be your primary media focus

The internet has gone from being text based, to image based and is now predominantly video based (next phase of the internet is the meta verse). Even the head of Instagram quoted that they are no longer a photo-sharing app. They are going all in on video; Reels, IGTV, Stories etc… to compete with TikTok. You will even notice Pinterest going more video-centric.

You need to think about how you can use video to create 4-7 high quality pieces of content a week for your store. You may have seen my previous email about my experiences with Billo, who can help with influencer video content but you may wish to consult Fiverr for outsourcing other types of video content.


Platforms, such as YouTube, are giving more and more weight to platforms which live-stream. There will always be a barrier between you and your audience when you pre-record a video. With live-streaming, you create an event for people to virtually ‘turn up to’ and can interact with you in real time. Statistically, YouTube users spend an average of four times as much time watching a live video and interact with it five times more than a standard video.

A good thing to consider is that there is a zero expectation with regard to video production quality - you can simply record live on your smart phone. Plus, there is no post production or editing to worry about which is the most time consuming aspect of video creation.

On-demand Audio

Did you know that more Americans listen to Podcasts than own a Netflix account? The power of podcasting can’t be overestimated as the media type has seen growth year on year, meaning we are yet to see its full potential. You could 1. Start your own podcast speaking about topics relevant to what you’re selling, 2. be a guest on a pre-existing podcast as an expert speaker or 3. sponsor a podcast episode, series or channel.

You may also wish to consider Spotify ads. You can create a quick 30 second ad, record yourself or get one of Shopify’s professional voice over artists to record your ad for free. A benefit of using Spotify ads is the fact that you can choose the geographic area which your sound bite is played to! You may be looking to pay between $0.01 - $0.02 a listen which is far more cost effective than other paid media types.

Future changes

I hope that you have learned something useful today and please stay tuned for future marketing trends throughout 2022. We’ll keep you updated with future algorithm changes, new platforms and services to help you make money online…

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