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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

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44x Hospitality Business Ideas To Start Right Now

Business Ideas In The Hospitality Industry...

The hospitality industry is not just about hotels - restaurants, resorts, and other businesses to cater to the needs of tourists are also a large part. While there are many different ways for someone to invest in the hospitality industry, here are some ideas to get you started.


Arcade Games Business Idea

Arcade games are a type of video game that is played on a traditional arcade machine. A typical arcade game has a joystick and button on every player's side of the machine, as well as a large screen to display the action. Arcade games can be played for tokens or money. Usually, the player inserts some form of currency into the slot at the top of the machine and presses a button to play.


Amusement Park Business Idea

An amusement park is a place where people can visit to have fun doing various, often thrilling, activities. They are usually found in the United States, but are sometimes elsewhere. 

Examples of attractions at most amusement parks include roller coasters, bumper cars, ferris wheels, games of chance with prizes, and many others. Many people who visit an amusement park will be looking to purchase food items such as ice cream cones or sodas.


Ayurveda Tourism Business Idea

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical system that has been practiced for over 5000 years. It is based on the belief that wellness comes from achieving balance in the body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda Tourism is tourism that combines culture with physical wellness. There are many different types of Ayurvedic treatments, including treatments for common ailments like allergies, arthritis, and asthma.


Beach Activities Business Idea

A beach activities business would be a company that offers beach equipment such as volleyball nets, sun umbrellas, and various other items for beachgoers. One could sell the items directly from a stand on the beach or online. They can also offer consulting services to help customers plan their summer beach vacation, by providing recommendations for things like what to pack and where to stay.


Beach Hotels Business Idea

A Beach Hotels Business provides accommodations for travelers, typically during the summer. These services are often offered in beach communities where tourism is common. Generally, these businesses offer a variety of properties ranging from luxury to budget-friendly hotels or resorts that cater to different types of vacationers. For example, luxury hotels may be designed for people who want high quality accommodations with many amenities and activities available on site, while budget-friendly hotels may provide basic accommodations with fewer amenities and much fewer offerings.


Bed And Breakfast Business Idea

A bed and breakfast is a type of lodging that has fewer than ten rooms or sleeping spaces. They are often smaller than hotels and motels, and more personal in nature. Bed and breakfasts typically focus on the quality of their food and include a common area for socializing and relaxing.


Bodyguard Business Idea

A bodyguard is a person who watches over a VIP's physical safety. A bodyguard can be a professional bodyguard, a private detective, an undercover police officer, a celebrity lookalike, or a member of the general public. The term "bodyguard" can also refer to the individual security guards that protect an important person from aggressors. The latter are called convoy security guards and are hired for small tours and gigs.


Boutique Tour Business Idea

A Boutique Tour Business is one that creates personalized tours for their customers to show them the highlights of their city or country. They are usually much more high-end than general tours, so they can charge higher prices in order to meet their costs. These companies are usually small and specialized in providing only tours, meaning there is less competition in this industry because many people do not have the skills to start a tour company.


Campground Business Idea

A Campground is a place where people can go to camp or stay for the night. There are usually cabins, small houses, tents, or RV's that can be rented out to sleep in. Most campgrounds have access to recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, swimming, and biking. The tents may come with mattresses, hammocks, or sleeping bags depending on what you would like to do while camping.


Corporate Retreat Center Business Idea

A corporate retreat center is a space designed with the intention of accommodating employees and their families for recreational, educational, or professional development. The facilities often include various spaces such as meeting rooms, theaters, hotel rooms, and classrooms. Typically they offer services such as workshops and seminars. Some corporations may use this as an alternative to companywide conferences which are typically only offered during the workday.


Cruise Line Business Idea

A cruise ship company is a type of passenger transportation service, with most ships typically carrying passengers and their guests for around 7 to 14 days. These cruise lines typically offer trips that involve giving passengers an experience of different cultures and countries throughout the world. They generally own or operate vessels that range from smaller than 100 to over 300 meters long, with some even reaching up to 400 meters.


Sell Digital Travel Books Online

The Guardian newspaper in the UK reported that 1.4 billion international travellers go on vacation a year. That is a lot of global travel! Of course, the travel industry as a whole took a pretty hard hit in 2020. Where Startup Streams is based in Bali, Indonesia, the average hotel occupancy rate hovered around 5-10% during peak holiday season and as Bali is so tourist dependant, many people lost their jobs (some now work for Startup Streams!). However, the travel industry is expected to bounce back over the next few years and as such, more and more people will be seeking some adventure. But with so many people around the world who have now found themselves unemployed, budget travel would be the way to go. But how can you travel on a shoestring budget? Is it even possible? 

The solution would be for you to offer a budget travel guide to people wanting to travel but can only do so on a tight budget. You, this travel online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help all kinds of people with their travel ambitions over the next few years and beyond. Who do you know who wants to go on a cheap vacation? Sell them the solution…


Ecotour Business Idea

An ecotourism business is a company or organization that provides tourism services to natural destinations such as parks, forests, and wildlife reserves. Ecotourism businesses attempt to allow visitors to experience the natural environment and often provide opportunities for adventure and education.


Ferry Business Idea

A ferry business is a service that transports passengers and cargo between two points, usually across water. The company offers both vehicular and passenger services to suit the needs of their clientele. Some ferry businesses offer accommodations such as cabins, bars, and cafeterias, while others may only contain basic amenities such as restrooms and food vending machines.


Fishing Charter Business Idea

A fishing charter business is a company that offers fishing trips to tourists. Charter boats also provide shelter for groups of people on a boat. The charter company will usually be responsible for the boat and the boat operator will make sure that all of the passengers are safe and can enjoy themselves.


Glamping Business Idea

A Glamping business is a form of accommodation that combines camping and glamorizing. The experience itself relies on the traveler to supply their own tent, bedding and to be able to cook for themselves. Utilizing a portable toilet and shower to make the experience as hygienic as possible, but also bearing in mind that this is not a hotel room and there will be bugs and other wildlife to contend with.


Haunted Attraction Business Idea

A haunted attraction is a place where people go to experience the fear of getting scared. It can be indoors or outdoors and typically has props and actors trying to scare visitors. They're usually found at amusement parks like Universal Studios, Six Flags, and Cedar Point as well as Halloween events such as the one found every year at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.


Healthy Vending Machine Business Idea

A vending machine needs to be stocked with healthy food and drinks for customers to get a healthier option. The vending machine should also be close enough for customers to get what they need without having to walk too far.


Sell Digital Wedding Books Online

The wedding industry in the US alone is worth a whopping $55.1 Billion, according to IbisWorld. Although the wedding niche has seen decline year on year since 2016, marriage is still a cultural norm for the majority of people across the world. But how exactly can you stay organised when planning a wedding? There is just so much to think of. You have to deal with the reception, the florist, the venue, the caterer, the guest list, the honeymoon… and what about the dress?

The solution would be for you to offer a series of complete wedding planning guides to help couples prepare for their special day. You, this wedding online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people plan their dream wedding. Who do you know who wants to get married and doesn’t want to deal with all of that stress? Sell them the solution…


Helicopter Tour Business Idea

A Helicopter Tour Business is a business that aims to provide transportation services for their customers in the form of flights and tours. The company provides two types of flights: sightseeing and photography. Sightseeing trips typically involve a round-trip flight over the city with an opportunity to land at designated locations, such as the top of a skyscraper, while photography trips involve a one-way flight.


Hookah Bar Lounge Business Idea

A Hookah Bar Lounge is a recreational establishment that often has a shisha bar. The establishment has many tables, chairs, and lounges with cushions for sitting. Smoke from the shisha (hookah) that is set up at one end of the establishment is filtered by water in the hookah bowl, then drawn through an ice cube in the tube and passed over coals in the base to produce smoke.


House-Sitting Business Idea

A House Sitting business is when you enter into an agreement with an individual to watch over their home while they are away, or in some cases you can also take care of animals or plants on the property. This type of work is usually done by people who are retired professionals, retirees, or stay-at-home parents. There are many benefits to house sitting that make it a desirable line of work.


Kennel Business Idea

A kennel business is a business that helps people with their pets, such as dogs or cats. It provides them with shelter, food, water, veterinary care, and grooming services. The owner of the kennel will typically maintain contact with all of their customers through some form of communication such as email or phone. They can also do this by using social media like Facebook or Instagram. The kennel will usually take reservations for pet boarding and they might also offer grooming services.


Marina Business Idea

A marina is a residential area, usually on the water with boat parking, restaurants and shops. Marinas may be artificially created by constructing piers, breakwaters or rock jetties into a body of water to protect a boatyard from the surrounding waves. Alternatively, a marina may be created by placing boats on dry land that lack substantial shoreside facilities.


Medical Tourism Business Idea

Medical tourism is the act of traveling to another country for medical procedures on oneself or a loved one. The term can be used to refer to people who travel for aesthetic procedures, such as plastic surgery. Medical tourism is becoming more popular due to the rising cost of healthcare in first world countries, and also because many first world countries have stringent regulations on the quality of care acceptances, whereas there are no regulations on foreign hospitals.


Microbrewery Business Idea

A Microbrewery is a small brewery, typically offering artisanal beers and high-quality craft beers. In the United States, a microbrewery is usually defined as a brewery that produces less than beer from 10 barrels of 15 gallons capacity per annum for beer for sale at retail. Nevertheless, this definition excludes many of the smaller producers of craft-type beer in the US.


Off-Road Tours Business Idea

Off-road tours are a type of tourism that forces the traveler to leave the pavement and explore the natural terrain in addition to offroading. Commonly, travelers will experience discovery activities such as rock climbing, hiking, camping and more. There is also an added degree of risk due to unforeseen issues such as harsh weather conditions and hazardous terrain.


Sell Digital Wine Books Online

The USA produces over 800 million gallons of wine a year, according to Statista, and that only accounts for 9% of the world’s total wine production! But knowing about wine seems like a specialist subject which takes a long time to study and master. Whilst there are 4 levels of professional sommelier qualification, wine is a topic whereby a little knowledge goes a long way. But how exactly can you separate your pinots from your chardonnays? 

The solution would be for you to offer a series of complete wine guides to help people get properly acquainted with wine tasting. You, this wine online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people learn about the varieties of wine. Who do you know who wants to know more about wine? Sell them the solution…


Party Bus Business Idea

A Party Bus Business is a company that rents out buses for large parties, usually with a DJ or dance floor, and occasionally strippers. The cost varies depending on the type of party you're looking to have. If you want a regular party bus without any features, it will be cheaper. If you want a party bus with a dance floor and music, it will cost more.


Pilgrimage Traveling Company Business Idea

A Pilgrimage Traveling Company sells travel-related products and has a diverse portfolio of clients. These clients can be anything from small business owners, to individuals looking for a vacation or an expatriate seeking a new home. The company focuses on the personal experience, as it is important that each client feels as though they are being individually served. This is done by focusing on each client's needs and wants to find the best product for them.


Pub Or Nightclub Business Idea

A pub or nightclub is a place where people go to drink alcohol and socialize. Some pubs also offer food like burgers and fries, as well as outdoor seating for those who want to smoke. Nightclubs offer the same amenities but usually feature a dance floor and DJ's spinning different types of music.


Ski Resort Business Idea

Ski resort is a place where people can go skiing on natural snow. Ski resorts are found in the mountains of North America and some parts of Europe. They typically consist of a hotel, a chalet, ski school, and restaurants. A ski resort is a destination for winter sports lovers who want to enjoy the snowy activities for days at a time.


Snorkelling Business Idea

A snorkelling business is one that provides equipment for people to snorkel. These businesses offer everything from masks, fins, and life jackets to scuba vests which allow the person to descend below the surface of the water. The company might also offer training sessions on how to use all these items.


Souvenir Shop Business Idea

A Souvenir Shop is a business that sells souvenirs and memorabilia. These can range from key chains, postcards, T-shirts, and anything else that people might want to buy as a memento of their visit. These shops often carry items with iconic imagery from the region such as images of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.


Surfing School Business Idea

Surfing schools are institutions used to teach beginners how to surf. They provide lessons for your local residents and tourists who want to learn basic surfing skills. Surfing schools can be found in many coastal locations all over the world.


Ticketing And Reservation Service Business Idea

A ticketing and reservation service is a company that provides transportation to passengers by selling tickets. These companies usually offer various types of tickets at different prices, such as first class, business class, economy class, etc. One example of a ticketing and reservation service is Orbitz.


Trade Show Visitor Business Idea

A trade show visitor is a person who attends a trade show to show interest in specific products or services that they intend on purchasing. The trade show company, event organizers, and exhibitors often invest large sums of money in order to create an alluring environment so the visitor would want to purchase something. After walking through the exhibition halls and browsing the booths, many visitors will stop at one booth and make a purchase.


Travel Event Planner Business Idea

A travel event planner is a person who plans and executes events for groups of people who are travelling and/or staying in hotels. The travel event planner may take care of booking transportation, arranging lodging, and purchasing group-friendly meals. They may also be responsible for developing itineraries and providing hospitality services to ensure travelers have a pleasant stay.


Travel Fair Business Idea

A Travel Fair is a venue where different travel agencies and tour operators provide information to the public that they may not have had an opportunity to explore on their own. Travel agents from around the world congregate in one place to showcase the latest tours and attractions.


Sell Travel Insurance Business Idea

A Travel Insurance Selling Business is one that sells insurance that covers costs incurred by travelers who suffer bodily injury, illness, and death while on a trip. These businesses may also sell policies to cover baggage and personal liability.


Vacation Property Rental Agency Business Idea

A vacation property rental agency is an agent that manages the renting of vacation homes. They are typically paid a commission by the rental company for each successful booking, which can range from 10%-30%. Vacation property rental agencies require a marketing strategy to attract guests. This can include advertising in newspapers, magazines, or on websites like AirBnB.


Water Taxi Service Business Idea

A water taxi service is a form of transportation for passengers and goods. It is typically a small boat which will take passengers and goods from one place to another. The drivers can be found in harbors or at docks. The boats used are usually equipped with extra safety features such as life jackets, life rings, and fire extinguishers. If you're looking to travel by water taxi to Washington DC, there are options available such as the Potomac Riverboat Company (6 minute ride).


Waterpark Business Idea

A waterpark is a business that operates water parks and provides recreational opportunities such as swimming, surfing, and boating. This business can be seasonal or open all year long. They may offer water park rides such as those found on the popular Six Flags Magic Mountain. The more popular parks may also offer dining options, shopping, and other recreational activities provided by staff or contracted out with third parties.


Wine Tour Business Idea

A wine tour business provides transportation and guided tours through vineyards and wineries. Wine tour businesses typically provide a shuttle service that transports customers to and from their pickup location, as well as provide wine education for those who do not know much about wines. The wine tour business is often combined with a regional attraction such as a museum or historic site so that customers can visit these places while they are on the wine tours.

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