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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

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42x Home Based Business Ideas To Start From Your Kitchen Table

Business ideas which you can start from home, today...

In today’s economy, there are a variety of options for people who want to start their own business from home. Whether you have a unique skill or just want to be in control of your own schedule, starting a home-based business may be the perfect fit for you and your family. There are many different types of businesses that can be started from home, so it is important to do some research before choosing the right one for you...


Acting Classes Business Idea

Acting Classes Business is a business that offers classes for actors. Acting Classes typically target the general public, charging prices ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 per month. Actors are taught how to approach auditioning successfully, as well as to distinguish themselves when in the audition room. The goal of Acting Classes is not to teach actors how to act, but rather how to prepare for acting auditions.


Adult Coloring Book Business Idea

An Adult Coloring Book Business is a company that sells and markets coloring books for adults. Adult Coloring Books are popular because they provide a therapeutic way to relax and de-stress. They provide an outlet for people who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, or stress. Adult Coloring Books also stimulate the parts of the brain associated with creativity and concentration. This can lead to improved mood and increases in memory and problem solving skills.


Brewer Business Idea

A Brewer Business is an organization that specializes in producing beer for profit. In most cases, the business will be focused on production of one type of beer, like Pale Ale or Stout. As a rule, these businesses are small and privately owned.


Cactus Arrangements Business Idea

The Cactus Arrangements Business is a company that specializes in the design of dishes for cactuses. The business owner designs dishes for cactuses with aesthetically pleasing arrangements that are sure to please customers’ eyes. The business runs off of the sales commission that they charge their customers for each dish designed, so they must be skilled at designing dishes in order to make money.


College Consultant Business Idea

A college consultant is a person who helps people with the college admissions process. They provide advice and guidance for students and parents on how to fill out applications, get in touch with prospective colleges, and get scholarships. They also help students to better understand their own academic strengths and weaknesses by evaluating their essays.


Consignment Shop Business Idea

A Consignment Shop is a type of retail store that sells brand-name or designer items for less because the original owner has consigned, or is renting out the items. The original owner of the item makes some money by renting out their item; but if they decide they want to sell it, they can offer it back to the retailer for full price.


Currency Trading Business Idea

A currency trading business is a company that conducts currency transactions between buyers and sellers. When traders buy currency, they are paying for it with their own currency. When they sell currency, the money obtained from the sale is in another currency.


Domestic Cleaning Business Idea

The process of cleaning a space that is designed for living in, such as a private home or apartment. Domestic cleaning is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of a domestic space, as well as providing services to those who live there.


Dried Flower Business Idea

A Dried Flower Business is a business that sells dried flowers. Dried flowers are flowers that have been preserved with the use of low-humidity and controlled room temperature, typically for beauty or preservation purposes. A key process in producing dried flowers is to cut off their heads and leaves, then remove all moisture from their stems. There are many different kinds of flower species; some plants bloom during the summer months and others bloom in winter or spring.


Eldercare Business Idea

Eldercare is an organization that provides care and assistance for the elderly. Eldercare offers safety and security to those who need it, as well as companionship, socialization opportunities, and education to those who want it. This makes eldercare a great resource not only for seniors (the individuals receiving the care), but also for their caregivers (those providing the care).


Sell Digital Freelance Books Online

There are 830,000+ registered freelancers on Fiverr (and counting), all competing with one another for the custom of people looking at outsourcing various services. However, how do these freelancers all compete with each other? Whether on a freelancing marketplace or providing services privately, the paradigm shift from employees to freelancers has meant greater demand and greater supply. But how can a freelancer look to compete in such a crowded industry? 

The solution would be for you to offer a freelancing guidebook to help freelancers with getting a competitive edge over the competition. You, this freelancing online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help freelancers get into the industry, where to find customers and deliver. Who do you know who wants to work freelance instead of working for an employer? Sell them the solution…


Facebook Page Designer Business Idea

A Facebook Page Designer is a person who creates and manages Facebook Pages. Facebook Page Profiles are pages that represent an organization, business, or person on Facebook's networking website. The Page Manager may edit the information displayed on the page, add photos or videos, and update the content to keep it fresh for other users.


Finance Consultant Business Idea

A finance consultant is a specialist who consults with people about business and personal finances. They often work as financial advisors, but there are many different types of finance consultants, such as credit card consultants, equity fund specialists, and retirement planners. Finance consultants usually work in the financial industry for one or more companies or institutions such as banks or insurance companies to provide advice on matters such as savings and investments.


Foreign Language Instruction Business Idea

A Foreign Language Instruction Business provides language instruction in a specific foreign language for people who need to learn that language. Usually, the business will provide at least one person to instruct the students in the language they're trying to learn, but it may also include more than one person. The business might also provide books and other materials for the student to use while they are learning.


Freelance Coder Business Idea

A freelance coder is someone who codes, usually with a degree in computer science. They work independently and have a lot of flexibility with what they choose to do. Because they work for themselves, they also have a lot of responsibility, but the majority of the responsibility is placed on them.


Fundraiser Business Idea

A Fund Raiser business is a type of service where people donate money in order to benefit an organization. Fund-raising businesses are usually run by third parties who have been hired by the organization to organize and administer a fund raising event or campaign. In the United States, these services are usually provided by private for-profit companies that specialize in raising funds for non-profit organizations by engaging people in a telemarketing campaign.


Furniture Upcycler Business Idea

A furniture upcycler is someone who takes old pieces of furniture and reuses them in a new fashion to make something new. Furniture upcycling is an efficient way to reuse resources without adding more waste to the environment.


Glass Blower Business Idea

A glass blower is someone who creates new objects from molten glass by blowing air through a tube. The glass-blower is in charge of maintaining the temperature of the furnace, which can reach up to 2,000 degrees. Glass blowing has been around for nearly two millennia. It is believed to have originated in Mesopotamia, with Persian craftsmen becoming known for their mastery of the trade.


Handy Person Business Idea

A handyman is someone who can perform repairs and maintenance on property. They are often also skilled in construction and carpentry. They usually work on smaller projects like installing new light bulbs, fixing leaky faucets, laying tile, or hanging pictures. They may do some larger projects as well like mudding drywall or framing out the loft space of an attic conversion.


Henna Designer Business Idea

A Henna Designer is an individual who specializes in the art of creating designs on the skin by applying specially blended henna paste to the skin. The process is initially done with a cone shaped tool which draws out the design. The paste is then applied by hand to fill in the design drawn on the skin. Henna Designs are usually drawn on hands, feet, limbs, backs, chests, and other parts of the body that are not touching clothes.


Home Daycare Business Idea

A home daycare business is a form of private child care. It is usually operated by one person in their own home, but may also be operated by two people in their own homes. The children are brought to the daycare provider's house during the day. Children are typically cared for by the provider and assistant (s) 7 hours per day, 5 days per week, with about 16 to 18 children each.


Home Staging Business Idea

A home staging business is a residential real estate service that provides interior design, furnishings, and equipment to help show homes to their most attractive potential with the goal of selling the property. Home staging businesses serve primarily residential real estate agents who are preparing to list a home for sale. The company's services range from arranging furniture in the most effective way, adding decorations to enhance curb appeal, financing expensive fixtures and appliances when necessary, and easing buyers' anxieties about moving into a new home.


Homemade Foods Business Idea

A Homemade Foods is a food product that was prepared by the consumer in their home. These products can be packaged and sold without government regulation, but they are not able to be labeled as "organic" or "healthy." The main goal of these foods is to reduce costs for consumers and provide a healthier alternative.


Hot Air Balloon Operator Business Idea

A Hot Air Balloon Operator is an individual who owns or operates a hot air balloon for the purpose of sightseeing. He or she also prepares, maintains and operates the balloon’s burner equipment. There are many responsibilities involved in owning and operating a hot air balloon, so it is important to know what you are getting into before you buy one for yourself.


Investor Business Idea

An investor is an individual, who acquires capital assets for the purpose of yielding a monetary return. This can include stocks, bonds, real estate, and other municipal securities. The owner of the assets is called the investor, whereas the one providing the money to invest with is called the lender. Investors are encouraged to diversify their investments in order to mitigate risk by investing across different asset classes that perform differently in different market environments.


Sell Digital Home Decor Books Online

The home furnishings industry in the US is worth $30.9 Billion a year, according to IbisWorld. This amount may not be shocking when you acknowledge the fact that a well organised and displayed room, with lots of light and natural colours, can help influence mood. A cluttered room can make people feel agitated, whilst a calm and minimalist surrounding can be soothing and relaxing. But to achieve the results of an expert home decorator or interior designer can be expensive. Why hire someone else to do it when you can do it yourself? Surely you wish to maximise your budget on furnishings? Well, it’s not that simple. Professionals make a full time living out of designing people’s homes for a reason - because they know what works. So, what if you could get the knowledge of a professional interior designer, without the designer price tag…

The solution would be for you to offer home decor guides to help people to get the home they want. You, this home decor online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people to pick the best furnishings, lighting, windows, linen, plants and accessories to match both their home and their lifestyle. Who do you know who could do with an interior home refresh? Sell them the solution…


Laundry Service Or Ironing Business Idea

A Laundry Service or Ironing is the act of washing clothes, cleaning them of stains, and then folding, putting away, and ironing them. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to days depending on how many clothes are being washed. How the clothes are cleaned depends on what type of stain is found. For example, if there is a small spot on the clothing, often only soap and water are needed.


Leaflet Distribution Business Idea

A leaflet distribution is a tactic that flyers are dropped from the sky, usually by plane. Leaflets can be used for anything from advertising to political campaigning. It is an inexpensive and very effective way of getting information out to people at once.


Life Coach Business Idea

Life coaching can be seen as a form of psychotherapy in which the coach is not acting as a counselor, but rather acts as a guide for exploration and discovery. A life coach might offer encouragement, step in with suggestions when the person is stuck or rebuffed by others, and help them set goals that are achievable. Life coaches are often hired by executives who need help with stress management or balance work and family life.


Lunch Delivery Service Business Idea

A Lunch Delivery Service is a business that provides food to consumers through online, phone, or app ordering. The provision of this service typically involves sending out fresh meals that are prepared in advance, reheating them for delivery, and then providing them to the recipient. For example, one restaurant may offer a wide range of specialty sandwiches while another may specialize in sushi.


Medical Billing And Coding Business Idea

Medical Billing and Coding is the job of making sure that medical providers are paid for their services. Medical billing professionals monitor patient charts, extract information about services rendered, and process payments for the practice's account. They also generate claims to insurance companies for reimbursement.


Mystery Shopper Business Idea

Mystery shopping is the act of being hired by a market research company to evaluate stores, shops, restaurants, or other areas for their quality. The process involves entering the store with no preconceived notions about the quality of the store and then completing certain tasks while paying attention to how long it takes to get help at the counter, how well the staff know the product line, and any other variables that are relevant to your assigned task.


Notary Public Business Idea

A Notary Public is someone who has been given authority by a jurisdiction's law to witness the signing of important documents. A Notary may also administer oaths and affirmations, take affidavits and depositions.


Online Photo Selling Business Idea

Online photo selling is a rather new concept that has been introduced to the world in the last few years. The idea is simple, one person uploads a photo from their phone to an online platform and sets a price for it. If someone clicks the price tag and decides to buy that photo, then the money goes directly into your account. Uploading a photo usually takes only a few minutes and provides a variety of advantages over other ways of selling photos.


Online Thrifter Business Idea

An Online Thrifter is a person that shops on websites that sell used clothing, shoes, and accessories. This is because the buyers are saving lots of money while still finding fashionable items. Typical thrifting includes visiting Goodwill or Salvation Army to find great deals on clothes. Online Thrifters order through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram due to the large reach it has.


Party Clown Business Idea

A Party Clown is a person who performs at children's birthday parties. As part of their performance, they often wear whimsical costumes and perform animal imitations such as a duck, or they may do balloon animals. The Party Clowns sometimes tell stories and jokes to the children attending the party.


Power Washing House Exteriors Business Idea

Power washing detergent tanks and hoses, and power washers require a water supply, such as fire hydrants or a garden hose. The pressure nozzle requires an air compressor to generate the high-pressure stream of water. A chemical tank is often attached to the power washer for use with soap or other detergents.


Reiki Business Idea

A Reiki Business is a business that provides Reiki therapy to clients. A Reiki Master typically charges clients for the sessions, and will either provide services in person or online.


Seller Of Collectibles

A Seller of Collectibles business idea is a business model where the seller of collectibles is the only entity producing new goods, and they may also be trading in previously-produced items. It is important to note that sellers of collectibles can trade in both tangible and intangible objects, e.g. stamps are a type of collectible object which are not physical but are still considered as such because people will buy them for their own collections.


Subscription Box Business Idea

A subscription box business is a company that sends out curated items to their subscribers on a monthly basis. Items may be tailored to a specific theme or genre in order to provide a higher customer satisfaction in the form of increased variety in the products they receive. These businesses can be started by anyone with an idea and some startup capital, but it takes a large amount of customer acquisition in order to have a successful subscription box company.


Tax Preparer Business Idea

A Tax Preparer is a person who prepares and files tax returns. Some of the most common forms of taxation is income, sales, property and excise taxes that provide government with the financial resources necessary to provide services such as education, social welfare and/or administrative costs.


Tiktok Influencer Business Idea

A Tiktok influencer is a person who posts on the social media network TikTok and is able to gain a lot of followers. This can be done by creating entertaining short videos or just being funny in videos.

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