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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

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52x Health And Fitness Business Ideas: Earn A Living Helping Others Lose Weight And Feel Great!

Business Ideas In the Health and Fitness Industry...

For those looking for health and fitness-based business ideas, there are many options to choose from. One of the first steps is deciding what category you want to establish your business in. Some popular categories include gyms, personal trainers, wellness coaches, dieticians, and massage therapists. If you're more interested in the retail side of things then you might be interested in web stores that focus on products like vitamins or supplements...


Acupuncture Clinic Business Ideas

An Acupuncture Clinic is a place to go if someone wants to learn more about the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture. The clinic will teach one how to give treatments and offer general education on health and wellness.


Aerial Sports Instructor Business Ideas

An Aerial Sports Instructor is an individual who teaches aerial skills in the safe environment of the ground. These instructors are trained professionals with years of experience working in various industries. 

The Aerial Sports Instructor is typically responsible for assessing the student's needs, determining the appropriate level of difficulty, and designing a customized program that meets their skill set. They are then responsible for leading students through all of the required skills and drills to be successful in achieving the desired height and fitness level.


Aromatherapy Business Ideas

An Aromatherapy Business is a company that sells products that are made with essential oils and other plant extracts. Essential oils come from plants and can be used as fragrances, flavors or ingredients in food, as well as therapeutic agents such as massage oils and personal care products. The business would use Facebook to advertise their products, Instagram to post pictures of their products, and Google Ads to market their services.


Arrange Spin Classes Business Ideas

An Arrange Spin Class is a class that is structured to help people meet their fitness goals. The instructor of this class has set up an individualized program for the participant, so he or she can focus on specific areas of concern. This person can also share his or her knowledge on nutrition and lifestyle habits with the participants.


Baseball Hitting Coach Business Ideas

A Baseball Hitting Coach is an individual who guides the player in developing their stance, swing, and reaction time. They are usually out in the field with the player during batting practice, talking them through their mechanics. The coach also monitors how often the player swings and changes their stance during the game to address any flaws in their technique.


Bike Tour Company Business Ideas

A bike tour company is a business that provides bike tours for people to enjoy. They often go out during the day and offer rides to tourist attractions, restaurants, and other places of interest. The bike tour company might provide routes, maps, and snacks or water bottles for their riders. A bike tour company may have a variety of types of bikes available, depending on the rider's physical ability, weight limit, and preference in terrain.


Boutique Gym Business Idea

A boutique gym owner is an entrepreneur who opens a gym with the intention of providing a different experience than what people are used to at their typical gym. They focus on creating a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for all types of people, including those who are trying to lose weight, grow muscle, train for races, or simply do something different.


Be a Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is someone who advocates for a company, product, service, or idea. A brand ambassador may act as the face of their company or client and represent their products or services to potential customers. A person's personal experience with the company is often more persuasive than any marketing campaign. The more authentic connection they can create between their own life and what they're promoting, the more likely it is that others will connect with them on this level.


Diet Planner Business Idea

A Diet Planner is a person who plans various diets and helps others with their weight management. The Diet Planner works with clients to create customized meal plans, either individually or in small groups, and teaches them how to make healthier food choices. They work with clients on taking off weight, working on maintenance, and planning for healthy lifestyle changes.


Sell Diet Plan Guides

The idea of the diet plan is to provide a detailed blueprint for what to do with your food intake in order to lose weight. The blueprint may include specific amounts of caloric intake, macro-nutrients, and micronutrients. Pricing for the ebooks vary by detail, but typically ranges between $7.99 - $20.99 each; higher priced plans are more comprehensive. Who do you know who wants to loose a bit of weight? Sell them the solution…


Fitness Business On Instagram

A FBOI, or Fitness Business on Instagram, is the act of selling fitness-related products by means of one's personal account. This includes but is not limited to: training plans, nutritional plans, exercise equipment, etc.


Fitness Consultant Business Ideas

A Fitness Consultant job is to assess the needs of their clients, then develop a plan that will help them live healthier lives. These professionals are often certified fitness instructors or have an extensive knowledge of exercise physiology. Some consultants also specialize in specific populations like children or pregnant women.


Fitness Franchise Business Ideas

Fitness Franchise is a company that offers franchising opportunities for health and wellness centers. The franchise provides the franchisee with a pre-built facility, equipment, and marketing materials along with the opportunity to operate their own fitness center.


Fitness Product Third-Party Distribution Business Ideas

Fitness Product Third-Party Distribution is the process of distributing products to fitness stores for profit. This distribution can be done by many different means, but normally it is done through third-party distributors that bring products to the store to sell.


Fitness Subscription Box Company Business Ideas

Fitness subscription boxes are businesses that send customers a selection of high-quality fitness equipment to use for workouts. These boxes are often sent monthly or quarterly, and can contain everything from exercise balls, yoga mats, to resistance bands. This is an excellent service for people who are looking for new workout routines or want to switch up their current ones.


Sell Fitness Guides Online

With over 200,000 health and fitness clubs worldwide and a total spend of $94 Billion in the USA on health club memberships annually (Statista), the fitness industry is huge. Those members who have a serious interest in keeping or getting fit will want to do so as quickly and effectively as possible. As not everyone can afford a personal trainer, or expensive recurring gym memberships, readily available information is the next logical step to get the instruction needed to get the ‘dream body' millions are currently striving for. 

You can solve this problem today by issuing written knowledge in the form of 6 complete ebooks, all included for you to sell with this fitness online business for sale. Whether a future customer of yours is interested in exercise, body building, diet, losing weight or just getting really fit, your business will be available to lend a helping hand. Who do you know who wants to work on their fitness? Sell them the solution...


Sell Golf Guides Online

According to the National Golf Foundation, one out of every three people in the USA, aged 6+, either plays golf, watches the sport or reads about it. The reach of golf in the US is incredible. That is 108 million people who are engaged in golf and a whopping 2.5 million people played golf for the first time last year in the US alone. But the issue is that people don’t know how to get into the sport. Where do you even start? What clubs do you buy? What are the rules?

The solution would be for you to offer a range of golf ebooks to people looking to find these answers. You, this golf online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people get into golf, play golf at a senior level or even make money by playing golf. Who do you know who wants to get into golf? Sell them the solution…


Health And Fitness Mobile App Business Idea

A Health and Fitness Mobile App is a program which allows a user to track their health and fitness goals on their phone. The app will monitor things such as the number of steps walked, calories burned, food consumed, sugar levels, sleep quality, stress levels, and more. It may also provide information about what foods are high in specific nutrients or how many glasses of water to drink to keep hydrated for instance.


Health And Wellness Podcast Host Business Idea

Health and wellness podcast host is an individual who guides listeners through various topics on health and wellness. This person usually has a background in nutrition, fitness, or both.


Healthy Meal Kit Delivery Service Business Idea

The healthy meal kit delivery service is a company that sends food directly to your door (or other designated location) and the company typically selects the recipes and assembles them for you. The ingredients come pre-portioned and all you have to do is follow the instructions to create a perfect, fresh meal.


Healthy Restaurant Or Cafe Business Idea

A Healthy Restaurant or Cafe is a restaurant that has dishes that are made with healthy ingredients. A Healthy Restaurant may also be called a "healthy eatery.


Herbalist Business Idea

Herbalist are individuals who use herbs to heal or maintain health. They are trained in herbology and have an understanding of the use of plants as medicine, for food, or for other purposes.


Host Fitness Seminars Business Idea

Host Fitness Seminars is a company that offers a variety of wellness classes and seminars. One such seminar is a healthy eating presentation where people learn to prepare delicious meals with less fat, sugar, and salt. Another wellness class is a stress management course which teaches people how to manage their stressful environments by using deep breathing exercises and meditation practices.


Sell Keto Recipe Guides Online

Historically, the Ketogenic diet was discovered as early as 20th century and was (yet still is) an effective solution for individuals suffering from epilepsy. In the early times, bodybuilders used to apply it without actually knowing the mechanisms behind it through doing a “fish and water” diet. Additionally it is the diet that humans historically adhered to naturally before processed sugars became so readily available. Till date, the Ketogenic Diet has maintained its status of effectiveness and of course gaining wider attention among people looking to lose weight faster. The Ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that causes weight loss and provides health benefits. It involves significantly reducing carbohydrate intake while increasing protein to the levels necessary to maintain muscle mass with the calorie ratios approximating 70 percent fat, 25 percent protein and 5 low-glycemic carbohydrates. But to get into this reliable diet, what food should be eaten? How often should you consume food? Can you really eat as much fat as you want?

The solution would be for you to offer a comprehensive Keto diet guidebook, complete with recipes, to help people get into shape and live a healthier life. You, this Keto diet online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people from all walks of life with their health goals, eat fresh food and get into the best possible shape. Who do you know who wants to loose a bit of weight? Sell them the solution…


Kids Fitness Coach Business Idea

Kids Fitness Coach is a certified professional who provides fitness and nutrition education to children in order to promote healthy lifestyles. They work with teachers, school administrators, parents, and healthcare professionals to implement health initiatives in the schools across the nation.


Mobile Fitness Truck Operator Business Idea

A Mobile Fitness Truck Operator is an individual who runs a business that offers exercise and nutrition advice through a mobile fitness truck. The individual provides the service typically at public events and functions where people typically stay for a shorter amount of time. With these limitations in mind, the Mobile Fitness Truck Operator follows customer-centered principles such as providing sustainable diets, healthy fat-burning workouts, and tips to increase energy levels.


One-Stop Shop Wellness Center Business Idea

Typically, a One-Stop Shop Wellness Center is a type of health center based on the concept of “one stop shopping” where people can receive all of their necessary medical services in one location. One-Stop Shop wellness centers are usually staffed by professionals such as physicians, nurses, and other health care workers who specialize in various medical disciplines. These care providers work together to provide comprehensive care for patients.


Online Fitness Apparel Retailer Business Idea

An online fitness apparel retailer is an online store that sells clothing to be used in connection with physical activity. The clothes are usually made of synthetic fibers, making them very comfortable and durable. There are many different types of clothing to suit people's needs, including running shorts, compression leggings, tank tops, and sports bras. These retailers make it easier for customers who want to buy clothes specifically for their workout routines.


Online Fitness Blogger Business Idea

The emergence of the internet has made it possible for people to find information on nearly any topic. The use of social media, however, has made this phenomenon far more prevalent than ever before. As a result, many people are turning to online fitness bloggers as sources of health and exercise information. These bloggers often post their own success stories about how they lost weight or got fit. They also offer tips on how to eat healthy and work out efficiently.


Open A Dance Studio For Business Idea

A Dance Studio is a studio which focuses on dance classes for children of various ages. The faculty includes both professional dancers and teachers who have obtained a degree in dance education. Classes are offered year round, with discounted rates during the summer months.


Open VR Fitness Center For Business Idea

A VR fitness center is a virtual reality exercise facility. The idea behind these types of centers is that the user can work out in a virtual environment where they can run or jog on their own, or participate in group activities, like jumping rope. Thus the concept of VR fitness centers is to create an immersive experience for exercise to make it feel more like an experience rather than work, especially for those who are otherwise intimidated by traditional gyms.


Organize Meditation Camps For Business Idea

Meditation camps are retreats that are designed to allow participants to practice meditation for a period of time. These camps can be residential or day-time (open for the duration of the day but not overnight) camps. Camps are typically done in nature, but they could also be in an urban setting.


Outdoor Fitness Instructor Business Idea

An outdoor fitness instructor is a professional who provides instruction and advice on a variety of fitness topics to a wide range of people. Outdoor fitness instructors often offer their services to public spaces that allow them to reach the maximum number of people in the present location. These instructors create effective routines for workouts, run workshops on health and nutrition, and provide one-on-one coaching sessions for personal consultations.


Sell Digital Paleo Diet Guides Online

Paleo refers to a style of eating that mimics the way our ancestors did in the Paleolithic period, free of processed foods and full of what could be hunted and gathered. Health experts argue that agricultural practices have advanced far faster than people's digestive systems have. This means our bodies are designed to function best with foods similar to what the cavemen ate rather than today's standard dietary staples of sugar and refined grains. The Paleo diet is not a fad or some creative diet plan. It's a matter of returning to the fundamental meals that the human body intended to eat. This kind of dietary plan allows the individual to get the best health as well as strengthen their digestive and immune system. But how do you get into the Paleo diet exactly? What can and can’t you eat?

The solution would be for you to offer a full Paleo diet guidebook, complete with grocery lists, to help people get into shape and live a healthier life. You, this Paleo diet online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help all kinds of people with their health goals, to eat fresh food and get into the best possible shape - inside and out. Who do you know who wants to eat healthier? Sell them the solution…


Paddleboard Lessons Business Idea

Paddleboard lessons are most popular amongst tourists who are visiting tropical destinations, but are also available for locals to take part in. They are becoming more and more popular as paddleboarding is most similar to surfing, but with less of a learning curve. Paddleboard lessons are generally offered during the day, at beach locations where the water is calm. Lessons generally last about an hour, and include both instruction on how paddleboarding works, as well as how to maneuver the board properly.


Personal Chef Business Idea

A Personal Chef would be someone who is in charge of making sure their client is eating the right things and getting the proper amounts of nutrients. They would take care in choosing foods that were not processed, and usually they work with a dietitian to help plan meals that address any specific dietary restrictions that may be in place.


Personal Fitness Trainer Business Idea

A Personal Fitness Trainer is a person who designs and implements fitness programs for individuals to keep them physically fit. They often use motivational techniques such as exercise variety, intensity, and frequency to meet the specific needs of their clients. There are many different types of personal trainers such as Yoga, Cross-Fit, Strength and Conditioning coaches or Cardio Coaches.


Physical Therapist Business Idea

Physical Therapist is a licensed professional that specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of physical limitations caused by illness or injury. The PT's can assess movement problems and prescribe exercise for rehabilitation. They also work with patients to develop a home exercise program.


Pilates Studio Owner

A Pilates Studio owner is a person who owns and operates a business that offers instruction and equipment sales in the Pilates technique. The studio owner may also provide nutrition and exercise counseling and offer massage therapy services.


Powerlifting Gym Business Idea

A powerlifting gym is a facility that offers predominantly powerlifting-specific exercises. Powerlifting gyms are typically designed to provide members with the necessary equipment to perform their workouts. Machines are typically provided for one's use, as well as benches and other equipment used for weightlifting.


Premium Vitamin And Supplements Seller Business Idea

A Premium Vitamin and Supplements Seller is a business that sells all sorts of vitamins or supplements.


Running Or Walking Club Business Idea

Running and walking clubs are an organization that promotes health through physical activity while providing social benefits. The goal of these fitness groups is to motivate participants to run or walk for a specified duration of time, frequency, and distance in order to improve their health and general well-being. In addition to helping members stay active, running clubs often support organizational team-building exercises such as designing logos or planning charity events.


Sell Clean Eating Guides Online With Your Own Website

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 48 states in the USA have an obesity rate of over 25%, with Mississippi being the worst with an obesity rate of 40.8%. Obesity can contribute to a lot of health complications. Fad exercise trends tend not to work to help people lose their excessive waistline, so turning to eating correctly is the best option.

A solution to this obesity epidemic would be to offer a ready made clean eating guide complete with delicious and healthy recipes to help people get back on track with their weight loss goals. As they say, ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’. The concept of clean eating is simple, the basic principle of clean eating is trying to eat to the best of your ability; whole, fresh, unprocessed foods. Food that occurs in nature and don’t go through extensive processing. This clean eating online business for sale, alongside our marketing resources and support can help you help people become healthier by eating cleaner. Who do you know who needs to loose a little weight and needs to eat a more balanced diet? Sell them the solution… 


Services Related To Aging And Senior Health Business Idea

Services related to aging and senior health cover a wide range of topics that are aimed at attempting to improve the longevity of seniors through improving their quality of life. The goal is for seniors to live independently as long as possible.


Sports Massage Therapist Business Idea

A sports massage therapist is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in modalities that focus on a person's muscular system. This specialized knowledge includes muscles, muscles’ attachments, and the effects of any injury or overuse occurring within the tissue.


Temporary Pop-Up Training Sessions

A Temporary Pop-Up Training Sessions (TPTS) is a training session that is conducted on a shorter time frame than traditional academic training. They are often used as an alternative to full-length courses due to the quick pace of life and demands on people's time. TPTSs can be offered in person or online and it does not require registration or pre-payment.


Virtual Yoga Instructor Business Idea

A Virtual Yoga Instructor is an online video tutorial that provides instruction, demonstrations, and short instructional videos on yoga poses. Using this resource can be beneficial to someone who is not able to attend classes due to location or other reasons. The VYI gives visual explanations of how to do each pose while also providing detailed instructions on proper form and alignment.


Sell Weight Loss Guides Online With Shopify

The US weight loss industry is worth over $72 Billion expected to grow 2.6% a year, according to MarketResearch. With an increase in readily available food, cheap snacks and larger portions, people struggle to lose and maintain a healthy weight. In the US, 99 million people are overweight, and an extra 70 million adults are classed as obese. We all know we should eat healthily, but food which is processed is usually cheaper and more convenient than preparing, say, a salad. Combine that with the fact that people spend more time on the couch at home, or sat at a desk at work or sat down on their commute means people aren’t burning the calories they consume. So exactly can someone go about loosing weight?

The solution would be for you to offer a series of complete weight loss guides to help people loose weight. You, this weight loss online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people get rid of unwanted fat, become more active and live a longer, healthier life. Who do you know who wants to know loose weight? Sell them the solution…


Yoga Instructor

A Yoga Instructor is an individual who is experienced in yoga, and has the ability to teach either private or group sessions. The Yoga Instructor teaches students by demonstrating poses (physical postures), describing the benefits of each pose, and assisting with modifications for student’s needs. A Yoga Instructor may also provide them with further instruction on how to do the postures themselves.


Yoga & Meditation Ebook Selling Online

Yoga is a spiritual discipline which focuses on encompassing mind and body through a series of movements, breathing techniques and poses. The benefits are plentiful with flexibility, overall health and wellbeing among the most attractive attributes to people who practise yoga regularly. The yoga industry is far bigger than you might think. According to Statista, The yoga industry is worth $11.6 Billion a year in the US alone! Approximately 55 million people practice yoga each year. But how exactly can someone get into yoga? Can it really help reduce stress, bring mindfulness and help lead a healthy life?

The solution would be for you to offer a series of complete yoga and meditation guides to help people to get into the discipline. You, this meditation and yoga online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people to reap the rewards of yoga. Who do you know who wants to reduce stress and anxiety, whilst developing their mental wellbeing and mindfulness? Sell them the solution…


Youtube Fitness Vlogger Business Idea

A Youtube Fitness Vlogger is a video blogger or YouTuber who documents their fitness journey through vlogs on YouTube. This is typically in the form of fitness, food, and lifestyle videos. 

Some of these youtube channels are highly popular and have millions of subscribers with some even having over 100 million followers. They can sometimes be found gaining sponsorships from companies for things such as clothing.


Zumba Studio Business Idea

Zumba is a form of exercise with Latin and international music which is mainly danced to in group fitness classes. Zumba Studio is the educational organization that offers Zumba classes. They are located around the world, but focus primarily in America and Canada, where they have the most schools. Their motto is “exercise in disguise” because it can be done by people of all ages and energy levels.

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