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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

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21x Franchise Business Ideas

Business Ideas In The Franchise Industry...

Running a successful business is no easy task. However, this process can be made easier with the use of franchising. There are many ways to take advantage of the success and popularity of a franchise: you can sell items in a store, offer services such as marketing or accounting to other companies, or even create your own product through licensing. In order to help you narrow your options in the franchise industry, we have compiled a list of some of our favourites...


Beverages Franchise Business Idea

A Beverages Franchise is a business that specializes in the distribution of beverages. These beverages include water, juices, teas, iced tea mixes, coffees, iced coffee mixes, carbonated drinks and energy drinks. The franchise is owned by the company that sells it or by an independent operator who has obtained permission to use the company’s name.


Burger Franchise Business Idea

A franchise business is a company that sells products or services on behalf of an owner who cannot operate on their own. A burger franchise business provides food to customers as a restaurant, catering service, or as a drive-thru. In order to run the business, the franchiser must have a certain amount of training and experience in the industry.


Car Wash Franchise Business Idea

A car wash franchise is a business that provides car washes to the general public. A car wash typically consists of three different types of washers: a rinseless wash, which sprays water at high pressure on the vehicle; an automated self-serve bays or open-air fresh water bays for faster service; and an automatic vacuum rinse machine.


Clothing Franchise Business Idea

A clothing franchise is a company that manufactures and sells clothing. It may be a large company which manufactures and distributes clothing to smaller retailers, it may specialize in a particular niche segment of the apparel industry, or it may operate as a retail outlet with employees doing most of the manufacturing. It's difficult to describe what a clothing franchise is because every business is different.


Coffee Franchise Business Idea

Coffee franchises, such as Starbucks and Caribou Coffee, make up an industry which has been steadily growing. The coffee drinking population has increased by over 40% in the last two decades and continues to grow rapidly. This increase in demand is mainly due to the introduction of flavored coffee drinks and espresso-based products, such as lattes. These items are more expensive than traditional brewed coffees, but still remain inexpensive compared to other beverages.


E-Learning Franchise Business Idea

An E-Learning Franchise is a company that provides various training and certification courses on the internet. The courses are generally for students who are seeking to enhance their knowledge of a certain topic or subjects, or for professionals who are seeking new ways to expand their skill set. The franchise generally provides course content in video form, text, audio, and other formats.


Education Franchise Business Idea

An education franchise is a business that offers franchises to teach children or adults how to obtain a desired skill or knowledge. A typical franchise will require the individual who wishes to obtain a franchise to attend informational sessions and pay a fee. The fees cover training materials, administrative costs, and ongoing support from the franchisor. The franchisor will also provide the individual with access to an established network of schools or providers of educational services.


Fashion Accessories Franchise Business Idea

A Fashion Accessories Franchise is a business that buys and sells clothing and accessories. The company often acts as the middleman between customers and manufacturers, taking orders from customers and performing all the necessary tasks to fulfill those orders.


Food Cart Franchise Business Idea

The term food cart franchise refers to a business model in which one purchases the rights to sell food from a specific brand at their own particular location and time. The business owner provides everything needed for operation including the food, equipment, and other supplies, and pays a licensing fee to the franchiser for use of the name and any technology necessary for running the business.


Furniture Franchise Business Idea

A Furniture Franchise refers to a company which designs and sells furniture. These companies typically offer their clients wide ranges of different types of furniture with a selection that is often far more diverse than just one product. A typical furniture franchise will have a variety of styles including modern, traditional, and even rustic styles. They will typically offer a range of colors for these types of furniture with the only drawback being that only one color can be chosen per order.


Hair Styling Salon Franchise Business Idea

A hair styling salon franchise is a company that offers its services to the public in the form of hairdressing, nail care, hair removal and other beauty-related services. These companies usually offer franchisees the opportunity to buy into their business for an upfront fee and then share profits with them. Such franchises are often marketed as being affordable and easy to set up.


Jewelries Franchise Business Idea

A jewelry franchise is a business that provides clients with the ability to own their own store. The company typically offers a supply of premade jewelry which the owner offers up in their store. The company also assists in building a brand and marketing strategy for each store, which increases the value of the company. One benefit is that the franchisee does not have to purchase any inventory themselves, or have a large amount of working capital to start their own business.


Noodles Franchise Business Idea

The Noodles Franchise Business, as it is called by academics and those in the industry, is a mobile franchise that sells noodles and other related food items. The Noodles Franchise Business has been around for about two years and has become one of the more popular types of mobile franchises to date. In these years, there have been a number of developments in this type of product line within the industry.


Pizza Franchise Business Idea

A Pizza Franchise Business is a company that sells pizza and other food items, and provides support to franchisees. The offer these services because it simplifies the process of opening a new restaurant for someone who does not want to build their own store. They often provide training, help with location selection, and help with anything else needed to start out.


Retail And Pharmacy Franchise Business Idea

A retail and pharmacy franchise is a type of business model which allows for the expansion of a business by leveraging various resources and knowledge in the retail and pharmacy sectors. The franchisee can sell or rent out products to customers and they may also find new clients through the use of the franchises brick and mortar establishments. Franchisees are entitled to learning about how to operate, train employees, and market their product, as well as how to set prices for their goods.


Shoe Store Franchise Business Idea

A Shoe Store Franchise is a type of retail business. The product it sells is shoes, and it offers a selection of name-brand and private-label shoes. A typical shoe store franchise has a variety of brands to choose from, such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Skechers, Clarks, New Balance, Birkenstock and Keds. The customer can buy from the entire range or just one brand.


Sports Franchise Business Idea

A sports franchise is usually an organization that owns or controls one or more professional sports teams. The holders of the franchise usually also own the stadium(s) in which the team plays.


Staffing Franchise Business Idea

A staffing franchise is a company that provides temporary or contract employment services to companies. They provide both skilled and unskilled workers to fill the needs of their customers. Companies that they serve may be looking for a temporary employee, a full-time employee, or a skilled worker to complete a project with set deadlines.


Unisex Salon Franchise Business Idea

A unisex salon franchise is a franchise that specializes in the cutting, styling, and coloring of men's and women's hair.


Vehicle Training Franchise Business Idea

Vehicle Training Franchises are companies that offer a vehicle training platform and then utilize local affiliates to deliver the service. These companies offer a variety of different vehicle training programs, such as driver's training, commercial driver training, and motorcycle safety courses.


Women Salon Franchise Business Idea

A Women's Salon Franchise is a company that sends hair stylists to primarily women homes and businesses. The hair stylist will typically provide a cut and style, and sometimes coloring. The company does not offer any other services such as manicures, facials, or waxing, which are offered by other beauty retailers.

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