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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

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46x Business Ideas For Writers

Business ideas for those who love to write...

You have a unique talent for writing that will bring you satisfaction, money, and personal fulfillment. There are plenty of opportunities out there for writers, including freelancing, book publishing, blogging, essay contests, journalism, scriptwriting, novella publishing, short story competitions...

Are you a writer? If so, don't let your work stay hidden in the pages of your daydreams!


Author Coach Business Idea

An Author Coach is a publishing industry professional who provides valuable knowledge and support to self-publishing authors. The Author Coach will provide valuable feedback about how to improve the content, which aspects are working well, are there any problems that need addressing, what the timeline for publishing should be, and how to set up your marketing plan. They can also help you understand the intricacies of the industry and give you insight into what it's like to be published.


Book Indexing Service Business Idea

Book Indexing Service is a service that indexes books for publishers, librarians, and others. They organize the index by subject, author, title, keywords, etc.


Business Plan Writer Business Idea

A Business Plan Writer is a person who takes a company's business ideas and data and converts it into a professional, well-organized document that can be used to attract investors or other stakeholders. The writer must have a background in finance as well as experience as an entrepreneur.


Business Proposal Writer Business Idea

A Business Proposal Writer is someone who writes letters applying for funds or loans. They write this letter to convince the recipient that the project is worth funding.


Case Study Writer Business Idea

A case study writer is the person who conducts the study and writes about it. The person creates questions for the participants to answer, collects the data, does the analysis, and writes up the findings.


Columnist Business Idea

A columnist is a person who writes about happenings in the world in a specific field. Columnists often write opinion pieces, which are articles that typically offer commentary and personal opinion on a subject. This type of writing is often used to inform readers, express values and opinions, or to entertain readers. The column may be offered by an organization as part of the news, or it may be written by a freelance writer for a publication.


Direct Mail Service Business Idea

A Direct Mail Service is a company which sends marketing materials to potential customers in order to promote their product. The materials may include postcards, flyers, letters, brochures, catalogs or other promotional material; typically this material is sent through the mail or courier.


Ecourse Creator Business Idea

An Ecourse Creator is an individual designer or company that creates custom Ecourses. The Ecourse Creator designs the content and provides a platform for students to participate in the course.


Essay And Project Writer Business Idea

An Essay and Project Writer is a writing resource that provides feedback on assignments from professional writers, editors, and tutors. It creates essays for students who are not confident in their writing abilities. The company also offers assistance with other coursework projects, such as book reports, research papers, term papers, PowerPoint presentations, resumes, personal statements, theses and dissertations.


Fact Checker Business Idea

A fact checker is a journalist or researcher who scrutinizes the veracity of the factual claims made in a text. Fact checkers are often paid to examine election-related materials, such as speeches, debates, and advertisements. In order to maintain their objectivity, it is important that they have no connections to the candidates or campaigns.


Fashion Columnist Business Idea

A fashion columnist is someone who reports on trends in the fashion industry. They typically write their columns for a media outlet like a newspaper, magazine or blog site. Some fashion columnists work for websites that offer clothing and other "fashion-related" products, but most people do not consider this to be the same job as they are not journalists. They may also be qualified as designers who create their own collections, store owners, personal shoppers, stylists, art directors or merchandisers.


Grant Writer Business Idea

A grant writer is someone who writes and submits proposals on behalf of non-profit organizations and charitable trusts for funding from granting agencies. Grants are usually given on condition that the funds be spent within a certain time frame on defined projects and that the project will not use more than a certain percentage of the granted amount.


Host Writing Workshops Business Idea

Hosting Writing Workshops is a service that helps writers of all levels, but especially those with little to no experience, be able to host their own writing workshops. It's often the first step for someone who wants to start teaching or coaching others about writing. The Trainer Academy features courses on how to host workshops and seminars.


Local News Reporter Business Idea

A Local News Reporter is a journalist who reports on local happenings, often for a broadcast station. Local News Reporters are sometimes referred to as "stringers" because they work with few resources and while traveling long distances. Their stories provide people with information about what is happening in their own communities which they might not otherwise hear about.


Magazine Publisher Business Idea

A magazine publisher is a company or individual who produces a magazine. They are often affiliated with a large publishing company, but some publishers are independent of these companies. The typical role of a magazine publisher is to make a profit from the publication's content and advertisers.


Medium Writer Business Idea

A "Medium Writer" is someone who can produce an article of academic prose that is so average in its quality that it could conceivably be read by a general audience.


Online Ad Creator Business Idea

An online ad creator is a tool that allows users to create an ad for a website. It usually consists of a menu of templates and a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to customize the layout of the ad while editing text and images. The major component that drives the success of the tool would be its ability to generate high quality results without requiring knowledge in graphic design or coding.


Own A Content Agency For Business Idea

A content agency is a company that produces written content for other companies. This usually falls under marketing which is any of the methods used to promote, build, and maintain customer relationships. The content agency will provide blog posts, videos, social media updates or anything else that an organization may need in order to reach its target market. The term itself derives from the Latin word contentus meaning full, satisfied, pleased which is what an organization wants their audience to feel after reading/watching their material.


Playwright Business Idea

A playwright is a type of a screenwriter, but only for the stage. Normally the work is written either in verse or prose and there are no limitations on what they can write about. They may be a writer who has written a manuscript which they would like to have produced as a stage play or as a filmmaker, they may direct or produce it themselves, or they may also employ others for this purpose.


PR Consulting Business Idea

Public relations consulting is a business that deals with the promotion of a client's image or brand. Public relations professionals work to shape public opinion of the client through various strategies. These strategies may include media relations, issues management, public speaking engagements, and events, among others.


Print Journalist Business Idea

A Print Journalist is a journalist who primarily produces texts for newspapers, magazines, and other print publications. Journalists for print media have to be strong journalists who can research information quickly, write well, and focus on the big picture.


Product Description Writer Business Idea

A product description writer is a person that writes for blogs, catalogs, or other promotional materials to tell consumers about the features and benefits of a given product. Product writers are often experts in the industry they write about. In general, they create compelling copy that is short, concise, and convincing.


Product Review Writer Business Idea

A product review writer is an individual who writes a product review, typically to promote the sale of a product. Product reviews are usually written in a journalistic format and contain a brief introduction, a summary of the author's experience with the product, and a conclusion about the author's opinion of the product.


Proofreader Business Idea

A proofreader is an individual who reads work to check for errors, such as spelling mistakes or incorrect grammar, which the author has not caught. Proofreaders are employed by many publishing companies and editors use their services to ensure that the published content is of high standard.


Public Relations Representative Business Idea

A Public Relations Representative is an individual who is responsible for managing the public image of a company, organization, or individual. PR Representatives are often journalists, photographers, event coordinators, and account executives. The common goal in this type of career is to effectively communicate the message that the client wishes to convey.


Quiz Writer Business Idea

A Quiz Writer is a person that creates quizzes. The most common form of quiz they create is a trivia quiz, which contains questions on a variety of topics. Trivia quizzes typically contain anywhere from 10-30 questions and are used to test knowledge in a certain subject or topic.


Researcher Business Idea

A researcher is someone who performs scientific experiments in order to collect data, which can then be used for academic writing or research. These researchers are usually affiliated with either a university or some other sort of research facility where they work with their lab assistants, also known as lab rats. Researchers are often employed by organizations like Google, Microsoft, and NASA.


Resume Writer Business Idea

A Resume Writer is an expert in helping people create resumes. They are specifically trained to help individuals who have little or no work experience, do not know how to write a resume or want to make a career change. The resume writer helps them identify skills and experiences, composing the perfect resume to present to prospective employers.


Screenwriter Business Idea

A screenwriter is the professional person who writes the dialogue for films. Screenwriters are hired by production companies to write scripts, but they are often also employed in other capacities within the film industry. For example, many screenwriters are editors, producers, or directors.


Self-Published Author Business Idea

A self-published author is an author who self-publishes their work. This route is often taken by authors who are not represented by a publishing company or are unable to find one.


Sell Blogging Guides Online

According to digital marketing expert Neil Patel, there are approximately one billion blogs on the internet - that is roughly one blog for every seven people on the planet. Needless to say, the online world is crowded but the reasons to start a blog are as apparent today as it was 10 years ago - content is king. But in the crowded digital age, ambitious new bloggers need to be able to differentiate themselves from the competition. 

Where is the best place to start? Which platform can I use to blog with? Which niche can I blog about? You have the opportunity, with this blogging niche online businesses for sale, to cater for the new blogger by providing answers to these burning questions. Who do you know who would love to start a blog and do it right? Sell them the solution…


SEM Business Idea

A SEM is a business that provides services in order to make online marketing efforts more effective. These businesses use data and analytics in order to monitor the performance of various advertising campaigns and optimize them to increase profitability.


Short Story Writer Business Idea

A Short Story Writer is someone who composes fictional narratives in prose, often in the form of short stories, vignettes, or flash fiction.


Songwriter Business Idea

A songwriter is a person who writes lyrics for songs. Songwriters can be from multiple genres, including pop, rap, country, and rock. They may also write the music for their lyrics. In order to be successful as a songwriter, it mostly depends on the amount of time that they spend polishing their work to make sure that it's going to sound high quality.


Speech Writer Business Idea

A speech writer is a professional who prepares speeches for elected officials, executives, and other public figures. They also maintain a client's public image by attending to the media and providing the client with contact information of reporters and columnists. The responsibilities of a speech writer vary depending on what position they are in.


Story Blogger Business Idea

A Story Blogger is an author on the internet who creates collections of narratives on a topic. These stories are often based off of first-hand experience, interviews, and research, and are an intimate portrait of the lives of people who live in neighborhoods most people would otherwise never visit.


Storyboard Creator Business Idea

The Storyboard Creator is an online tool that offers users an easy way to create storyboards for their film concept, with accompanying frames and panels. They can set the frame orientation, frame size, frame border width, frame border color, frame margin size, and panel spacing. Users can import photos or use inbuilt icons for scene types like dialogue, action or soundtrack.


Transcriber Business Idea

A transcriber is someone who transcribes audio or video recordings. A transcriber typically listens to the recording while typing what they hear, while listening for any long pauses where there might be a break in the transcription for editing purposes. Transcribers often work freelance and can do audio or video type of transcription work.


Translator Business Idea

A translator is someone who translates material from one language to another. The term is often applied to bilingual (or multilingual) people who translate for others, but the term can also refer to software that carries out automatic translation, or to the person responsible for this function in an organization.


Travel Writer Business Idea

Travel writers are typically journalists who write articles about travel destinations for major newspapers and magazines. They are usually hired to cover a particular region of the world, to which they then often base themselves.


Video Producer Business Idea

A video producer is a person who creates video content. The video content can be commercials, film, documentaries, or any other form of visual media. Video producers are an integral part of the production process because they have to work with many different departments that contribute to the project from editing, to sound mixing, to graphic design and more.


Website Editor Business Idea

A Web Editor is a person who can create webpages that are easy to use and attractive. A Web Editor typically creates the content for the website, plans a strategy for design and promotion, develops a layout plan, and implements the design. Website Editors often work closely with designers to coordinate the overall product.

Write Book Jacket Blurbs Business Idea

The Write Book Jacket Blurb is the short summary of the book, usually found on the back cover or inside flap. The purpose of this text is to entice readers into purchasing and reading the book. Short, informative sentences are used to describe both the plot and main characters in a concise manner, drawing in readers with descriptions that create an image in their minds.


Write Publicity Releases Business Idea

A publicity release is an announcement that provides information about a person, company, organization, or item to the media. It is usually given to members of the press in order to prompt them to write an article about something.


Writing Workshop Teacher Business Idea

A Writing Workshop Teacher is someone who facilitates writing workshops for students. For instance, the teacher may organize the workshop's format, create a list of discussion topics, and provide grading rubrics to help students learn how to self-assess their own work.


Zine Creator Business Idea

A zine creator is an individual who exercises originality and creativity in the modern culture of self-publishing. A person who identifies as a zine creator typically assembles, prints, edits, and distributes their own publication that is typically photocopied or printed at small local print shops. They are not limited to one form or genre of writing; they can create erotica, poetry, photography, comic strips, essays on social justice issues, and more.

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