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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

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47x Brick And Mortar Business Ideas

The Best Offline Business Ideas...

For entrepreneurs who want to start a new business offline, there are a few important things to consider before you take the leap. First, you'll need to find a good location for your business. In addition, figure out what type of product or service you want to offer and how it will be different from your competitors. Do your research when it comes to branding so that you can come up with a name and logo that sticks out in a crowd.


Amusement Parks Business Idea

A general definition of an amusement park is an entertainment center with rides, games, and other attractions. Amusement Parks are often very popular attractions for people of all ages to enjoy. They typically have many options for entertainment, such as rides, games, and even live shows. Amusement parks also often have food stands where patrons can purchase snacks.


Antique Instrument Business Idea

A company that specializes in the sale of antique instruments is called an "antique instrument business." Instruments are the physical object that people will use to produce sounds. The sound is created by plucking, blowing, rubbing, or striking the instrument to create vibrations. These vibrations are then picked up and amplified by either a microphone or one or more speakers (depending on the type of instrument). This antique instrument business has a variety of different instruments for sale.


Artisan Donut Shop Business Idea

The Artisan Donut Shop offers a healthy alternative to sugary doughnuts that many people might overly indulge in such as the Krispy Kreme. The store offers vegan and gluten-free options as well as low-sugar and organic doughnuts for those who prefer a less decadent treat. There are also doughnut flavors like strawberry cheesecake, Nutella, and pink lemonade.


Backyard Plant Nursery Business Idea

A Backyard Plant Nursery is a company that offers plants for sale to the general public. They typically sell plants at wholesale prices, and are restricted by the type of plants they can offer. A Backyard Plant Nursery often will not have any type of license or qualifications, which could make the products less safe for individual use.


Balloon Shop Business Idea

A Balloon Shop is a business that sells balloons. They are often used as decorations. The most common type of balloon sold by these shops are made of latex and filled with helium gas. Balloons can be custom-designed for special occasions, such as weddings or birthdays. Balloons can be tied to each other to make an archway (a "bouquet" of balloons) over doorways, pathways, entrances, or windows to make a space appear more festive.


Bed And Mattress Business Idea

The bed and mattress business is a business that sells beds and mattress for the purpose of sleeping. It is usually located in residential neighborhoods, while hotels sometimes sell them as well. The modern-day bed and mattress business has changed dramatically over time, with new innovations such as memory foam mattresses, but still maintains some of the same original practices such as installing the furniture on the customer's property.


Bento Box Shop Business Idea

The term "bento box" is a Japanese word that means “box lunch”. A bento box meal is a meal made from the art of portion control, as it includes a main dish as well as rice or noodles and vegetables. In Japan, bento boxes are usually prepared by mothers for their children to take to school or work. However, in recent years, more and more people outside of Japan have been enjoying this dish as well.


Board Game Business Idea

The Board Game Business is a business that deals in the buying and selling of board games. It can be sold to stores, for resale to consumers, or to other businesses. The Board Game Business also deals with making games and distributing them to different markets. The Board Game Business offers a wide range of products such as cards, dice, and game boards.


Book Store Business Idea

A book store is a retail shop that mainly sells books. It is a popular destination for book enthusiasts, and in the past decade, the market has been changing in response to online retailers such as Bookstores have taken many steps to remain relevant in the current market by hosting author signings, special programs, and events which can't be found elsewhere.


Bridal Gowns And Accessories Business Idea

A Bridal Gowns store is a business that sells dresses to brides. They are often an off-shoot of larger retail shops, known for their selection of dress styles and colors, as well as other popular wedding attire. This type of store often employs an in-store seamstress who helps customers fit the dress, and also helps them find the perfect accessories to go with it.


Butcher Shop Business Idea

Small family butchering shops can operate out of a leased site and have very little inventory. A butcher shop business may focus on a specific meat niche. For example, a butcher might specialize in beef or pork, or offer all meats. Some butchers also sell wild game such as venison.


Candy Shop Business Idea

A candy shop is a store that offers confectionery of different varieties. While usually associated with sweet treats, they can also offer other items such as coffee. The most popular example is the famous Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory in Roald Dahl's book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Canned Goods Seller Business Idea

A canned goods seller is not just someone who sells food in cans anymore. It's about the way you sell the cans. You have to get people to buy your product because they can't get it anywhere else. American consumers are becoming more "canned" these days, but that doesn't mean you're out of luck. You just need to know how to sell them on your goods.


Convenience Store Business Idea

In today's society, convenience stores have become a necessity for the modern-day consumer. Typically, they are stocked with food and household goods, as well as a variety of other items, such as toiletries. These types of businesses typically offer a number of services, including money orders and ATM transactions, while some may even offer banking services.


Cosmetic Store Business Idea

The cosmetic store business is an extremely profitable industry that offers plenty of opportunities for growth to potential entrepreneurs. Known as one of the largest segments within the retail market, this industry has shown strong sales in the past year, with projections for steady growth to continue. Cosmetic stores often offer a variety of products including makeup, skin care items, hair products and haircare items.


Sell Digital 'Beauty' Ebooks/Guides Online

Did you know that according to Forbes, the beauty and cosmetics industry is worth $532 Billion expecting to rise to $800 Billion by 2023? That is a huge industry with incredible growth foreseen. What’s more, currently women in the USA spend an average of $3000 on cosmetics every year. But when it comes to the individual, knowledge is needed for women to look their best. The process isn’t as simple as buying any old thing from the makeup isle. Each complexion is unique and different skin types react to certain products. The beauty niche therefore isn’t simply a ‘product only’ industry as the end user needs to have a considerable amount of knowledge to be able to find and apply the best, most suited products for the consumer to feel fantastic.

The solution lies in supplying immediately accessible information about beauty in the form of an ebook - or nine ebooks to be more precise. You, this beauty online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can supply guides about fashion, skin care, makeup and anti-ageing. Who do you know who would like beauty tips and advice? Sell them the solution…


Costume Business Idea

The costume business is a common name given to what we call the theatrical and film costume industry. This industry often includes the design, manufacture, and sale of theater and film costumes. The costume business also includes all other aspects of the trade such as renting to theater and film companies, tailoring for both retail and wholesale clients, manufacturing custom clothing such as prom dresses, bridal gowns, prom tuxedos etc.


Cupcakes Shop Business Idea

A bakery that specializes in cupcakes, is a business of making and selling cupcakes. The bakery may sell cupcakes wholesale to other bakeries or businesses, or it may sell them retail, directly to consumers. Many bakeries start with one product type, but might expand their inventory depending on the customer's tastes.


Discount Home Furnishings And Home Decor Business Idea

Modern home furnishings and home decor is a holistic way of bringing together the furniture, trims, finishes, accessories and decorative items that create a warm and welcoming space for people to live in. There are many different styles of decorations from traditional to modern that can be incorporated into a space depending on the needs and preference of the homeowners or renters.


Eco-Friendly Toy Business Idea

Many people want to do their part and be eco-friendly and so they find themselves looking for new and inventive ways to go green. One of the most popular ways is recycling and reusing items until they cannot be used anymore, but one of the newest ways is to buy eco-friendly toys. Eco-friendly toys are made with recyclable materials that will not harm the environment as much as other materials would.


Fabric Alteration Business Idea

A fabric alteration business is a store that does alterations on clothes. They can hem a dress, change a sleeve length, or take in a waist. Fabric alteration businesses often have customers send their clothes to the store to be altered and then picked up when complete. This type of business relies heavily on customer service skills and good communication with clients to ensure that the customer leaves with the desired outcome of their visit.


Flower Shop Business Idea

Imagine you're writing a business plan and the reader is someone who has no idea about flowers. A flower shop is a retail store that sells flowers and related products, such as floral arrangements and vases, for home use or for commercial purposes. The customer base of this company will be people who want to make their homes more beautiful with flowers. The company will offer a broad selection of flowers, plants, and other floral merchandise to help serve customers in different socioeconomic groups.


Sell Digital Gardening Guides Online

The average US household spends $503 a year on gardening, according to Garden Research. The entire gardening industry is worth over $47.8 Billion. People like to garden and want to know how to get started or improve their gardening skills. But the activity of gardening can be overwhelming - it is a topic which consists of a number of disciplines and requires a great deal of knowledge. Where do you start?

The solution would be for you to offer a range of 7x gardening ebooks. You, this gardening online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people get into gardening, grow herbs, grow vegetables and even grow a perfect garden to attract butterflies. Who do you know who wants to grow a garden to be proud of? Sell them the solution…


Gas Station Business Idea

A gas station is an establishment that sells gasoline and automobile fuel to the public. A gas station is a facility that provides motor vehicle fuel for automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles. The facility stocks a variety of fuels such as gasoline, diesel, ethanol, LPG (propane), and others. A typical filling station will have a convenience store with food items, car supplies such as maps and air fresheners, and beer.


General Merchandise Business Idea

General merchandise is a category of goods that includes food and beverages, health and beauty items, electronics, clothing, furniture, and automobiles. The term encompasses a large number of different product categories.


High-End Retailers Business Idea

Retailers that offer the highest end products typically offer luxury goods and services. These retailers offer a variety of items such as clothing, furniture, jewelry, and electronics. These retailers often cater to those with higher incomes and those with more sophisticated tastes. These stores can be found in shopping malls as well as outside of them. When it comes to this type of retail store, shoppers should keep their budget in mind as there is no shortage of designer items that come at a steep price.


Hair Extensions Business Idea

Hair extension business is a booming industry and many people are looking for ways to be self-employed. The main purpose of this industry is to provide an extended length or volume to hair, using individual strands or groups of hair, by attaching them along the natural hairline. One problem with hair extensions is that they can create a sharp line in the hair when it reaches a certain length, which makes it difficult to blend the two lengths of hair together.


Healthy Bake Shop Business Idea

The Healthy Bake Shop is a bakery that specializes in gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan baking. They have all the regular classics such as cookies and pastries, but they also have a variety of newer items such as pumpkin pie made with coconut milk instead of cow's milk. Their menu has a plethora of options for people who have dietary restrictions or sensitivities to gluten or sugar.


Holiday Pop-Up Shop Business Idea

The Holiday Pop-Up Shop is a temporary store that has an assortment of holiday paraphernalia for people to purchase. The store offers the customer the opportunity to browse, ask questions about items, and even buy without having to go into a department store. The store also provides an opportunity for people who may not be able to afford it or live near one of their stores to get what they need.


Home Brewing Supply Shop Business Idea

Brewing beer at home has become popular in recent years, and craft-crazy homebrewers are always looking for ways to improve their process. However, the industry doesn't come with many options for supplies; most stores offer less than 100 items. Homebrew shops, like The Homebrewer's Emporium, provide a welcoming environment for any brewing enthusiast with knowledgeable staff members and plenty of options for equipment, ingredients, local brews, books on beer styles and techniques.


Lighting Store Business Idea

The store is a one-stop shop for all of your lighting needs. We offer a wide selection of light fixtures including lamps, chandeliers, and ceiling fans. Our experienced staff is on-hand to help you choose the perfect type of light fixture for your unique space. Lighting plays a huge role in defining a space and can make a room warmer or more inviting.


Masonry & Paving For Homeowners Business Idea

Masonry is the craft of working with cement, lime, and other materials to create structures like houses. Paving is the practice of covering surfaces with crushed stone or pavement. Masonry and paving are usually the first steps taken in creating a foundation for a home.


Massage Therapist Business Idea

A massage therapist is a healthcare professional who provides therapeutic bodywork for individuals to improve their health. Massage therapists are usually self-employed or work in clinics, spas, or salons. The therapist typically selects an area that needs attention and then applies pressure to it with the use of hands. Massage therapy has many benefits including improving sleep quality, reducing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, relieving chronic pain and improving sports performance.


Men's Suits Business Idea

A menswear store is an establishment that specializes in the sale of suits, men's casual clothing, and other men's accessories. Men need to have a variety of outfits so they can be prepared for any occasion. Men suits are tailored to suit the body type of the person wearing it, which means that there is not one style that will suit every person. A wide variety of colors and fabric choices are available at most stores.


Pet Shelter Business Idea

A pet shelter is a facility that provides safe shelter and food to homeless animals, as well as help for those who want to adopt them. The shelters serve as temporary homes for the lost or abandoned pets until they are adopted by new owners. They provide food and water to those who come in, as well as medical care and veterinary treatment to those who need it.


Sell Digital Dog Books Online

The American Pet Products Association state that 2020 saw $1 billion spent on dogs in the US alone. The pet industry is huge, and non more so than the dog product industry: 42.7 million households in the US contain cats, whereas 63.4 million households accommodate dogs. But for the millions of people who adopt a new four legged best friend, it can be a daunting time. How often does a dog need to be fed? How do I teach it to sit? What do I even call it?…

The solution would be to sell the ultimate dog guide, full of info about caring for (and naming) a dog. This dog online business for sale comes with an ebook for you to sell to new dog lovers, to make sure they get the professional information required. Adopt this business today, and with our marketing resources and support, you can help dog owners with looking after their new best friends. How many people do you know who wants a dog? Sell them the solution… 


Print Shop Business Idea

Print shops are businesses that sell printing equipment and services to customers, both for business and personal use. Print shops can offer a variety of printing options, such as offset (composed of ink transferred from the plate to the paper surface), electrophotographic (composed of an electric charge applied to the paper which attracts toner powder) or digital. Printing Services is generally used by print shops for their own marketing materials, but sometimes they will offer it as a service to customers too.


Private School Business Idea

Private schools are institutions that provide a formal and systematic course of instruction and study in academic subjects and vocational and technical skills. Private schools may be affiliated with the church, a group of parents, or individual entrepreneurs. Private school is also divided into private elementary school, private secondary school, private college preparatory school, private boarding school, and many more.


Scrapbooker Business Idea

Scrapbookers are creative people who create creative scrapbooks by collecting and organizing their creative memories to share with others. Scrapbooks can be made from any material such as paper, fabric, photos, and memorabilia. There are many different creative embellishments such as stamps, stickers, and papers that can be used to customize a scrapbook.


Sporting Goods Store Business Idea

A sporting goods store is a retail store where sports-related equipment, apparel, and other merchandise are sold. Sporting goods stores usually carry merchandize for diverse sporting interests like fishing, scuba diving, golfing, skiing, running, cycling, exercise machines (i.e. ellipticals), etc.


Staffing Agency Business Idea

A staffing agency is an organization that offers temporary or contract work to individuals in different industries. A staffing agency will match their clients with the appropriate employee, provide direction and assistance in the process of employment, and handle any employment related matters. They often act as consultants for their clients when it comes to hiring decisions.


Tattoo Business Business Idea

The tattoo business is booming, with the most recent statistics estimating over one million people in the United States alone. The industry has multiplied exponentially in recent decades due to trends like hip hop culture, tattoos as a symbol of rebellion, and tattoos as a fashion statement for celebrities like Katie Holmes and Ashton Kutcher. This demand creates an opportunity for tattoo artists to excel creatively through their work, but also puts them at risk of developing health problems like skin infections or allergic reactions.


Vinyl Record Shop Business Idea

Record stores are the mecca for music lovers. Vinyl records are nothing new, they have been around since the turn of the century. The store might not be too big, but it packs a punch with its wide variety of albums. They sell both new and old albums, and they do live performances too!


Waxing Studio Business Idea

A waxing studio is a place where people can go to get their body hair removed with hot wax for various purposes, such as removing unwanted hair on the legs. This is often done after shaving has caused irritation or ingrown hairs. The process of hot waxing takes longer than shaving, but it results in smoother skin and less irritation because there is no need to use an exfoliating product like soap afterwards.


Workwear Retailer Business Idea

A workwear retailer, also known as a work clothing retailer, is a company that primarily sells clothing and accessories for people in the working-class. Workwear retailers typically sell items such as boots, hats, aprons, and coveralls that allow workers to dress appropriately for their job type. One such retail store is Dickies who has been manufacturing and selling work clothes since 1922.


Zoo Business Idea

The zoo is a place where people can see animals that are not in their natural environment. There are many different types of zoos, from those with only a few animal species to those with thousands of different species. Zoos often have exhibits to show how these animals live and interact in the wild. Some zoos also promote conservation efforts for endangered species and focus on educating the public about these efforts.

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