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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

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44x Beverage Based Business Ideas

Business ideas in the beverage industry... 

At a time when the world is watching the price of everything rise, one thing that has remained a constant is our love for a drink. Whether it's coffee, iced tea, lemonade, or juice, we find ourselves seeking it out more and more as we become increasingly aware of how much money we're spending to simply exist in an environment where the amenities are so readily available. As such, there is no better time than now to start your own beverage company.


Bubble Tea Business Idea

Bubble tea, which is more commonly known as boba milk tea in some parts of the world, is a Taiwanese style drink consisting of sweetened iced or hot black or green tea and chewy tapioca balls. These tapioca balls are created from tapioca starch, sugar, salt, and water. The tapioca spheres are boiled with syrup to create the soft ball that can be used for bubble tea.


Ca Phe Trung Business Idea

Ca phe trung is a Vietnamese iced coffee made by pulling espresso shots over ice. The iced coffee is mixed with sweetened condensed milk and ice before finishing with sweetened condensed milk on top. Ca phe trung is served in small glasses that are sampled by drinking out of the glass, then pouring back into the glass.


Calpis Business Idea

Calpis is a Japanese beverage that has been produced for over 100 years. Calpis is a soft drink that contains milk, maltose, and soybean extract, and it contains 0% alcohol. The company also produces a clear drink called Calpico White Pearl. This drink is made from the same ingredients as the Calpis drink but does not contain milk or cream.


Cider And Craft Beers Business Idea

Cider is the process of making apple juice, which is fermented to form alcohol. Craft beer is a type of beer that relies on craftsmanship, generally following traditional methods. This style of beer has seen an increase in United States breweries over the past decade. The demand for craft products has increased dramatically because drinkers are tired of drinking macrobrews, or mass-produced beers that are often made with adjuncts like corn syrup.


Selling Cocktails Digital Books as Business Idea

According to Market Data Forecast, the global market value of the cocktail industry in 2020 was $86 million and is estimated to reach $1.5 billion by 2025. That is a huge increase. A driving force of this growth has been a global increase in living standards. Not only that, but new innovations such as canned and frozen cocktails means alcohol concoctions have made their way into our homes. No longer just a treat on a Friday or Saturday evening it seems?

However, nothing can really replace the extravagance and flair of self-made cocktails - especially around friends and family. You, this cocktails online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can cater to people who have been influenced by this cocktail boom by educating them how to make their favourite cocktail assortments with a series of guides. Who do you know who would love to through a cocktail party? Sell them the solution…


Coconut Sari Beverage Business Idea

Coconut Sari is a beverage business that incorporates coconut water into its product line. Coconuts have been a mainstay of many cultures for centuries and their health benefits are now finally coming to fruition in the medical community. Coconut trees grow plentifully in tropical climates and can provide a stable source of income for families living on those lands.


Coffee Packaging Beverage Business Idea

A coffee packaging beverage business is the act of selling coffee in pre-packaged packets that are made for individual consumers. The company runs their own cafes, maintains their own distribution network, and may even roast the beans themselves. It is not uncommon for these businesses to provide an assortment of different types of coffee in order to accommodate different tastes.


Cold Pressed Juices And Shots Business Idea

Cold-pressed juices and shots are a great, healthy alternative to more sugary drinks. In the process of cold-pressing, the juice is squeezed from produce with a hydraulic press. The juice is then bottled and finished with a natural sweetener such as honey or pure maple syrup. Cold-pressed juices and shots are a raw form of drink containing all the vitamins and minerals found in fresh fruits and vegetables.


Drinking Accessories Business Idea

A Drinking Accessory is a device that is utilized to aid in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The most common drinking accessory is a straw, which aids in the consumption of alcoholic mixed drinks and cocktails by reducing the amount of alcohol a person has to drink.


Drinking Water Bottled Business Idea

A drinking water bottled business is a company that sells purified water in bottles. They can be found in grocery stores, corner stores, and even vending machines. Any person looking to stay hydrated can purchase a bottle of water for a reasonable price. Most people have never questioned the safety of drinking from plastic bottles, but there are some concerns. The FDA has approved food-grade plastics as safe for use as long as they do not contain harmful substances such as lead or phthalates.


English Tea Classics Business Idea

A cup of English Tea Classics is a standard breakfast beverage, though it can also be served in the afternoon. It's delicate but flavorful, smooth but bold. The leaves are harvested from the same tea plants that grow in China and India. They're then processed to create a black tea with a slightly more "nutty" flavor than most other varieties.


Flavoured Nut Milks Business Idea

The Flavoured Nut Milks Selling is a type of milk product that has been produced with the use of flavouring so as to give it a more popular flavour. This is done by mixing together natural ingredients in order to produce an edible delight. There are many different flavours available so you are bound to find something that will suit your palate.


Fruit Juice Packaging Beverage Business Idea

The packaging of fruit juice is an extremely important aspect in determining the quality and freshness of the drink. The packaging of fruit juices has numerous purposes, one of them being to keep the water-based liquid safe from bacteria and microorganisms. The most common materials for packaging fruit juice are glass containers with plastic-coated metal lids.


Fruit Smoothies Business Idea

A fruit smoothie is a drink made of blended fruit and juice, containing no dairy products. Fruit smoothies are typically served as part of breakfast or as a refreshment. They can be prepared by combining the ingredients in a blender, food processor, or juicer, depending on the type of appliance available. The key to making an excellent fruit smoothie is to use ripe produce with the exception of bananas.


Fruit Sodas Business Idea

Fruit sodas are not really fruit juices and they do not use any fruit juice. Fruit flavored sodas typically contain artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup.


Ginger Beer Business Idea

A Ginger Beer is a carbonated non-alcoholic beverage made from ginger, sugar, and yeast. Past the pre-chilling stage, a mixture of water, sugar, and yeast will be stirred to activate the yeast's fermentation process. The fermentation process allows the natural sugars in the yeast to convert into alcohol and CO2. When it comes time to finish off your drink you can either carbonate it with a gas tank or just keep it at room temperature flat.


Healthy Milkshakes Business Idea

A healthy milkshakes are beverages in which one or more of the following ingredients are in liquid form: milk, fruit, sugar, ice cream. A dietetic food made with regular milk is also known as a "milkshake". A shake can be regular or sweetened. Sweet milkshakes usually contain clear liquids like fruit juice, iced tea, coffee, and flavored syrup. Regular shakes always have regular milk in them.


Herbal Drink Packaging Business Idea

Herbal drink packaging businesses design and create containers which contain drinks. These may be cans, bottles, or even growlers. The drink container is an important component of a drink package because they must be able to contain the product without leaking. They also must have a label that displays the company’s logo or design as well as any nutritional information about the bottle. Herbs may come in powdered form that are then mixed with water to create the beverage consumers enjoy drinking.


Herbal Teas Business Idea

Herbal tea is a beverage made by steeping the leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, or other plant material in boiling water. Traditionally these are used to flavor the water and make it more palatable. Herbal tea can come from any herb or floral plant.


Hot Spiced Juices Business Idea

A Hot Spiced Juices is a traditional drink that is made up of the basic ingredients of ginger, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and black pepper. The Hot Spiced Juices are usually served at the ending of any meal.


Kefir Packaging Beverage Business Idea

A kefir packaging beverage business is a company that manufactures and/or sells the fermented milk drink. The company would have to have employees that produce the beverages, distribute them to retailers, and market the product to customers. It also needs production equipment, delivery vehicles, and office space where employees can work.


Kombucha Business Idea

Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been produced by fermenting black or green tea with the bacteria and yeast, which produces acetic and other organic acids. The process also multiplies the number of B-vitamins, glucuronic acid, and other nutrients such as amino acids and polyphenols.


Licuado Business Idea

A Licuado is a Mexican drink made from fresh fruit, milk, and ice. A licuado can be made from many different types of fruit such as bananas, oranges, mangos, peaches, strawberries, or pineapples. The type of milk that is used for this type of drink can vary depending on the type of licuado types. However it is most commonly rice milk.


Limoncello Business Idea

Limoncello is a sweet, lemon-flavored Italian liqueur that is typically served chilled. It is traditionally made with grain alcohol, sugar, and lemon zest. Limoncello is the traditional drink served to guests after dinner. 

Limoncello can be served on its own or diluted with water or sparkling white wine into a light after-dinner drink called tremiti.


Liquor Delivery Business Idea

A liquor delivery business, also known as a booze truck, is a service that delivers alcohol to customers. The purpose of this business is to allow people to buy alcohol without having to drive to the store. Liquor delivery services include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


Masala Chai Business Idea

Masala Chai is a popular drink made of black tea, water, and a mixture of spices and herbs. It originated in India and is now served around the world. The exact composition of the Masala Chai is up for debate as no two people seem to agree on how it should be made.


Matcha Lattes Business Idea

A matcha latte is a type of java in which a specific type of green tea powder called matcha is stirred in to a hot, frothy milk. Matcha coffee makes use of the whole leaf of the plant instead of grinding it down to produce a powder, so it contains more caffeine than many other forms of coffee. Achieving the perfect froth for this drink can be challenging if one does not have the right kind of milk steamer.


Mulled Wine Business Idea

A mulled wine is a drink that is made by heating up red or white wine with additional ingredients like cinnamon sticks, cloves, ginger, sugar and other spices. The warming process allows the aromatics to be more prominent in the drink.


Nootropic Drinks Business Idea

Nootropic drinks are classified as a dietary supplement drink. They are typically composed of a combination of vitamins and herbs, with the most notable being Bacopa monnieri. Nootropics have been widely studied in clinical trials to find any potential benefits to the drinker.


Pure Milk Packaging Beverage Business Idea

The pure milk packaging is made of isoprene which is a synthetic rubber. The pure milk packaging is designed to ensure that the shelf life is long and the product stays fresh. The pure milk packaging reduces oxygen transfer so that the perishables are kept fresh for longer periods of time.


Sangria Business Idea

Sangria is a drink that can be made with a variety of wine, fruit juices, and sometimes other alcohol. Sangria originated in the Andalusian region in Spain. It is usually served cold in a pitcher or carafe, and is traditionally made by adding red wine to a mixture of fruit juice, sugar, and ice cubes. The punch was originally made with wine from Rioja or Jerez.


Sell Digital Wine Guides Online

The USA produces over 800 million gallons of wine a year, according to Statista, and that only accounts for 9% of the world’s total wine production! But knowing about wine seems like a specialist subject which takes a long time to study and master. Whilst there are 4 levels of professional sommelier qualification, wine is a topic whereby a little knowledge goes a long way. But how exactly can you separate your pinots from your chardonnays? 

The solution would be for you to offer a series of complete wine guides to help people get properly acquainted with wine tasting. You, this wine online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people learn about the varieties of wine. Who do you know who wants to know more about wine? Sell them the solution…


Soft Drink Mocktails Business Idea

A soda water with lime juice and sugar is used to mix up a non-alcoholic drink called a mocktail. This drink often contains both fruit juice and ginger ale. The combination of citrus and spicy drinks creates a perfect drink for those who can't consume alcohol due to age, health reasons, or religious reasons.


Syrup Packaging Beverage Business Idea

The syrup packaging business is an international manufacturer that supplies other manufacturers with syrup packages. Syrup comes in various forms to be used in the production of sugary products. The package sizes are typically small, medium, and large. The material type for the package is typically plastic. This company focuses on keeping the product fresh throughout the process of packaging.


Tea Packaging Beverage Business Idea

Tea packaging is the process of designing and implementing a plan to transport tea from producer to consumer. This includes the design of the tea bag, tea box, or tea canister. The design is meant to be environmentally friendly and include information about where the product was sourced, what type of tea it is, how it should be brewed, and other details.


Teh Tarik Business Idea

Teh Tarik is a Malaysian iced tea drink that consists of teh tarik and condensed milk. The consistency of this drink is thin and milky. The process to make Teh Tarik is to put the tea powder in a pitcher, add water, pour it out, add more water and then add ice cubes. The next step is adding the condensed milk.


Thai Iced Tea Business Idea

A Thai Iced Tea is a sweet and creamy drink that is often served as an afternoon or evening tea in Asia. The drink includes black tea, sugar, and evaporated milk. To make the drink, the ingredients are boiled together and then cooled before being poured over ice cubes to form a base for the rest of the recipe.


To-Go Cocktails Business Idea

A to-go cocktail is a single-serving drink in a plastic container, usually the size of a drink from a soda fountain. The containers are typically sealed with a screw-on lid and a carrying loop. As the term suggests, they are meant for consumption on the go, either outside or inside establishments that don't have bar service.


Turkish Coffee Business Idea

Turkish coffee is a variation on the popular Arabic and Middle Eastern coffee drink. It differs from its more popular counterpart in that it is made without boiling water and uses finely ground beans, instead of the traditional coarse grind found in Arabic and Middle Eastern coffee. It also includes chicory, which is not found in Arabic or Middle Eastern varieties. The drink has a dark color and must be served very hot (steaming hot).


Vietnamese Coffee Business Idea

Vietnamese coffee are often made with a Vietnamese drip filter, which is a wide-bottomed cylindrical vessel made of either metal or clay. The filter is placed over the top of the coffee cup to be filled with hot water, then fitted into its lower section and drained into the cup.


Weight Loss Drinks Business Idea

A Weight Loss Drinks Business is a business that provides nutritional drinks to help people lose weight. The beverages are often marketed for their specific ingredients, such as Acai Berry Extract. They are available in many different flavors and sizes to suit the needs of the customer.


Whiskey Tasting Business Idea

A whiskey tasting business is a type of establishment which offers a range of alcoholic beverages, typically whiskeys, to patrons, often in an informal setting. The history of whiskey tasting businesses can be traced back to the 1860s when Europeans first began going to the Americas and being exposed to new drink types. In order to differentiate themselves from one another, breweries began creating varieties that were unique from the already popular beers and wines.


Yakult Inspired Drinks Business Idea

A Yakult Inspired Drinks or simply yakult, is a brand of probiotic drink originally from Japan. The company’s name comes from a mythological creature, the Yakkuru which is said to have been half cow and half fish. Yakult drinks are typically sold in two versions: the original cold type and the canned soft type.


Yogurt Packaging Beverage Business Idea

Traditional Yogurt Packaging Beverage Business Ideas will sometimes offer yogurt in the store and sell it on a self-serve basis. The yogurt is available in different flavors such as raspberry, coconut, and blueberry. There are usually toppings such as fresh fruit, granola, honey, and more that can be added to the yogurt as desired by the customer. Many times this type of business also sells drinks such as coffee or tea alongside their yogurt offerings!

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