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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

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69x Best Consultant Business Ideas To Startup Today

Consultant business ideas: Helping others is the best way we can help ourselves 

There are many reasons why starting a business as a consultant is good. Being your own boss allows you to set your own hours, work on what you are passionate about, and have the freedom to go after new opportunities as they present themselves.

In a world where businesses are trying to find new ways to remain competitive, it is important to think outside of the box and look at their industry from a different perspective. The consultant industry has been around for decades, but with the invention of new technology, consulting firms have been able to do more by working less. These new innovations have allowed consultants to increase their revenue without increasing the work they put in...


Agricultural Consultant Business Idea

An agricultural consultant business is a company providing specialized advice to farmers on agricultural techniques. Such techniques are often expensive, time consuming, and require deep knowledge of the particular crops being grown which are not easily learned or acquired. As such, consulting firms are employed by farmers at certain stages in their production process. The cost of these consultations varies depending on the level of expertise required for each technique.


Air Quality Consultant Business Idea

A person that has knowledge in the field of air quality and is in charge of helping the management in a company to control and maintain the air quality levels.


Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Consultant Business Idea

Blockchain technology is a type of networked digital ledger which serves as a record of digital transactions. Distributed to the nodes in the network, it provides protection against intrusion and revision. The security of the blockchain system is enhanced by the use of cryptography; for each block that is created, its data is encrypted before it is added to an archive.


Blog Consultant Business Idea

A blog consultant business is one that provides blog-related services to clients. Blog consultants can provide ad hoc consulting, for a one-time fee. They may also offer a monthly retainer for an individual or company's blogging needs, which can include writing new content, monitoring comments, and providing advice on social media strategies.


Bookkeeping Consultant Business Idea

A Bookkeeping Consultant is a professional with extensive experience in the field of bookkeeping and financial record keeping. They work with business owners, small business owners, and entrepreneurs who have just started their company to offer advice on how to manage their finances and help them understand which accounting practices they want to implement for their company. A Bookkeeping Consultant also helps companies with payroll, bookkeeping tasks, tax preparation, reporting necessities, and so on.


Business Improvement Consultant Business Idea

A business improvement consultant is someone who assists businesses in improving their operational, managerial, and financial performance. Consultants often specialize in certain sectors of the business world, such as manufacturing or e-commerce, and this specialization provides them with invaluable insight into these particular segments of the marketplace, which enables them to provide their clients with the best possible solutions for improving their businesses.


Business Management Consultant Business Idea

A business management consultant is someone who assists companies in improving their operations. Companies may hire a consultant when they are experiencing a problem or if they want to improve a certain area of their business. The consultant will study the company's needs and environment, and work with the company to find solutions. Consultants can provide assistance with any number of business functions, such as product development, marketing, human resources, or budgeting.


Business Plan Consultant Business Idea

A business plan consultant is a person who acts as a consultant to businesses that are looking to start up or grow their company. A business plan consultant will assess the strengths and weaknesses of a business, create a strategy for how it should be managed, and create a sound financial model for the future.


Business Startup Consultant Business Idea

A business startup consultant is a professional who advises and guides new and existing businesses in the startup process. The consultant will assess company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to create a roadmap to success. This person will also offer feedback on business idea concepts, such as financial feasibility.


Clothing Or Wardrobe Consultant Business Idea

A Clothing or Wardrobe Consultant is someone who advises customers on the purchase of clothing. Generally, these consultants are experienced in fashion and have studied aspects of color theory, sizing, fit, and other aspects that are integral to the sale of clothes.


Cloud Migration Consultant Business Idea

Cloud migration consultants are individuals that have a deep knowledge of migrating information from one system to another. Cloud migration consultants have a vast knowledge of cloud architecture, hosting providers, and other pertinent product features. They can assist in an organization's decision making process for moving to the cloud by outlining the challenges and benefits of migration, the costs associated with it, and how this affects data security.


Coach (Personal Or Business) Or Mentor Business Idea

Coaching is a relatively new profession, but it encompasses many different types of mentors. In business, coaching can be used to help with leadership and teambuilding. It can also be used to teach skills such as customer service or time management. In personal matters, coaches can be used in areas like parenting or weight loss.


Collections Service Business Idea

A Collections Service Business Idea provides the service of collecting on delinquent debts. Debt collectors work for a business, company, or organization who assigns them to collect on certain debts. Debt collection agencies charge interest and other fees for this service. Some debt collectors are employed by law firms or by the state attorney general's office to recover public assistance funds.


Construction Management Consultant Business Idea

A Construction Management Consultant is a person who advises the client on the best way to construct their building, based on what materials are available. A consultant can help with planning and scheduling, planning for safety, budgeting, site development, and evaluating architectural drawings.


Corporate Tour Consultant Business Idea

If a company needs a tour consultant, they will seek the services of a corporate tour consultant. A corporate tour consult will create a company's itinerary, take care of the logistics and provide all the necessary pre-travel arrangements. The purpose of this service is to allow companies to have an enjoyable experience while touring.


Diversity Consultant Business Idea

A Diversity Consultant is a professional who advises organizations on how to create an inclusive environment that is welcoming to diverse individuals. These consultants help organizations understand the needs of various groups, and then offer ideas for what can be done in order to accommodate each group. Diverse populations include people of different race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, abilities and ages.


Sell Digital Self-Improvement Books Online

The self improvement market is expected to climb to a $10 Billion industry by 2022, according to Market Research. With a new paradigm shift towards obtaining information about self improvement using technology (outlets such as podcasts, YouTube channels and audiobooks) has increased the market year on year. But whether someone is concerned with changing their thought process, learning a new skills or solving problems better, how do you go about it?

The solution would be for you to offer a range of self improvement guides to help people interested in making themselves a better person. You, this self improvement online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help kickstart people’s ambitions to become the best versions of themselves. Who do you know who wants to improve themselves? Sell them the solution…


Ecommerce Implementation Consultant Business Idea

An E-Commerce Implementation Consultant is a software professional who has experience with implementing e-commerce solutions. They are often involved in the early stages of the project to provide recommendations on the set up or design of an e-commerce site or system. They may also be involved in the later stages to help maintain and upgrade the system so that it is fast, secure, and compliant.


Engineering Consultant Business Idea

Engineers are often involved in the design and production of a product for industry, services, or research. They have a wide range of skills in engineering, making them highly sought after. Consultants are professionals who offer their counsel or expertise to clients. Engineers that consult may be asked for advice on a project that is not their area of expertise.


Environment Consultant Business Idea

An environment consultant is a person who helps natural resources professionals to create, implement and maintain environmental policy. This includes researching environmental issues, analyzing the economical, social and environmental impacts of certain policies, and working with stakeholders to resolve conflicts that arise in environmentally sensitive areas.


Evaluation Consultant Business Idea

Evaluation consultants help organizations and individuals evaluate their programs and activities, thereby improving their effectiveness. They sometimes train evaluators so that they can build their skills in analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, promoting ethical research standards, and evaluating organizational processes.


Expert Witness Service Consultant Business Idea

An Expert Witness Service Consultant is a person who holds expertise in a particular field and provides consultation to lawyers and other professionals during legal proceedings.


Farming Consultant Business Idea

A farming consultant is a person who provides advice and expertise to farmers on how to improve production. This can involve providing guidance on seed selection, cropping strategies, pest management, marketing, and so forth.


Fiction Writer Consultant Business Idea

A Fiction Writer Consultant is a person who reads and critiques fiction. The consultant assists the writer in developing characters, establishing setting, developing plot, and crafting dialogue for best use of words.


Franchise Consultant Business Idea

A franchise consultant is a person who helps prospective franchisees make informed decisions about an investment in a particular franchise opportunity. A franchise consultant may be a current or former franchisee, a member of the franchisor's business team, an entrepreneur, a financial advisor, an attorney, or a business coach.


Genealogist Business Idea

A genealogist business is a private company that helps people research their ancestors. A genealogist would typically help with understanding the family tree, tracing the family lineage, documenting births, marriages, and deaths for inclusion in their research, and locating records of births, marriages, or death.


Hair Care Consultant Business Idea

A Hair Care Consultant business is an independent business that does hair care services. They service people at their homes, places of employment, or any public area. The consultant sets up the location and prices for their services, and then advertises to get customers. This can be a great option for anyone who doesn't want to go through the process of buying a salon or other physical structure for this venture.


Home Office Consultant Business Idea

A Home Office Consultant is a person hired to provide advice on how to improve the working conditions at home. The consultant's job includes an evaluation of the environment, assessing the equipment needs, recommending new technology, and sometimes even providing training in office skills for housewives who work from home.


Human Resources Consultant Business Idea

A Human Resources Consultant is a professional who helps an organization in its recruitment and selection processes, gathering and analyzing data gathering needs, evaluating the situation within the organization, making suggestions for improvement. They work with their employers to make sure that they are legally compliant with all hiring requirements.


Sell Digital Career Guides Online

More than 70% of those currently employed are looking out for another job opportunity, according to a TopResume survey. That’s a lot. But even when someone is not too happy with their current employment finally decides to apply, the chances of getting a job are slim. The same study goes to show show that the average job search in the US takes 5 months, 75% of resumes are rejected before even being seen by the hiring manager and only 5% of applicants actually get a face-to-face interview. It appears the odds are stacked.

However, a solution to increase these percentages and put a dream job within likely reach is to learn what can be improved. A little knowledge in the job market goes a long way. This career guide online business for sale includes ebooks to sell to help people find their perfect job. From finding a dream job, to writing an ideal resume then going for the interview, these guides cover all bases. Merged with our marketing resources and support, this store can help you help those in need of a job change. Who can you think of who needs help finding a new job? Sell them the answers…


Image Consultant Business Idea

Image consultants are professionals who teach individuals how to enhance the way they look as a way to increase self-esteem and confidence. Image consultants can help an individual change their wardrobe, hairstyle, facial expressions, posture, and more by analyzing their current appearance and addressing any negative thoughts associated with it.


International Consultant Business Idea

An International Consultant is someone who consults with companies of various sizes, across various industries. They may work with strategic planning, finance, operations, information technology, marketing and sales, human resources, or any number of other areas. It is important to note that International Consultants are not synonymous with consultants. Consultants typically provide advice for a very specific project on an as-needed basis while an International Consultant provides advice on a broader range of issues to many different companies.


Internet Marketing Consultant Business Idea

An Internet Marketing Consultant is an individual, usually with a degree in marketing or business administration, who works on behalf of a company to increase the number of their customers by utilizing advertising and promotional strategies through online channels.


IOT Consultant Business Idea

IOT - Internet of Things is a term that refers to the future world in which every object will be connected to the internet. IOT Consultant is a person who either works with companies to help them develop IOT plans, or who consults for organizations looking for advice on how to leverage their data. Typical jobs might include helping create best practices, recommending new technologies, providing design expertise, and so on.


IT Consultant Business Idea

An IT consultant is an expert in information technology. They are often called upon to help identify best practices, optimize performance, and solve problems for their clients. They work with businesses of all sizes that want to stay on the cutting-edge of modern technology.


Kickstarter/Indiegogo Advisor Business Idea

A Kickstarter/Indiegogo Advisor is an individual who helps other people start their own campaigns on the two aforementioned crowdfunding websites. Advisors will provide guidance to the project founders in the best way to create their campaign and what to expect from it.


Labor Relations Consultant Business Idea

A labor relations consultant, also known as a labor relations adviser, is a professional whose job is to provide advice and assistance in the field of labor-management relations. A labor relations consultant would often work in tandem with an organization's management team to provide insights on how best to handle situations such as unionization and collective bargaining. Labor relations consultants may also be called upon to assist with other aspects of managing their employer's workforce such as downsizing or when experienced staff members are retiring.


Loan Consultant Business Idea

A Loan Consultant business is a company that loans people money for homes, cars, school, and other necessities. They are there to help provide an alternative to banks or other institutions.


Magento Consultant Business Idea

A Magento Consultant is a person who understands the complex workings of the Magento platform and as such, is able to help diagnose problems as well as recommend solutions. In addition, they are also skilled in troubleshooting and providing feedback on updates to the system.


Marketing Consultant Business Idea

A Marketing Consultant is an individual who works alongside business owners to develop and implement marketing strategies. Marketing consultants typically focus on one or two key areas of the business, such as developing marketing materials, managing social media accounts, targeted email campaigns, SEO optimization for search engine listings, among other things.


Medical Office Consultant Business Idea

A Medical Office Consultant Business is a company that helps doctors improve the quality of their health care delivery. The business offers a wide range of services, including clerical support, staff training, marketing, and billing. It is therefore imperative to have an expert in these fields available to help with any issues or questions that arise.


Office Protocol Consultant Business Idea

Office Protocol Consultant is someone who assists an organization with their office protocol. The job requires a person to be knowledgeable in the ways of etiquette and protocol, to ensure that clients are treated with the utmost care. One must also know how to develop best practices for the office. Often, this position will require interviewing people to make sure they are qualified for this role.


Online Marketplace Consultant Business Idea

Online Marketplace Consultant Businesses are professionals that are able to help marketplaces that are in need of more exposure or individuals that are looking to sell items on an online marketplace. They will take different steps in order to increase the visibility of the company they are consulting for, such as promoting their business on social media sites and doing outreach to targeted audiences which have shown interest in this type of service.


Online Paid Ad Consultant Business Idea

An online paid ad consultant is a company that provides services to help businesses advertise on social media and on third-party websites. Paid ads on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are a growing trend, as they provide businesses with an opportunity to reach a wider audience with their products or services. Third-party websites offer more traditional advertising opportunities, such as banner ads that appear alongside content, which is often less expensive than the cost of an advertisement on Facebook or Twitter.


Payment Gateway Consultant Business Idea

A Payment Gateway Consultant is an individual, typically with some level of technical knowledge, who assists merchants in their interactions with payment processing companies. They are often called on to troubleshoot technical problems or find merchant-friendly solutions to frustrated clients.


Product Development Consultant Business Idea

A product development consultant is someone who gives businesses advice on how to develop new products. They do this by analyzing the market and reviewing the industry's trends. They then determine what the next big thing will be and help a company get in on that trend.


Proposal Consultant (Government Contracts) Business Idea

A proposal consultant or business is a company that helps organizations develop bids for government contracting. The company may assist the organization in identifying the best approach, including brainstorming and analysis of potential vendors, developing a strategy to win the bid, creating a detailed plan for execution, and providing help with drafting the contract.


Quality Management Consultant Business Idea

A professional in the field of quality management is a Quality Management Consultant. He or she offers guidance on how to maintain the quality of products and services by identifying problems and implementing solutions. They may work as part of a team with other professionals from various disciplines, such as engineering, economics, psychology, sociology, statistics, and operations research.


Restaurant Interior Designing Consultant Business Idea

A restaurant interior design consulting business is a professional service provider, typically in the hospitality industry. The company typically works with restaurants to help them set up their retail space, develop their brand identity, and create menus. They also work with hotels and other hospitality organizations to help them create an ambience that will appeal to certain demographics. Their scope may include design of the dining room, lobby, lounge area, bar area, meeting rooms, guestrooms, room numbers and stationery.


Retail Consultant Business Idea

A retail consultant is a person who provides guidance and advice to clients in the retail industry. Retail consultants typically work with clients to improve their business and profitability through services such as merchandising, marketing, operations, design, research, logistics, and other services.


Risk Management Consultant Business Idea

A risk management consultant is a specialized professional who helps companies and organizations mitigate the risks they face in their daily operations. They may work for an organization or may be independent consultants. They help evaluate and reduce the likelihood of adverse events happening through a process called risk assessment.


Safety Consultant Business Idea

Safety consultant businesses provide individuals and organizations with assessments of workplace safety as well as recommendations for possible improvements. A determination is made based on a variety of factors, such as the organization's size, industry, number of employees, and the seriousness each threat. Though the specifics vary from company to company, it may include things like a risk assessment that outlines potential hazards present in a work environment and includes an evaluation of their magnitude and probability.


Sales Coach Or Trainer Business Idea

A Sales Coach or Trainer is a business professional who helps improve the performance of various types of sales people. The coach or trainer may be employed by a company, an outside consultant, or interim employee. They are typically experts in their field and have been in the industry for many years. Sales Coaches and Trainers work with a variety of clients, from small retail stores to large corporations.


Sales Consultant Business Idea

A Sales Consultant Business is a business establishment that sells products and offers these products to consumers on the premise of their needs. A good example of this would be a furniture store. The store offers furniture to consumers on the premise that they need more furniture in their home.


Sales Funnel Consultant Business Idea

Sales Funnel Consultant Businesses are a company that design and implement sales funnels for other companies. A sales funnel is a process where a company can take prospects from being cold prospects to being customers. The consultant business will work with the client to identify their needs, develop a roadmap of how they will get there, and execute the plan. It's a good idea for these types of businesses to have some knowledge in marketing, copywriting, graphic design, and programming.


Security Consultant Business Idea

Security consultants provide security analysis and consulting services to companies and organizations. They typically specialize in a specific type of security, such as cyber security or physical security, and focus on vulnerabilities in the organization they are working with. Security consulting is typically performed by firms that employ many consultants with specialized skills in various fields.


Shopify Consultant Business Idea

An individual that has the knowledge and skills to help individuals or businesses establish an online store. A Shopify Consultant can be employed by an agency who specializes in website architecture, web development, marketing, and e-commerce to help with this process. Professionals trained in Shopify are normally equipped with the skills to provide desktop and mobile device application design, strategy, functionality, customer service assistance, conversion rates optimization for an online store.


Skincare Consultant Business Idea

A Skincare Consultant Business is a business that focuses on providing skincare product sales to customers. The company often offers to educate the consumer about other products within the line, which has services for both male and female customers. When an individual becomes a consultant, they are provided with free samples of products that they can then sell to their customers.


Small Business Consultant Business Idea

The small business consultant is a professional that provides advice to small businesses. The aim of the advice is to assist the business with processing their challenges, building up their potential, and maximizing their profits.


Social Media Consultant Business Idea

A social media consultant is a person who analyzes and manages an organization's use of social media. A social media consultant can work for any type of company, from small businesses to large corporations, and help them create and manage their social media profiles. These profiles would include everything from something like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


Stock Market Consultant Business Idea

A stock market consultant business is a company that provides consulting on the stocks of the company they work for. A stock market consultant business might help a new investor understand what they are buying and how to evaluate a fund of stocks better, or help someone with a large amount of money invested in a stock negotiate with other shareholders to buy out their shares.


Total Quality Management Consultant Business Idea

A Total Quality Management Consultant is an individual who can help coordinate the strategy for a company to maintain competitive advantages. This person will be able to analyze current processes, identify weaknesses, and offer recommendations on how to improve quality management practices. The consultant does not typically manage or implement changes at the company, but they often work closely with upper-level managers and the leadership team to outline goals and expectations.


Training Consultant Business Idea

A Training Consultant Business is a company that offers consulting services in the field of training. They offer advice and help to organizations who are implementing or updating their training programs. It can be difficult to find qualified professionals who have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to solve these problems, so these businesses offer solutions.


Transport Management Consultant Business Idea

A Transport Management Consultant is a specialist within the transportation industry who offers consulting services to clients. They are experts in their niche field, undertaking projects in areas such as traffic modeling, operations research, and network design. They are often employed by government agencies, but have also been known to work for large corporations.


Utility Auditing Consultant Business Idea

Utility Auditing Consultant is someone who provides technical assistance to help a company determine how much they owe for utilities. They usually have qualifications in the field, have studied how utilities are priced, and understand things like fuel surcharges.


UX And UI Designing Consultant Business Idea

UX and UI Designing Consultant – There are many designers who focus on the UX and UI elements of a website, but it can be nice to have someone who has studied their design in greater depth than just how it looks. A consultant will know the best way to increase conversions through experience with many different types of designs.


Website Design Consultant Business Idea

Website design consultants are a type of web designer that specializes in designing websites for clients. They typically work with a business owner to create a design, then a developer builds the site. Website consultants usually have an art background and have strong communication skills.


Wedding Consultant Business Idea

A wedding consultant is a person who offers expertise to couples that are engaged or recently married, to help them plan their wedding. The job of a wedding consultant can vary depending on the couple’s needs and what type of event they are having. The essential skills of a wedding consultant are their judgment in choosing between different types of vendors or locations, negotiating, and understanding what is important to the client while also making suggestions for the clients.


WordPress Consultant Business Idea

A WordPress Consultant is a person who offers guidance and coaching to people in order to help them learn about the use of WordPress. This would include teaching them how to create and modify their own WordPress website, as well as teaching them how to install plugins and themes, and troubleshoot common problems. The consultant will also offer advice on different types of web hosting services, security measures, and steps for backup of data.

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