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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

Startup Streams

48x Side Hustle Ideas UK

UK Side Hustle Ideas...


Side hustles provide an alternate income and in recent years they have become more and more common in the U.K. The most popular side hustle in the UK is driving with Uber, but there are plenty of other options for people to try out. If you enjoy working for yourself and want some financial independence, then a side hustle may be just what you're looking for!


Be a Hair Stylist

The hair stylist has the responsibility to make decisions in regards to the hair cut, color and style in order to create an appealing hairstyle. The hair stylist must consider various factors when designing a hairstyle for their client including face shape, hair type and desired effect. This is an area of specialization with its own vocabulary.


Become a Caterer

A caterer is a person who provides food for social gatherings or other occasions. The caterer may be an individual, organization, or commercial enterprise that chooses to provide food and restaurant-related services.


Become a Dj

The idea that the DJ-artist is a person who "creates and performs music by playing a variety of records and electronic instruments" is one that we want to explore. There are many “DJs” who go unnoticed, but they make up a huge part of what we listen to. These artists can be considered musicians because they play instruments, not just digital ones. They control the music with their hands and turn it into art with their imagination.


Become a Dog Walker

An individual who relies on the company of dogs to enhance their mental well-being is oftentimes referred to as a "dog walker." A dog walker will take a dog for a walk, along with the owner's consent. Dog walking is excellent exercise for both canines and humans alike. It also provides an opportunity for socialization between dog owners and other dog walkers. Dog walking is a job that requires no previous experience but can provide a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction.


Sell Digital Dog Guides Online

The American Pet Products Association state that 2020 saw $1 billion spent on dogs in the US alone. The pet industry is huge, and non more so than the dog product industry: 42.7 million households in the US contain cats, whereas 63.4 million households accommodate dogs. But for the millions of people who adopt a new four legged best friend, it can be a daunting time. How often does a dog need to be fed? How do I teach it to sit? What do I even call it?… The solution would be to sell the ultimate dog guide, full of info about caring for (and naming) a dog. This dog online business for sale comes with an ebook for you to sell to new dog lovers, to make sure they get the professional information required. Adopt this business today, and with our marketing resources and support, you can help dog owners with looking after their new best friends. How many people do you know who wants a dog? Sell them the solution…


Become a Doula

Become a doula, or childbirth surrogate, is an important form of advocacy. There are many situations in which the full range of choices available to pregnant people are not respected. This can be due to fear of pain, fear of giving birth vaginally, lack of access to information or lack of information on where to find it. A doula's job is to empower the person they are working with by providing accurate information about their options and accompany them through labor and delivery.


Become a Food Delivery Driver

The task of the driver is to satisfy the customer with a fast and accurate delivery, by maintaining strong customer service skills and following an established route. The average pay for this position is $20 per hour.


Become a Make-up Artist

There are several ways to become a make-up artist, but one of the most popular ways is to participate in an apprenticeship. Make-up artists may also enroll in classes to learn the specific skills needed for their job. It is important for make-up artists to be knowledgeable about many different types of cosmetics and tools, as well as how to apply them correctly.


Become a Mystery Shopper

Become a Mystery Shopper to evaluate the customer service of a business. You can use complex academic jargon to describe your duties as a mystery shopper. According to research, there is a need for better customer service. In order to ensure this, businesses turn to mystery shoppers who will investigate and rate their services. According to research, there is a need for better customer service. In order to ensure this, businesses turn to mystery shoppers who will investigate and rate their services.


Become a Pet Sitter

Pet sitting is a occupation in which a person stays at the residence of a pet owner and takes care of the animal for one or more days. This includes feeding, watering, walking, and playing with the animal as well as cleaning up after it. It is important to know about the health needs of the pet as well as its personality to ensure that both you and it are happy.


Become a Tour Guide

In the age of globalization and mass market tourism, it is of vital importance for our society to study the various ways in which we interact with the world we live in through travel and tourism.


Become a Tutor

Tutoring is one way for students to improve their grades and make the grade they want. Tutors are typically more experienced in a topic than the student, which is beneficial for understanding complex academic jargon and concepts. Tutors can be found easily on campus and via online platforms such as Craigslist and


Become a Virtual Assistant

The job of a virtual assistant is to perform tasks and other assistance for clients. The tasks may include clerical work such as filing and photocopying, or research and data entry. Virtual Assistants are the backbone of many businesses, offering more than just admin support. With an increasing number of companies who offer remote jobs, hiring a Virtual Assistant can be the perfect way to do so!


Become an Extra

The reality is that there are plenty of reasons why people want to become an extra. Some could be because they are interested in the industry, some might be trying to break into it, and others might just enjoy being on set. Extras are necessary for productions to create a realistic-looking scene. Everyone has seen extras at some point whether it is on the street, in the background of movies or TV.


Become an Uber Driver

If you want to be an Uber driver, you need to have a license and insurance. You will also be required to follow the same rules and regulations that other drivers are under. This includes driving in accordance with local traffic laws. There is no requirement for vehicle type or age. The car should meet all legal requirements in order to drive it legally on public roads.


Create an Online Course

Online courses are an excellent way to achieve lifelong learning. They open up the opportunity for anyone to take courses offered by the world’s leading universities, or participate in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) like those offered by Stanford University. There are also many online learning platforms offering courses around topics like project management, entrepreneurship, computer programming, and much more.


Create Youtube Tutorials

A youtube tutorial is often created for YouTube by someone who has an expertise in the given topic. They will create a video explaining how to do something, or show others how to do it. The problem with this, is that academic jargon is used in the tutorial, and the use of acronyms makes understanding difficult for some viewers.


Cv Resume and Cover Letter Service

A Cv Resume and Cover Letter Service business is a company that provides people with the necessary tools to create their resumes. The company offers people advice about how to best get their resume noticed by potential employers, writing all the information for them, and even printing off copies of their hard work. The company also assists people in creating cover letters to accompany the resume so they may submit it confidently for positions they are interested in pursuing.


Data Entry

Data entry is the process of converting data from human-readable form into a machine-readable format or computer language. This is usually done by keyboarding or pointing, although more recently it has been possible to direct the conversion with voice commands. Data entry may be contrasted with data capture, which often involves mouse clicking or scanning an image to electronically input data.


Design Logos

Design Logos are an example of brand identity. They comprise the name, symbol, and color scheme for companies to identify themselves. The logo is a symbol of a company's beliefs and values. It's important to have a cohesive design with a matching color scheme in order to properly establish a company's brand recognition.


Flip Items for Profit

Flip items for profit is an engaging and exciting way to make money. Flipping refers to reselling an item that has been purchased from a store or from another person. A number of people have been able to profit from this type of activity by finding a location where a desired item can be sold for a profit. Some stores allow others to buy items outright and sell them online at a higher price.


Freelance as a Fitness Instructor

Freelance fitness instructors are typically independent contractors who are not employees. They are usually not eligible for benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, vacation pay, sick days, or any other type of compensation. Some freelancers may be able to bargain with their employer to receive some form of employment-related benefit in exchange for the lack of other benefits.


Sell Digital Fitness Guides Online

With over 200,000 health and fitness clubs worldwide and a total spend of $94 Billion in the USA on health club memberships annually (Statista), the fitness industry is huge. Those members who have a serious interest in keeping or getting fit will want to do so as quickly and effectively as possible. As not everyone can afford a personal trainer, or expensive recurring gym memberships, readily available information is the next logical step to get the instruction needed to get the ‘dream body' millions are currently striving for. You can solve this problem today by issuing written knowledge in the form of 6 complete ebooks, all included for you to sell with this fitness online business for sale. Whether a future customer of yours is interested in exercise, body building, diet, losing weight or just getting really fit, your business will be available to lend a helping hand. Who do you know who wants to work on their fitness? Sell them the solution…


Freelance as an Illustrator

Freelancing as an illustrator is a great way to add to your clientele and to diversify your portfolio. An illustration is a professional drawing or painting that is typically done in ink, chalk, watercolor, or any other medium. Freelancing can be difficult for illustrators because they do not always have the opportunity to work with the same client and this can present a challenge in terms of continuity in their work and in establishing themselves as artists.


Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a form of work in which a person is self-employed and receives assignments from a range of clients. The freelance writer is typically paid for each assignment, but not an annual salary. The renumeration for freelance writing ranges from per article to per word. Freelance writers may also earn money from teaching or speaking engagements.


Get Licensed as a Driving Instructor

Getting licensed as a driving instructor is a process that requires specific steps to be completed in order to ensure maximal safety for the students. These steps can vary from state-to-state, but often include an application fee and the requirement of taking at least 12 hours of coursework. Once all requirements are met, instructors may need to schedule and pass a written exam and skills test.


Offer Cleaning or Ironing Services

Clients are able to choose cleaning or ironing services depending on their needs. For example, if the client needs their suit for a job interview, they may decide to have us clean it, rather than try to get the wrinkles out themselves. However, if the clothes are not due back soon, they may decide to have them ironed instead.


Offer Coaching in a Field of Expertise

Awareness is a complex and multifaceted construct that can be refined and improved by coaching. Some individuals require guidance during the process of achieving clarity and sustainability, while others need to be exposed to new modalities and techniques in order to maximize their potential. Coaching plays an important role in the development of awareness for those who are seeking to develop or enhance these dispositions.


Offer Tailoring Services

Offering a tailoring service for garments provides a variety of benefits to the customer. Clothing that has been tailored will have a custom fit that is more flattering and comfortable. It can also be finished with a professional finish, such as lace trim on the shoulders of a dress.


Offer Translation Services

Innovators in translation services offer a wide variety of language service solutions to help companies and individuals overcome language barriers. With a team of professional translators, the company can create content in any target market’s native language. They also translate documents from one language to another, which is a very important aspect for multinational companies who have offices in different countries. They can work with any type of document, including IT presentations, legal contracts, and marketing materials.



The concept of proofreading is to use the skills and knowledge gained through experience to edit a text for typos and grammatical errors. It is important for an individual to be well versed in the subject matter they are writing, as well as possess a broad vocabulary and familiarity with all aspects of language that can cause confusion. Proofreading also requires an individual to have a good understanding of their own work and compare it against what they intended to convey.


Publish an E-book

Publishing an e-book is a process that can be achieved through a variety of routes. The author might choose to self-publish, whereby he or she obtains the services of a digital book publisher or use a website for this purpose. Alternatively, the author could also opt for finding a publishing company to work with. In this case, the author would either sign a contract with an agent or submit his or her manuscript directly to the company.


Rent Out a Spare Room in Your Home

An alternative to living with roommates is to rent out a spare bedroom in your home. Room rental services offer individuals the opportunity to live without roommates, while earning income from their vacant room. A private bedroom will typically be rented at a rate of $150-$250 a week, dependent on location and amenities offered. Some room rental services also offer furnished rooms for an additional charge of $10-$30 a week.


Resell Clothing Online

Reselling is not only a way to make some cash, but also a way to get high-quality items for less. It is an excellent way to save money and is cheaper than buying things new. If you want to sell clothing online, there are many sites that specialize in it. A few of the most popular are ebay, amazon, PayPal, Facebook, PayPal, etc.


Sell Bespoke Cakes

Bespoke Cakes is an organic bakery that sells organic cakes and cupcakes. Bespoke's products are made with farm fresh eggs, butter, and all-natural sugars. They use various techniques to make cakes unique for the customer, like pairing flavors with favorite colors. The process of making bespoke cake starts by discussing what the customer would like in their cake.


Sell Calligraphy Services

Calligraphy Services offer a variety of calligraphy styles for your projects, ranging from classical Roman to modern minimalist. We have an array of fonts and ink colors available to suit all your design needs, including cursive scripts. We also specialize in creating custom signage for weddings, corporate events, parties, or any other occasion.


Sell Jewellery

Jewelry is meant to accentuate the beauty of its wearer. It's all about sparkling gold, silver, diamonds, pearls and more combined with animal products like leather and fur. It makes you feel glamorous and enviable. Jewelry has been an integral part of human history spanning different cultures since ancient times. Almost every culture had jewelry for ceremonial purposes or ornamental purposes.


Sell Printable Artwork

When you sell printable artwork, it is a process where a person creates a digital file of an image and then sells it to a customer for a low cost. A person typically will provide the customer with high-resolution images, which can be printed at home.


Sell Tech Support Services

The tech support company has a field of work that is very varied. There are many different types of tech support services offered to the customer. The tech support company will offer various types of tech support; installation and troubleshooting, data backup and recovery solutions and more. They will also offer IT consulting services, including vendor selection and management of equipment and software.


Sell Your Crafts

This work is about the process of getting your crafts out there for people to buy. If you have a craft, be it knitting, sewing, embroidering, or any other hands-on craft, it is important to get your product out there for people to buy. This could mean creating a website with pictures and descriptions of your items, or maybe setting up a table at the farmer's market.


Sell Your Photos

Fees are charged on a per-photo basis which is dependant upon the type of license you purchase. For example, if you want to use one of our images commercially without paying us a fee, then you will need to purchase an Extended License. The license prices vary depending on the duration and territory for commercial use.


Start a Blog

A blog can be a great way to connect with people who share your interests, learn about new things, and stay up-to-date on the latest news. Blogs are web pages with regularly-updated content that is submitted by one or more authors. Blogs may be created by experts in particular fields, non experts who have an interest in a topic or just someone who wants to share their adventures in life.


Sell Digital Blogging Guides Online

According to digital marketing expert Neil Patel, there are approximately one billion blogs on the internet - that is roughly one blog for every seven people on the planet. Needless to say, the online world is crowded but the reasons to start a blog are as apparent today as it was 10 years ago - content is king. But in the crowded digital age, ambitious new bloggers need to be able to differentiate themselves from the competition. Where is the best place to start? Which platform can I use to blog with? Which niche can I blog about? You have the opportunity, with this blogging niche online businesses for sale, to cater for the new blogger by providing answers to these burning questions. Who do you know who would love to start a blog and do it right? Sell them the solution…


Start Music Lessons

Music lessons are an excellent way to equip children with the skills needed to engage with their environment. Skills such as coordination, self-discipline, and patience are all strengthened over time by the act of learning how to play an instrument. Children will also develop an appreciation for music through these classes, which has shown to lead them into a lifelong love of music. These classes also do not require any previous knowledge or experience; anyone can start at any age.


Take Part in Research & Focus Groups

Participation in research or focus groups can be a great way to get involved with research that is relevant to the field. This type of involvement also allows for an individual's voice to be heard on pertinent issues. It is important, however, for potential participants to be mindful of how their participation may affect them emotionally and psychologically long term.



Transcribing is the act of writing down what someone has said, typically in an audio recording. Audio files come in many different formats, with one of the most popular being mp3. A transcribing job would require you to listen to the file and then type out what is said. Transcription jobs are available on platforms like Upwork and Freelancer.


Voiceover Artist

A Voice-over Artist is a professional voice talent who provides voice talents for animation, film, video games, and other media. They are usually the voice of the video game's protagonist or "silent" lead character, which has no lines in the game.


Web Design Service

Web design is the process of designing web pages. The web designer must provide the colors, layout, images, menus, and content for the site. They can also create a company logo and design a navigation bar to help users find their way around the site. This process involves laying out text in HTML and CSS, and adding pictures in Photoshop or Fireworks. The designer may also use JavaScript and other scripting languages to add interactivity to their site.

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