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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

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37x Side Hustle Ideas New Zealand

New Zealander Side Hustle Ideas...


Being employed isn’t enough anymore. These days, most people need multiple sources of income to survive. It is now more important than ever for New Zealanders to find ways to make some money on the side. Here are some side hustle ideas for you to consider...


Become a Mystery Shopper

A Mystery Shopper is a person who shops at a store and reports their experience. They are important because they report on things like how quickly the staff helps, what the store has available, what the prices are like, and more. The information that they send back can help companies to know how well they are running their business.


Become a Trademe Seller

A Trademe Seller is a person who sells their own secondhand item on the online auction site called "Trademe". Trademe sellers are an important part of the New Zealand economy because they rely on their own hard earned cash to provide for themselves. A lot of them were once employed in more mainstream jobs, but their lack of work or specialised skills led them into more insecure employment, such as working through online markets like Trademe.


Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a freelancer that can be hired to provide business services in the form of administrative, personal, or technical support. They are often hired by people who are working remotely but need help with their day-to-day tasks. For example, if someone has an online business that takes up all of their time, they might hire a VA to handle customer support for them.


Casual Catering or Wait Staff Work

Casual catering is the service of providing food to customers for a short period of time. The wait staff worker stands up an walks around the room, probably carrying a tray with food, to provide food to customers.


Clothing Alterations

Clothing alterations are a service offered by most clothing stores. The store employs alterations professionals to shorten, lengthen, hem, or generally alter the size of clothing so it fits better. Many dresses are made in standard sizes, so an alteration is often needed to get the dress to fit its wearer. Alterations can be completed on some garments at the store while others need to be sent off-site for work.


Coach Sports

A Coach Sports is a private company that provides sports coaching services to athletes and other individuals. The success of these businesses has been heavily reliant on the rise of the athletic culture and the popularity of sports such as basketball, football, and soccer.


Data Entry

Data entry is the process of entering data into numeric numeric fields using a computer keyboard. Data entry can also refer to data input, or data input/output, which are all related to the act of creating, storing, modifying, and retrieving information that is typically encoded as numbers.


Sell Digital Keto Diet Guides Online

Historically, the Ketogenic diet was discovered as early as 20th century and was (yet still is) an effective solution for individuals suffering from epilepsy. In the early times, bodybuilders used to apply it without actually knowing the mechanisms behind it through doing a “fish and water” diet. Additionally it is the diet that humans historically adhered to naturally before processed sugars became so readily available. Till date, the Ketogenic Diet has maintained its status of effectiveness and of course gaining wider attention among people looking to lose weight faster. The Ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that causes weight loss and provides health benefits. It involves significantly reducing carbohydrate intake while increasing protein to the levels necessary to maintain muscle mass with the calorie ratios approximating 70 percent fat, 25 percent protein and 5 low-glycemic carbohydrates. But to get into this reliable diet, what food should be eaten? How often should you consume food? Can you really eat as much fat as you want? The solution would be for you to offer a comprehensive Keto diet guidebook, complete with recipes, to help people get into shape and live a healthier life. You, this Keto diet online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people from all walks of life with their health goals, eat fresh food and get into the best possible shape. Who do you know who wants to loose a bit of weight? Sell them the solution…


Distribute Flyers

The act of distributing flyers is the act of leaving leaflets on mailboxes, poles, and any other stationary objects. This is done in hope that they will find their way into the hands of the right people.


Event DJ

A DJ or event DJ is someone who plays popular music at an event to make the attendees happy. They are often hired for weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, and other parties.


Food Prep and Meal Delivery

A food prep and meal delivery service is a business that provides prepared food to clients. A person can order an array of foods from the company’s website or app to be delivered to their home, office, or workplace. The company then prepares the food and delivers it. Reducing time spent on preparing meals can lead to more time for other activities such as exercising, socializing, and caring for family members.


Invest in Websites

Investing in websites is a process of acquiring an ownership interest in a website and leveraging that property for financial and social gain. Websites can be profitable to their owners in many different ways, including earning advertising revenues from other companies or individuals purchasing advertising space on the site, charging other people to place banner ads on their pages, generating revenue from sponsorships, subscription fees, affiliate marketing agreements, and other sources.


Ironing Service

An Ironing Service is a company that provides the service of ironing clothes for their customer. Customers can call Ironing Services to come to their home or office and provide ironing services through either machine or hand-ironing. Ironing Services are especially helpful for customers who do not have time, resources, or knowledge on how to iron themselves.


Sell Digital Gardening Guides Online

The average US household spends $503 a year on gardening, according to Garden Research. The entire gardening industry is worth over $47.8 Billion. People like to garden and want to know how to get started or improve their gardening skills. But the activity of gardening can be overwhelming - it is a topic which consists of a number of disciplines and requires a great deal of knowledge. Where do you start? The solution would be for you to offer a range of 7x gardening ebooks. You, this gardening online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people get into gardening, grow herbs, grow vegetables and even grow a perfect garden to attract butterflies. Who do you know who wants to grow a garden to be proud of?


Juice Those Limes

A juice those limes is a side hustle that involves the sale of organic green juices made from a variety of fruits and vegetables. Each juice contains a different nutrient profile, and they are marketed to people who want to give their bodies the nutrients it needs without taking supplements or eating five servings of fruit and vegetables per day.


Make Money Providing Classes in Arts and Crafts

In order to make money from classes in arts and crafts, a person needs to have a large variety of materials for their students. The most important items are items that can be turned into jewelry or clothes. A person should also have a wide variety of supplies for people looking to do more traditional work such as painting or drawing. The person should ideally have a space set up for each type of class where there is plenty of room for the student to work on the project they are interested in.


Mow Your Neighbour’s Lawns

Mow Your Neighbour’s Lawns is a business that specializes in providing lawn-care services such as mowing, trimming palm trees and planting. Mow Your Neighbour’s Lawns offers free consultations to clients who are interested in their services.


Print T-shirts

Printing t-shirts for a side hustle is the perfect way to create merchandise that you can sell with minimal investment. You can make your own designs or use templates made available by companies like Wish, TeePublic, and Design By Humans. You will need to know how to upload images onto the site of your choice. The print on demand company will take care of production and shipping of your order.


Publish on Kindle

Publish on Kindle provides publishers with the opportunity to showcase their work by publishing it as an eBook on Amazon Kindle. They can then publish their work for sale on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, and receive royalties based on the number of pages read.



Recycling is the reuse of scrap or waste materials to make new products. Products that can be recycled range from a plastic soup container to a car. Recycling is the process of collecting and sorting out recyclable, recovered and compostables from municipal solid waste for reprocessing into new products. Materials are recovered from recycling bins, bales of mixed paper, plastics, cardboard boxes, cans and other items.


Register for Market Research/focus Groups

Registering for market research and focus groups is a great way for one to get paid to help companies improve their products. It usually involves answering questionnaires and trying out new products that the company is considering putting on the market. For instance, if you were registering for a survey about your thoughts on cheeseburgers, you might be asked how often you eat them, what toppings they come with, and how much they cost.


Rent Out Your Car Space

Rent out your space is a service that allows people who come to your house, or any other location you designate, and rent your parking space for the duration of their stay for a fee. This is typically done on a daily basis, but also can be booked in advance by long term renters.


Rent Out Your Car

Rent your car out on the side is a quick and easy way to make money. Renting out your car can be a lucrative side hustle for anyone who already owns a vehicle, and Craigslist is a great place to find customers in most areas of the country.


Rent Out Your Garage or Driveway

It's not uncommon for individuals to rent out the space in their garage or driveway for extra income. This is also known as "Garage Gigs" and "Driveway Diving." Participants can advertise their space on sites like Craigslist, eBay, and online platforms like Fiverr.


Sell Digital Blogging Guides Online

According to digital marketing expert Neil Patel, there are approximately one billion blogs on the internet - that is roughly one blog for every seven people on the planet. Needless to say, the online world is crowded but the reasons to start a blog are as apparent today as it was 10 years ago - content is king. But in the crowded digital age, ambitious new bloggers need to be able to differentiate themselves from the competition.  Where is the best place to start? Which platform can I use to blog with? Which niche can I blog about? You have the opportunity, with this blogging niche online businesses for sale, to cater for the new blogger by providing answers to these burning questions. Who do you know who would love to start a blog and do it right? Sell them the solution…


Share Your Browsing History [earn $120/yr]

Share Your Browsing History is a side hustle that is relatively new. The idea of this is to show users ads on social media for their favorite brands. This doesn't have to be the only thing, they just have to share their browsing history with the company Share Your Browsing History. This not only allows the user to make money but also has many benefits for marketers, as it shows them what they are looking for and if they are interested in the product.


Share Your Opinions and Get Free Gift Cards

The Share Your Opinions and Get Free Gift Cards as a side hustle means that someone can use this strategy to earn extra money by doing surveys and other tasks. This strategy is often used for those who do not have the time to find a full-time job and want to make some extra income on their free time. This site offers many opportunities for different people to take advantage of.


Shop for Groceries for Someone

The process of buying groceries for someone as a side hustle can result in extra income. The person desires to buy goods and food; the grocery store agrees to sell them back these goods and food for a fee. The grocery store may charge fees such as a percentage of total sales, a per-item handling fee, or a per-mile transportation fee.


Start a Blog

Start a blog is a side hustle, which offers many benefits. One way blogs can be a profitable endeavor is by creating a blog and selling ad space on the site. The blogger can insert ads from other companies in order to earn income. Bloggers have the option of putting up ads for their own business or personal website as well. In addition, if someone already has an established following, they can also take advantage of this during down periods in their day job.


Take Surveys and Play Games With Toluna

Toluna is a survey company that invites users to take surveys and play games for points. These points can be redeemed for prizes or rewards given by the company. To get started, one must register an account with Toluna. From there, you can take surveys which will be sent to your email inbox throughout the day. There are several different types of surveys you can take, including demographic, product opinion, TV show taste test etc.


Teach a Language

Teaching language as side hustle is a way for people to teach their own language skills on the site, SkillShare. If people are willing to teach languages they know, they can create an account and start offering lessons through SkillShare. Skillset offers lessons in French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic and Russian.


Teach English Online

Teach English Online as a side hustle is an option for those who want to teach people how to speak English. The area of expertise can involve teaching grammar, vocab, or spelling. This profession follows the same guidelines as online tutoring and coaching in that it can be done from anywhere with a computer and good internet connection.


Teach People to Cook at Home

Teaching people to cook at home is a side hustle that I started when I realized that most of my friends can't cook. It's a service that includes coming over to someone's house and making a meal for them, or a meal delivery service. A few themes cover the types of food, but I cover both vegan and vegetarian options.


Trade Me

Trade Me is a side hustle where you can sell items online. It is a New Zealand website that has been around for over twenty years and has grown to be the largest ecommerce platform in the world, with over 10 million listings, one of the most successful startups in New Zealand, and a reported revenue of over NZD 1 billion. It is an online marketplace where people from all walks of life can buy and sell every day items from their home.


Work Retail in the Weekends

Work Retail is a side hustle where you work weekends in retail stores. Apart from the benefits of working weekends, one of the perks is to earn additional income. The downside is that there are typically fewer hours available for work. To compensate, many retailers will pay more than non-weekend shifts to entice employees.


Write Articles for Blogs and Businesses

The act of writing articles for blogs and businesses as a side hustle is to write, or create content for clients who may not have the time or ability to do it themselves. It could be an article about a company’s product, service, or idea; a blog post; or words of encouragement. The key to success in this field is dedication and determination.


Write CVs

The act of writing is a skill that can be used to make money. Writing cvs for different companies is a side hustle that can make money fairly easily, for example for individuals who are transitioning out of the workforce and need some extra cash. People with strong academics skills may also find success in this field. The most common way people write cvs is by researching online what the company would like to see, then writing it up in an appealing manner.

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