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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

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32x Side Hustle Ideas for Programmers

Programmers Side Hustle Ideas...

The economy is still recovering, and many are resorting to self-employment. If you have a computer science degree, why not take advantage of your skills and start your own side business? Here are some ideas on what you can do with your computer science degree...


Become an Online Instructor

An online instructor is someone that provides course instruction over the internet. This type of instructor usually provides information through text, images, audio, and video. As the world continues to evolve with new technologies, this form of instruction has become more prevalent than ever.


Become Code Mentor

A code mentor is an individual who helps junior-level developers to learn programming languages and other skills. Code mentors are often senior-level developers or software engineers who have more experience in the field, but they could also be teachers.


Become Game Developer

A game developer is a person who creates computer games. Games are typically created in response to the needs of the public in terms of what they want in a game. A game developer would typically take into account things like popular trends in the world to create a game that will provide entertainment for people, but also has some educational value.


Build a Boilerplate Code Base

A boilerplate code base is a set of standard programming language software functions that can be used as a building block for developing applications. The main purpose of a boilerplate code base is to reuse the same coding effort across different projects, making it easier to maintain and develop software.


Build a Piece of Software and Sell It

Building a piece of software and sell it is an activity in the computer programming industry. The goal of this process is to design, write, test, and then sell a product by providing access to that product for a cost.


Build an Api as a Service

Api as a Service is a framework for designing and implementing APIs in a way that allows them to be self-hosted, which means they can be called from anywhere. This means an API service can take care of the grunt work of managing its own connectivity, server availability, scaling the load, and monitoring.


Build an Educational Course

Programming education is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to understand programming languages, software, and algorithms. Such courses may include hands-on experience with syntax, theory of object-oriented programming, data structures, algorithms, and problem solving.


Build Video Courses/Info Products

Video Courses/info Products are a digital information product in which video is the main medium for delivering content. They are typically accessed online, where they have been uploaded onto a video sharing website such as Youtube or Vimeo, and can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection.


Create a Content Platform/Blog

A Content Platform is an online space where content is published. Blogs are a type of content platform that allow readers to subscribe to the blog owner's updates. Blogs can be used to publish articles, photos, videos, or audio clips.


Sell Digital SEO Guides Online

According to Forbes, US businesses will spend at least $80 Billion on SEO services by the end of the year. Why? Because SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is essentially the art of getting your website, blog or store on the first page of Google search results. Why is the first page so important? Because statistically, 75% of people don’t bother to see page 2. When was the last time you did? So now knowing how important this process is, how exactly can you get on the ‘front page’ of Google (or Yahoo and Bing)? What tricks can you implement to make sure your customers come to you, and not your competitors? The solution would be for you to offer a series of complete SEO guides to help businesses bring in organic search traffic. You, this SEO online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help kickstart business owner’s ambitions to get seen in our crowded online world. Who do you know who owns a business and wants more customers? Sell them the solution…


Create a Forum/Community

A programmer forum is a community where programmers and other enthusiasts meet and discuss programming topics. These forums can be used to learn new skills, share ideas, or simply to talk about how great programming is. They have been growing rapidly in recent years as the demand for programmers has increased. Programming often requires deep knowledge of a topic as well as a great deal of creativity, so forums are a way to explore these topics with others who share your interest.


Create a Wordpress Plugin

Developing a WordPress Plugin is the process of installing, configuring and modifying a WordPress plugin to add functions and features to the platform. A majority of plugins are free, but in order to use a premium plugin you need a membership with an organization that offers support for that particular plugin. The benefit for developers in this model is that they can offer updates and bug fixes without needing to go through the process of maintaining their own codebase, while also gaining monetization from their work.


Develop a Sas Product

A Develop a Sas Product is the development of a new product or service by using the SAS system. The Development Process can be broken down into four major phases, which includes getting an idea for the product (Idea Generation), developing the idea (Idea Development), determining what risks are associated with the product (Risk Analysis) and analyzing how feasible it will be to take that product to market (Feasibility Analysis).


Develop an Iphone App

Developing an iPhone app is the process of designing and developing software for the iOS operating system, which runs on many Apple devices such as smartphones and tablets. One can also develop iPhone apps to run on other smartphones or tablets that use the same operating system, but because it is more difficult to design apps to suit these different screen sizes, this is less common.


Do Freelance Work

Freelance work is the act of performing labor without the typically necessary safety net of full-time employment. A freelancer takes on any kind of work in exchange for pay, typically without any contract or guarantee of future work. The work can be temporary or permanent, short term or long term, but it always lacks the security and benefits typically afforded to employees.



An Ecommerce refers to an online business that is focused on selling products and services. It is able to exist because of the internet, which makes it possible for customers to order without having to physically go into a store or place their order over the telephone. Ecommerce has grown at an astonishing rate, with many people now shopping online rather than in person.


Enter Competitive Programming Contests

Competitive programming contests are composed of a set of problems that require participants to develop algorithms. Teams of programmers work together, for short periods of time, to solve the problems. Each team is given the same problem and they must submit output before time runs out so that judges can review each answer.



Fiverr is a worldwide-based online market place of freelance services. Fiverr offers a platform for people to sell a variety of services ranging from graphic design, voiceover services, and web development to model poses for advertising campaigns. The site enables users to offer their skills as a freelancer at an introductory price of $5 per project.


Freelancing on Upwork

Freelancing on Upwork is the act of taking on projects in order to earn income. Freelancers can create their own profile, set their own rates, and post projects according to the skills they offer. The site ensures that freelancers are paid securely and reliably by providing a Freelancer Payment Protection Insurance plan. Workers who prefer to work from home can also get around time constraints by offering virtual assistance services such as data entry or administrative work.



There are many forms of investments that people put their money into, including stocks, bonds, government securities, business investment. Investment is the funding of capital that can provide a return on investment when used for productive activities. The funders in the investment typically receive the profits from these activities. The purpose of an investment can be to gain ownership or partial ownership in a company or business venture in order to make a profit from operations and capital appreciation.


Offer a Productized Programming Service

Productized programming services are services that are delivered as a product, providing the customer with the ability to buy exactly what they need for an affordable price. An example of this is that one can purchase a specific number of coding hours for their project. The delivery time and costs are known upfront, enabling customers to make informed decisions about how much they can spend on services.


Offer Web Development Consulting

Web Development Consulting is the process of providing services that help organizations better understand and develop their web development strategy. It can entail developing a long-term plan for web development, design, and maintenance.


Sell Digital Blogging Guides Online

According to digital marketing expert Neil Patel, there are approximately one billion blogs on the internet - that is roughly one blog for every seven people on the planet. Needless to say, the online world is crowded but the reasons to start a blog are as apparent today as it was 10 years ago - content is king. But in the crowded digital age, ambitious new bloggers need to be able to differentiate themselves from the competition.  Where is the best place to start? Which platform can I use to blog with? Which niche can I blog about? You have the opportunity, with this blogging niche online businesses for sale, to cater for the new blogger by providing answers to these burning questions. Who do you know who would love to start a blog and do it right? Sell them the solution…


Participate in Code Competitions

Code competitions are increasingly popular ways for programmers of all levels to test their skills; they provide the opportunity for amateurs to compete with experienced professionals. Participating in code competitions can be an excellent way to gain exposure and recognition for programming talent, as well as offer valuable experience that is difficult to find elsewhere. Competitions are often timed events, where each participant is given a set amount of time; this emphasizes efficiency and problem-solving ability over creative thought.


Sell Web Templates

Web templates is a pre-made design that is used as the backbone for designing and developing a website. Web templates can be somewhat limiting or restrictive, but they are an easy and fast way to create a website. The most popular type of web template is called responsive web design. This allows for the site to automatically adjust as the user's screen resolution changes.


Share Coding Tips on Youtube

A Share Coding Tip is a short video that presents software coding tips for beginners by using an instructional voice, demonstration, and graphics. For novice coders, it's important to have a clear understanding of what you're looking at. The Share Coding Tips help you to go through the process step-by-step so you can avoid common pitfalls or mistakes. One example of a Share Coding Tip would be about how to code HTML eCommerce sites with Shopify.


Start a Coding Blog

A Coding Blog is a blog written by a programmer with a focus on a specific code. The writer may discuss new code, programming languages, or the Web in general from their perspective. A number of coding blogs are written by coders looking to share knowledge through blog posts. A Coding Blog is Web-based, typically with a text interface and hyperlinks that provide context-sensitive access to information. Posts may be replies to other posts or introductions to new topics.


Start Open Source Project

A source project is when an organization takes responsibility for the implementation of sustainable development principles by creating programs that focus on social, environmental, and economic issues. These projects are usually implemented locally with the goal of contributing to overall global change.


Teach Programming

Teaching programming is the process of teaching one to code in order to create programs. It is a way of expressing ideas, which are often non-verbal, into computer instructions. The process of teaching programming can include formal instruction, assessment tools, exercises, and assignments, with an ultimate goal of helping people learn the skills necessary for coding. These skills are necessary for people who want to enter the field of computer science or work in fields that require these skills.


The Shopify App

The Shopify App allows users to have a quick and easy way to create their own website. The app is built from scratch for mobile devices and can be used with or without a merchant account. It offers drag-and-drop customization, mobile optimization, and the ability to integrate with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.


Write a Coding Ebook

Coding is a method for assigning meaning to text symbols in a computer language. In programming, coding with a language such as C++ is the conversion of instructions from human-readable code into machine code that can be executed by a computer.


Write on an Existing Blog

There are a number of ways that a blog can be written about programming, or any other topic. One way is to write a blog on the topic for a start-up company. Another is to write new articles addressing an issue in the field, such as how to improve your skills at programming. Another approach is to write an existing blog using academic jargon.

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