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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

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31x Side Hustle Ideas for College Students

College Students Side Hustle Ideas...


College students are often in a unique position in their lives. They sometimes have a lot of time on their hands, and they're looking for the next big thing. One way that college students can earn money is by starting a side hustle. A side hustle is an additional commercial activity that is not limited to their main job(s) and/or studies.


Become a Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative is responsible for assisting customers with their concerns, answering questions, and ensuring the customer has a positive experience. The ideal candidate will have excellent time management skills, an outgoing personality, and the ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment.


Become a Food Delivery Driver

As an aspiring food delivery driver, you will be responsible for the transportation of food from the restaurant to its customer. Training will include education in basic map reading, with advanced training in route planning. Several hours in the classroom will be required in order to cover topics such as identifying landmarks, navigating traffic patterns, and understanding restaurant slang in order to ensure satisfactory customer service.


Become a Master of Errands

Many graduate students have a lot of errands to do, so it is important for them to become masters of errands. Colleges are one of the places where many grad students live, but that doesn't mean that they are able to drive. Often times they are on foot without a car. If they don't want to miss out on school because their classes are on the other side of campus, then they need to get creative with how they get around.


Become a Model

The act of becoming a model is an interesting phenomenon, insofar as there are many reasons why someone may want to become one. The broadest rationale for using modeling as a career is that it can be financially fruitful; models frequently make six-figure (USD) incomes. Models often enjoy the fame and notoriety of their profession, which can garner attention from people who may not know them personally.


Become an Editor for Your Classmates

Creating an editor for your classmates can be a great way to learn about how to write properly. It can also teach you about the different formats and styles of academic papers. Editing for others will help you develop skills that many academics need: clarity, conciseness, and good research skills.


Become an Instagram Marketer

The time has come for brands to jump on the platform of social media, and make use of one of the best outlets. Instagram is a powerful tool, with great potential for marketing. With over 300 million daily active users on average, it would be wise not to ignore this opportunity. It all starts with having a compelling story that resonates with people, but then you need to find ways to bring that story into their world.


Sell Digital Marketing Ebooks Online

Shopify, the world renowned marketing platform this website is built on, estimates by the end of 2021 that global business to consumer sales will exceed $4.5 Trillion a year! That is a lot of money on the table. But as there are so many people shopping online now, how can you possibly garner the attention your business deserves? How do you get your brand on the front page of Google? How can you use Facebook to properly promote your business? How can you develop a business brain? When it comes to marketing, there are lots of problems to solve.  The solution would be for you to offer a range of marketing guides to business owners (yourself included - could you benefit from these guides too?). You, this marketing online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help business owners get their products in front of the right people at an affordable price. Who do you know who owns a business? Sell them the solution…


Build an Online Store

A company that sells goods online is an Internet retailer. Online stores are virtual storefronts that allow shoppers to purchase items without needing to physically visit the store. Some of the benefits of shopping online are convenience, lower prices, and the ability to find products not otherwise available in-store. The disadvantages are higher shipping fees, higher prices for large items, and lack of personal customer service.


Build Mobile Apps

Building mobile apps requires the use of various technologies, design tools, and other engineering skills to make it work well. These types of apps are for both iOS and Android, and they can be used on various devices including laptops and tablets.


Clean Out Your Wardrobe

This is an imperative for anyone who has fallen out of touch with their wardrobe. If you have clothes that are no longer fitting, or just don’t match your style, or are just time to move on from for one reason or another, it’s time to clean out your wardrobe. This doesn’t have to be a dramatic event. It can be done slowly, over the course of a few months.


Distribute Flyers

Not everyone is in the same location. Some people are in the same neighborhood, but not everyone. The flyer distribution job consists of these elements: distributing flyers to all different locations, being aware of where flyers have been distributed already, and making sure that they are available for as many people as possible.


Donate Plasma to People in Need

Donating blood plasma is a common way of helping people. The process removes about half the blood from a person's body and turns it into a liquid which contains many vital chemicals that can be donated to others in need. Plasma has been used by doctors for decades to help patients with rare blood types, but recent research has shown it can also be used for other conditions such as burns, trauma, and autoimmune diseases. While anyone can donate blood plasma, the process is not without risks.


Drive for Uber or Lyft

The term chauffer, or taxi driver, is a job that involves transporting passengers from one location to the next. Normally the process for this would involve getting in contact with a dispatcher who will direct you to an address where you are needed. For drivers who choose to use Uber or Lyft, they need only to download their respective app and log in. The app will alert them of any available drives in their area and give them directions to each one.


Flip Shoes Online

Shoes are now being flipped online for those who cannot find the right pair for themselves. This is a new and interesting concept that has been catching on in this country and others as well. The idea behind it is actually very simple: people buy shoes and then sell them to the ones who want them, but can't find their size. The shoes can be found through vendors who specialize in only one type of shoe or through general vendors like eBay where you can find anything.


Join a Small Tasks Marketplace

An individual can join a small tasks marketplace so they can complete numerous little tasks in order to earn more money. Individuals may feel that only completing one job with a company, their hourly wage is not enough. Joining a small tasks marketplace enables individuals to work part-time with many different companies and have the opportunity to earn more money.


Learn to Fix Iphone Screens

The vast majority of iPhone screen problems result from a simple case of the phone being dropped. To repair this problem, one can use a set of YouTube tutorials as a guide, or find an expert to fix their shattered screens.


Lend Your Sporting Equipment for a Fee

A company may rent out sporting equipment for a fee, such as skis, bicycles, and kayaks. This option is ideal for individuals who would like to try out a new sport or activity but don't want to buy the equipment themselves. The company will also be charging a rental fee and an initial deposit.


Put Your Diy Skills to the Test

A DIY project is a do-it-yourself project that can be done using a number of skills and tools--from creating your own furniture to starting your own pottery business. The article recommends that when learning new equipment or techniques, you should always ask yourself how these might affect your next project.


Rent Handbags

Many people are still unaware of the rent handbags phenomenon. Women are often faced with the dilemma of carrying a purse, which requires an arm to be free for balance or holding shopping bags, or carrying nothing at all. The problem with this is that purses are not only expensive but they are cumbersome and make it difficult to carry other items. Renting a handbag is an innovative idea with many benefits.


Reselling Items and Textbooks

Re-selling items is often done because the seller believes they are better off personally by selling an item for more than it was purchased. Often, used textbooks are re-sold because of the demand for college textbooks.


Selling Class Notes

The act of selling academic notes is generally frowned upon by universities for various reasons. The first reason is that professors prepare lectures because they're passionate about their specific content. They want the students to take notes because they're engaging with what's being taught, not because they're planning to sell it minutes later.


Start a Freelance Computer Technician Business

Start a freelance computer technician business by setting up a website with listing of skills, rates, and services. The services are bundled into categories such as standard packages, data recovery, networking setup, etc.


Sell Digital Freelancing Guides Online

There are 830,000+ registered freelancers on Fiverr (and counting), all competing with one another for the custom of people looking at outsourcing various services. However, how do these freelancers all compete with each other? Whether on a freelancing marketplace or providing services privately, the paradigm shift from employees to freelancers has meant greater demand and greater supply. But how can a freelancer look to compete in such a crowded industry? The solution would be for you to offer a freelancing guidebook to help freelancers with getting a competitive edge over the competition. You, this freelancing online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help freelancers get into the industry, where to find customers and deliver. Who do you know who wants to work freelance instead of working for an employer? Sell them the solution…


Start a Gift Wrapping Business

In the course of human history, it has been found that gifting is an essential part of socializing. In some circles, gifting is a form of communication, while in others it is a chance to show your love or gratitude. To help with this process, many have started businesses serving as a middleman between the person giving and the person receiving. This paper will explore a business model of a gift wrapping company based on this premise.


Start a Print on Demand Business

Print on Demand (POD) is a business model that does not require inventory management. POD businesses specialize in printing and delivering books as they are ordered, eliminating the need for expensive storage or shipping. It's often an option for self-publishers looking to print small batches of books as demand arises.


Take Care of Other People’s Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a task that most people despise and would not want to do without the aid of another person. However, some people take this task on themselves and perform it for other people in their life. These individuals typically assist many people with grocery shopping due to having a high amount of free time, which allows them to perform this task for others.


Taking Psychology Studies

It is of note that the aforementioned study has found that subjects paid to take a subject-area psychology exam did not perform better than those who took the same exam for free, but carried out their work without compensation. The experiment was conducted on undergraduate psychology students in order to determine if paying people to do something they are already required to do could actually be counterproductive, particularly in light of the #metoo movement.


Teach English Online

Teaching English online can be a very rewarding and flexible way for anyone who has the necessary skills and experience to teach people in other countries. There are many websites that offer to help, but at the end of the day, you're going to have to provide your own materials and prepare your own lessons.



Tutoring is the process of providing students with academic assistance, typically in one-to-one or small group settings. Tutoring can improve grades and test scores, help students get ready for placement exams, get ahead on assignments, study for tests, or get an edge on the competition.


Use Your Photography Skills to Sell Stock Photos

The demand for stock photography has continued to increase as the popularity of stock photo websites such as and have increased. The increasing demand for these sites has resulted in an increase in competition, which often drives prices down and forces photographers to find alternative methods for earning money; one way of doing this is by using their skills to sell stock photos.


Website Testing

Website testing is the process through which a web company evaluates the effectiveness of their website. The process can be broken down into three categories: functional, usability, and content. Functional tests are run to evaluate how well the website functions in terms of its ability to perform all tasks it is designed for. Usability tests are used to evaluate how easily a user can reach their desired function on the site.

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