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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

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30x Side Hustle Ideas for Creatives

Creatives Side Hustles...

It's always good to have an extra source of income, and if you're an artist or creative (think graphic designers or writers), then you might want to consider our side hustle idea. Side hustles are anything that provide a second stream of revenue, be it self-employed or freelance work, and there are plenty of ways for creatives to make an income outside the bounds of their day job.


Calligraphy, Hand-lettering and Other Crafts

Calligraphy is the art of making beautiful handwritten letters. The art form has existed in many cultures over the centuries, and its western contemporary form is thought to have originated in Europe. It was widely practiced in medieval Europe to create documents that were cherished for their beauty; among European artists, it is considered one of the major arts alongside painting and sculpture.



A Cartoonist is usually someone who is skilled in drawing, sketching, or painting. They are also known for creating cartoons or illustrations.


Children’s Party Entertainer

Children’s Party Entertainer is a person that provides entertainment for children's parties. One example is a face painter, who paints the guests with different designs on their faces. Other examples are magicians and jugglers who can perform tricks and sorcery to impress small children. Some people even dress up as a beloved character from a show or movie, such as a princess or superhero, which also entertains children at their party.


Freelance Animator

Freelance animators are creative artists who use animation software to create films, videos, or other presentations. This type of work can involve a variety of different tasks such as drawing, writing, and storyboarding. Animation is the art of creating illusionary movement through drawings, films, sound effects and voiceover. Freelance animators use this skill to animate video game graphics and commercials.


Freelance Video Creator

A freelancer video creator is someone who is in charge of the idea, the storyboarding, and the animation of a video. Freelance video creators usually freelance for companies in order to make money, but they also can make their own videos with their own company. They are responsible for all aspects of making the video, including the scriptwriting, camera work, editing and animation. The final product is then offered back to their employer or published online for viewing by others.


Sell Digital Home Decor Guides Online

The home furnishings industry in the US is worth $30.9 Billion a year, according to IbisWorld. This amount may not be shocking when you acknowledge the fact that a well organised and displayed room, with lots of light and natural colours, can help influence mood. A cluttered room can make people feel agitated, whilst a calm and minimalist surrounding can be soothing and relaxing. But to achieve the results of an expert home decorator or interior designer can be expensive. Why hire someone else to do it when you can do it yourself? Surely you wish to maximise your budget on furnishings? Well, it’s not that simple. Professionals make a full time living out of designing people’s homes for a reason - because they know what works. So, what if you could get the knowledge of a professional interior designer, without the designer price tag… The solution would be for you to offer home decor guides to help people to get the home they want. You, this home decor online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people to pick the best furnishings, lighting, windows, linen, plants and accessories to match both their home and their lifestyle. Who do you know who could do with an interior home refresh? Sell them the solution…


Get Behind the Lens

For those who are interested in documenting their lives and sharing their story with the world, it can be difficult to find time or know where to begin. Get Behind the Lens is an online course that provides aspiring photographers with everything they need to start their photography business. The course covers what you need to know about gear, lighting, composition/framing, post-processing.


Get Cashback When You Shop

So, Get Cashback When You Shop is a program that allows you to earn money back on purchases. Every time you shop with one of the stores on the list, you’ll earn some set percentage on your purchase. For example, if there’s a store that has 10% cash back on every purchase, then every time you buy anything from that store, you’ll get 10% of what you purchased back in your account.


Help Plan Vacations

Help Plan Vacations is an online service that helps customers with organizing, planning, and executing their travel itinerary. This website offers users the ability to plan vacations for themselves or with family or friends. The company has created a universal guide of key things to think about when booking hotel rooms, airfare, car rental services, and tours.


Home Staging

Home staging as a side hustle is the process of going to a person's home and making it more appealing for potential buyers. This is done by making sure the house looks tidy and aesthetically pleasing. For example, moving furniture to make the space seem bigger or removing clutter from counters and tables can make a big difference in a house. Sometimes people will buy furniture from sellers who are staging their houses, both adding to the purchase price.


Online Art Tutor

It is a way for those who are interested in teaching art to, as the name says, tutor about art. The tutors on this site provide lessons on how to draw likenesses of people or objects. They also teach skills such as perspective or shading. Some of the offerings from these tutors include lessons on how to paint portraits and abstract paintings, sketching techniques, and graphic design tutorials.


Sell Digital Music Guides Online

Music has been a cultural norm for centuries, is a major artistic discipline and, for many, big business. The current music industry makes around $51.5 Billion a year, according to Statista. Although music touches everyone’s lives, not everyone can play an instrument. In fact, roughly 12% of adults play - with 9 out of 10 children wanting to lean an instrument, one study found. But learning an instrument isn’t easy. If you want to learn a musical instrument, where do you start? How do you know which instrument is right for you? There are many challenges which await new musicians. The solution would be for you to offer a range of music guides to people interested in learning a new instrument - particularly the big three: Guitar, bass guitar and keyboard / piano. You, this music online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help kickstart people’s musical aspirations. Who do you know who wants to learn an instrument? Sell them the solution…


Pod Shops

Pod Shops are establishments that sell items, often stolen or purchased through dubious means, through online listing sites. Buyers then contact the seller to arrange a meeting in person or remotely for delivery of the purchased item or collection of purchased items.


Powerpoint Creator

Powerpoint Creator is a side hustle that can be used to make and sell PowerPoint presentations and other documents. The creator and the creation process is for those who wish to create their own personal or business document however do not have the time or skills to do so themselves.


Print Illustrator

Print Illustrator allows you to create vector illustrations that are then converted into an image that can be printed. Vector-based graphics are built with points, lines, curves, and fills that when put together create a picture. A vector is the perfect illustration for the printing industry because they can be scaled to any size without losing quality. This is done by preserving the shapes and colors of an illustration while only altering the size of the drawing’s pixels.


Professional Home or Closet Organizer

A professional home or closet organizer is someone who works with clients to help them create order in their homes and closets. These professionals usually specialize in either residential or commercial spaces, or in one type of organization, such as kitchen design. Some professionals also offer services for individuals who are elderly, disabled, or have autism.


Remodel Thrift Store Items

Remodel Thrift Store Items is a company devoted to recycling clothes, furniture, and other materials that are not used anymore. The act of remodeling them into useful objects or pieces of art is done with the intention of reducing the amount of things that go to landfills. Remodel Thrift Store Items collects donations from local communities and offers their services for free. They even provide pickup service which makes it easy for people to donate unwanted items.


Sell Digital Branding Guides Online

Branding includes so many elements which can help a business, whether new or established, to be successful as customers can trust a company with a strong brand identity. Just think of brands like Apple, Tesla and Nike. All companies should practice branding methods, however not all are clear about what branding actually is. Business owners know it is something they need, but branding goes far further than just a logo and a business card. A solution comes in the way of the branding guide included to sell with this branding online business for sale. It covers a range of useful chapters and actionable information to help business owners and graphic designers alike get to grips with the raw elements which make up a brand. Who do you know who owns a business who could do with a brand refresh? Sell them the solution…


Rent Out Your Pool

Rent out your pool as a side hustle is the same as renting out your property to others for their enjoyment. Often times, people are too busy to enjoy their own backyard pool, so they rent it out to other families that do not have access to a pool. This is advantageous for both parties since people without pools can access one and the property owners make some passive income off of something they would not otherwise use.


Sell Apparel Designs

The Sell Apparel Designs side hustle is a way for people with preexisting skills in design and computer-based modeling to earn a living by developing and selling designs on the internet.


Sell Plugins and Material Packs

Sell Plugins and Material Packs are when someone who has downloaded the free version of a plugin or material pack, they can purchase it in order to get all of the features. It's an opportunity for the developer to make money by selling plugins.


Sell Your Artwork to a Curator

Sell Your Artwork to a Curator is the process by which artists are screened for potential exhibitions. The curator will review the artist’s work and determine whether or not it is appropriate for their exhibition, so that artists must understand the market they are trying to sell to.


Sell Your Knowledge

Sell Your Knowledge, as a side hustle, is ideal for those who have an expertise in a certain area and want to earn extra income from it. It has been successful because of many factors including the ease of use for both those buying and those selling knowledge.


Start Cookie Business

Cookie is a business that provides various cookie recipes for people to try out. You can find cookie recipes for chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and other types of cookies. To start up this business you will need to buy pans, ingredients, and other supplies.


Start Flipping Furniture

Flipping furniture is a common method of wholesale resale. Resellers "flip" or buy a piece of used furniture for a low price and resell it for a profit, while the original owner has little knowledge of what transpired. The profits may be scant but there is no shortage of people willing to get into flipping - even if their profit margins are thin.


Style Consultant

A style consultant is a person who helps clients identify what to wear and how to dress themselves. This person typically has many years of experience in the clothing industry. The style consultant can offer inspiration for coming seasons, keep up with trends, provide feedback on specific outfits, find appropriate colors for their client, and recommend where they should shop for new clothes.



Thrifting is the act of buying and reselling secondhand clothing, accessories, and home goods. Thrifters often find items in op shops or garage sales that they can then sell to buyers on popular online forums such as eBay. The process of finding and reselling these goods can be a lucrative side hustle when done well.


Trivia Host

Trivia Host is an expert at trivia topics, typically asked in an interview format. They are able to provide information on the complicated world of coming up with questions for a game show or quiz, as well as what it's like to be an expert in a certain field.


Voice-over Acting

Voice-over Acting is when an actor speaks to the audience but their face is not seen. Voice-over actors are often hired in order to be recognized by audiences because they can see the face of the actor in other times.


Website Developer

A Website Developer is an individual who specializes in developing websites. They are responsible for designing the layout of all pages, as well as adding content to the website.

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