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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

Startup Streams

29x Side Hustle Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Stay at Home Moms Side Hustle Ideas..

Mothers are often considered the most enterprising people in the world. The stay-at-home mom may be seeing an increase in opportunities to work from home or start a small business that is not too demanding on their time. The idea of raising kids and running a successful business at the same time can seem impossible, but there are plenty of opportunities for moms who want to make money at home without having to give up their family.


Be a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are individuals who have been skilled at a profession and now obtain a higher quality of life by working from the comfort of their home. Virtual Assistants can work as Editors, Graphic Designers, Personal Trainers, Web Developers, Writers, etc. Virtual Assistants use specialized computer programs to remotely connect with clients around the world and complete projects for them. They may also design a website or create a business plan for a client.


Become a Cosmetics Brand Representative

A Cosmetics Brand Representative is a person who works with a cosmetic company to promote and sell their product. A Cosmetics Brand Rep will often work either as a part-time salesperson, sales representative, or event coordinator for a company. They can also work as a freelancer selling products at smaller events or fairs. In this role, they are reliant on the company's business strategy as well as the success of their own marketing campaigns to be successful in their line of work.


Sell Digital Beauty Ebooks Online

Did you know that according to Forbes, the beauty and cosmetics industry is worth $532 Billion expecting to rise to $800 Billion by 2023? That is a huge industry with incredible growth foreseen. What’s more, currently women in the USA spend an average of $3000 on cosmetics every year. But when it comes to the individual, knowledge is needed for women to look their best. The process isn’t as simple as buying any old thing from the makeup isle. Each complexion is unique and different skin types react to certain products. The beauty niche therefore isn’t simply a ‘product only’ industry as the end user needs to have a considerable amount of knowledge to be able to find and apply the best, most suited products for the consumer to feel fantastic.The solution lies in supplying immediately accessible information about beauty in the form of an ebook - or nine ebooks to be more precise. You, this beauty online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can supply guides about fashion, skin care, makeup and anti-ageing. Who do you know who would like beauty tips and advice? Sell them the solution…


Cake Decorator

A cake decorator is someone who specializes in the design of cakes. Cake decorators are trained in various trades, which they employ to create different designs on top of cakes or cupcakes. Certain techniques that are used include piping, spreading, brushing, and dipping. A professional cake decorator may also work with fondant, chocolate, marshmallow frosting, cream cheese frosting, buttercreams, fruit toppings, fondant flowers, royal icing worktops and more.


Decorate Homes

Decorate Homes are a sub-section of the niche industry of interior design that is dedicated to interests of the homeowner. The interior designer will work with the customer to create a plan for redecorating their home, which may include furnishing rooms, adding color, switching up the layout, and the addition of new lighting fixtures.


Do Garden Work

Garden work is an activity that most people have done at some point in their lives. It usually involves getting dirt on one's hands and clothes, but it is worth it when you are able to see the fruits of your labor. The garden can be used as a source of food, both for humans and animals alike. It also has the ability to make the surrounding area aesthetically pleasing.


Do Makeup for Events

Makeup for events, such as weddings and proms, is a special kind of makeup. It is heavier in color and texture than normal makeup, but it can be quicker to apply if you are making up several people at once. This type of makeup also tends to last longer on the skin. The application process can be rigorous with lengthy application times that will require setting powder or cream to “hold” it in place.


Flip Houses

Purchasing a house, then "flipping" it for profit, is a business strategy that may be undertaken by entrepreneurs looking to make money in the real estate market. Flipping houses often involves purchasing homes in need of repair, renovating the property, and then reselling it for a higher price. This process can also involve renovating homes in order to rent them out as well as to sell them at a higher price.


Get a Housekeeping Gig

Housekeeping gigs are a type of freelance work as a housekeeper. Housekeepers are responsible for cleaning clients’ living spaces, from windows to toilets. When completing a housekeeping gig, there are many items that need attention. To start, the housekeeper should inspect the premises and do an initial inspection with the client. For example, is there anything in need of an immediate clean?


Make Custom Soaps

Custom Soaps are soap produced in small batches using natural, skin-friendly ingredients. A variety of colors, scents, and shapes are available to suit each individual's personal preference. Custom Soaps are high quality, affordable luxury items that allow you to indulge in a spa treatment without visiting one.


Manage Social Media

The social media management is the act of handling, controlling, and managing the use of social media. The nature of this activity has changed overtime from a one-sided promotion to a more complex system that includes bilateral promotional activities and information sharing. This has standardized the process in an attempt to establish transparency between two or more parties.


Meal Prep for Others

Meal prepping is the act of preparing meals for others to eat ahead of time, typically in larger quantities. One reason for this is so that the individual does not have to worry about cooking every day or being limited by grocery store hours. This can be done for oneself or for family members, friends, or co-workers.


Sell Digital Diet Plan Guides Online

We have created our best ever businesses by using customer feedback, sourcing the best digital products to sell and creating a totally unique website which is customisable, includes a fully functioning pre-populated blog, PR social proof and the best marketing assets ever included with a starter store. How many people do you know want to eat healthily or lose weight but don’t know where to start? Sell them the solution…


Offer Caregiving Services

Caregiving services are an imperative for any family wishing to remain safe, secure, and healthy. The Senior Caregiver Institute is committed to the dignity of aging adults that are in need of assistance with day-to-day activities. We provide hands-on care, guidance, and resources to help seniors live their lives as independently as possible without having to move into a residence or assisted living facility.


Participate in Research Studies

Research studies can help provide evidence for future policies and programs. They also provide a better understanding about the effectiveness and side effects of treatments and medications. Many universities and hospitals in the United States offer paid or volunteer opportunities to participate in research studies that last from a few hours to many years. Some research studies are available only in certain geographical areas, such as Scandinavia or Alaska, while others can be found worldwide.


Recycle for Cash

Recycle for Cash is a private recycling facility that focuses on recycling and offers bartering to customers. The Recycle for Cash website states that the company offers "a win-win solution: with recycled material collecting and trading, we can both help the environment and provide an additional income to our customers.


Rent Out a Room

The process for renting out a room is fairly straightforward, but you should absolutely review the conditions before agreeing to anything. You'll need to provide details about your house and your neighborhood, answer any questions they may ask, and finally agree on an amount of time that makes sense.


Sell Baked Goods

Baked goods are an edible food prepared by the baking process. They are used in various dishes, can be eaten on their own or combined with other ingredients to make desserts. The preparation of baked goods is a little different depending on what type of dish it is being used for.


Sell Crafts Online

Selling crafts online is a popular way to reach a worldwide marketplace and create passive income. Selling crafts online requires a significant time investment of both online promotion and crafting, but it can be a lucrative venture for those with the talent to create beautiful, artisanal crafts.


Sell Flower Arrangements

A more natural choice for the modern bride is to choose arrangements made of fresh flowers. While it may be daunting at first to try and plan out an arrangement, it's worth the time investment. A few more tips are to first decide what your color scheme is, next decide on your rough budget, and finally decide if you want something that will last for a few days or only look good for one night.


Teach a Language

It is an ill-conceived, erroneous, and insubordinate belief to believe that one may teach a language. Languages are intransigent and immutable, not just for other people but also for you. If I may be permitted to suggest, the best course of action would be to learn how to talk about other subjects in the other's language.


Teach Yoga

Teaching Yoga can help to increase the flexibility of our bodies, to make us more mindful of what we are feeling in the moment, and to de-stress after a long day at work. Yoga is also known for helping to make people taller! It's best to practice yoga daily, but if you're new to it, start with three or four times per week. As always, consult your doctor before beginning any type of fitness regimen.


Sell Digital Yoga & Meditation Guides Online

Yoga is a spiritual discipline which focuses on encompassing mind and body through a series of movements, breathing techniques and poses. The benefits are plentiful with flexibility, overall health and wellbeing among the most attractive attributes to people who practise yoga regularly. The yoga industry is far bigger than you might think. According to Statista, The yoga industry is worth $11.6 Billion a year in the US alone! Approximately 55 million people practice yoga each year. But how exactly can someone get into yoga? Can it really help reduce stress, bring mindfulness and help lead a healthy life? The solution would be for you to offer a series of complete yoga and meditation guides to help people to get into the discipline. You, this meditation and yoga online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people to reap the rewards of yoga. Who do you know who wants to reduce stress and anxiety, whilst developing their mental wellbeing and mindfulness? Sell them the solution…


Test Products

Cognitive neuroscience is a field of study concerned with the neural mechanisms of the cognitive processes. Psychology is a broad discipline that studies mental processes and behavior. Cognitive psychology studies information processing, while behavioral psychology looks at how thoughts and feelings affect behavior. Neuroscience focuses on understanding the relationship between brain function and cognition, while neuropsychology specializes in studying neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.


Transcribe Videos or Audio

In an era of declining wages and corporate greed, the need to innovate in order to make a living is more important than ever. With the rise of mass communication through media, artists who produce their work on YouTube, create podcasts, or teach via webinars are able to circumvent traditional gatekeepers and find a niche audience that earns them a living.


Translate for Others

Translation work entails the converting of words and text from one language to another. This process requires an understanding of the target audience and, conversely, the culture and norms of the speaker's native country. Furthermore, translation must take into account both linguistics and cultural contexts in order to be successful.


Try Tailoring Clothes

Tailoring clothes is the process of adjusting an article of clothing's shape and style to better suit the wearer's body. Tailoring generally takes place in a professional tailor shop, but it may also be done at home. It is important to know that tailoring will not work on all types of fabric. The most common fabrics for tailoring are wool, cotton, silk, linen and knitwear.


Try Thrift Flipping

Thrift flipping is the act of purchasing goods at a bargain price and reselling them for a profit. Thrift stores are an inexpensive source for finding items that can be flipped, but it's also possible to find items in other places like garage sales or thrift shops. It's important to note that when flipping an item, the vendor should always try to flip it for less than they paid for it, otherwise there will be no profit.


Tutor Kids or Adults

In the academic world, the idea of tutoring is a way for students to get additional instruction from a teacher after class or from a tutor who can provide specialized assistance in a subject area. Tutoring can be done on an individual basis or as a group activity. Tutors are typically chosen by the student's parents and their schedule is set by their availability and not by the student's schedule.

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