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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

Startup Streams

29x Side Hustle Ideas for Artists

Artist Side Hustle Ideas...

If you're living as a creative person and making art, you might be struggling to make ends meet. The reality is that the arts world is changing. More and more people want to enjoy art and culture, but they don't have the money for it. This leaves artists in a tough position: they either need to find a way to make more money or start thinking about other ways to work. One of side hustle that many creatives are starting is selling their art online, check below for many more ideas...


Art Therapist

An art therapist is a person who is trained to help children and adults express their feelings and work through issues. These professionals use the creative process of making art, such as drawing, painting, and modeling in clay in order to facilitate communication and healing. For example: when a child comes to the art therapist with an issue they may make a picture or sculpture that represents their concern. The child can then share this symbol with the therapist, giving them the opportunity to explore ways to resolve it.


Art Tutor

An art tutor is an expert in the field of painting and drawing. They use their expertise to teach people of all ages how to work with different mediums, such as watercolor or charcoal. Some tutors will come to your house and teach you face-to-face, while others will work with you over the phone, on Skype, or on social media using video chat.



The barista is the person who gets the customer their drink. If they are not working, you will have to wait for at least 5 minutes for your drink. They will make sure that the person gets what they want, but if they are not working, you might get their personal favorite unflavored coffee.


Be a Makeup Artist

A Makeup Artist is someone who works with the actor to create the look the actor will have on camera. The makeup artist could be in charge of makeup, hair, and clothing for all cast members or could specialize in just one area. Most makeup artists are self-employed and many, but not all, use their own studio.


Sell Digital Music Guides Online

Music has been a cultural norm for centuries, is a major artistic discipline and, for many, big business. The current music industry makes around $51.5 Billion a year, according to Statista. Although music touches everyone’s lives, not everyone can play an instrument. In fact, roughly 12% of adults play - with 9 out of 10 children wanting to lean an instrument, one study found. But learning an instrument isn’t easy. If you want to learn a musical instrument, where do you start? How do you know which instrument is right for you? There are many challenges which await new musicians. 

The solution would be for you to offer a range of music guides to people interested in learning a new instrument - particularly the big three: Guitar, bass guitar and keyboard / piano. You, this music online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help kickstart people’s musical aspirations. Who do you know who wants to learn an instrument? Sell them the solution…


Become an Indie Hacker or Solopreneur

An artist who performs the role of an indie hacker or solopreneur is someone who creates art within a specific realm to show their personal interpretations, creativity, and skills. They are often at the forefront of new technology, unlike corporate entities who have their hands in many pots. The indie hacker or solopreneur is often considered a creative genius.


Creating Music Campaigns

A “music campaign” is a set of marketing and promotional activities aimed at creating and influencing public opinion, and to sell a product or service, usually in the music industry. It is composed of many tactics such as advertising, public relations, celebrity endorsements and musical performances.


Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is the process of buying generic domain names and reselling them for profit. It's tough to find a good domain name, but people with the skills and time to do so can make a nice supplemental income doing it. 


Entering Contests

Entering contests is a great way to see if you are able to win prizes. Many people think that they are just paying for the chance to win, but there are other ways to enter contests for free. For example, some companies will offer contests where you can enter by submitting an entry online.


Event Decorator

Event decorators are elements that are used to embellish the experience of an event. They can be small, like confetti, or large, like the stage for a concert. One way that event decorators can support big events is by creating excitement and anticipation before it starts. For example, during halftime of an NFL game, fireworks can be set off to excite the crowd and get them ready for the game to resume.


Freelance Music Mastering

A freelance music mastering engineer will bring a project from the studio to the finish line. This is done by adjusting the volume so that it sounds good, balancing the frequency response so that there are no annoying frequencies, and using compression or limiting to give it a nice volume level without clipping.


Get Paid for Your Advice

The word "artist" can be used to refer to someone who is skilled in the arts. The term "art" is often used to refer to painting, sculpture, design, and other visual or applied arts. But these days the term "artist" also applies to such fields as crafts and fashion. Artists can get paid for their advice on a variety of subjects such as art history, the restoration of paintings, sewing clothes, etc.


Independent Curator

An Independent Curator is someone who selects and exhibits artists, texts, or subjects according to his/her own taste rather than any set of criteria.


Instrument Repair

An instrument repair is the act of restoring an item to its original quality. It can be used for anything from restoring a violin, to fixing a broken television. The process starts by stripping an item of all its surrounding parts and internals, leaving just the shell left. The shell will then be sanded down and cleaned, before any new parts are fitted. Finally, the last step is to bond all the pieces together with glue or solder them together with heat.


Invest in Rental Properties

An Invest in Rental Properties is an investment strategy which involves the purchase of real estate property for the purpose of renting it to tenants. This strategy can be profitable because it relies on the tenant to pay the mortgage, not the investor. The investor will typically collect rent payments that surpass what they would have paid in mortgage interest or other costs (i.e., taxes).


Sell Digital Greeting Cards Online

At first, a pretty bit of paper with much-appreciated well-wishes. But after a week, it’s another bit of clutter that you have to guiltily throw away, or shove into a mouldering box of keepsakes. From the sender’s end, it’s a pain in the proverbial. Digging through an address book (do we even have an address book?), picking up the card from the local chain shop, buying stamps (how much?) and dropping it off in a post box. I mean, we love our friends and family, but what a kerfuffle. So, we’ve reinvented birthday cards for the Age of the Internet. Flaunt your well-wishes across social media so that everyone knows what a good friend you are. Digital social greetings cards, optimised for Instagram, are greetings cards designed specifically for social media: Customers can purchase, instantly download, post to any social media platform, compose a special message for whoever's birthday it is and tag them in it. It solves buying traditional greetings cards, writing and posting. Who do you know who always forgets to send a birthday card and struggles to find one last minute? Sell them the solution… 


Make an Online Course at Udemy

An online course can be created at Udemy, which is an online course provider. The person wanting to take the course pays a monthly or yearly fee. The person creating the course also pays a fee as well as a percentage of the money from the students who sign up for it. There are many categories within which to create courses, but it is necessary that the courses provide something tangible to people signing up for them.


Mural Artist

A mural artist is a skilled craftsman who creates visual art on buildings and other surfaces. A mural artist may work with an art climate, such as the environment of a climate-controlled studio or galleries. Some artists might specialize in murals, while others might be part of an art movement that includes other mediums such as painting and sculpture. Murals are used for many purposes, including aesthetics and politics.


Online Art Therapist

An online art therapist is a mental health professional who facilitates therapeutic art sessions with people over the internet. This service is often utilized by individuals who are geographically isolated from resources in their region and allows for more accessible and affordable options.


Paint Houses

In the world of graffiti, a painting houses is a type of work that is done by two or more artists. The first artist paints a clean surface for a first layer. This first layer should be large enough to accommodate the other artists who will be participating in the piece. The second artist should then cover this first layer with a second layer of paint, spanning from one side to the other, without extending past it.



Presently, there are many technical advances in the art of photography. Consequently, digital manipulation of images has become an essential skill for photographers to use in their work. Essentially, this is the act of altering photographs by adding or removing elements from the image to produce a certain effect. This is usually done with Adobe Photoshop and GIMP.


Run Instagram or Tiktok Ads for Other Businesses

The act of running Instagram or TikTok ads for other businesses is a form of marketing that typically gives a company's advertisement exposure, which can then be converted into profit. This strategy is often used to target the younger generation, who are more likely to depend on social media than television or radio programs. The business will usually pay for promoted posts in an effort to advertise their own products and services.


Sell an Online Course

Selling an online course is the process of posting information about a product or service on a website for this to be seen by potential buyers. This is often done by business that provide lectures, tutorials, or courses that are available on the internet.


Sell Your Creative Skills

Many people are talented in a particular area. For example, someone may be adept at painting, playing the guitar, or drawing. What if they have some time on their hands one weekend? These individuals might want to see if they can put these skills to use so they can earn some money. If you have any creative skills, you might want to use them to earn some extra cash while doing something you love.


Selling NFTs

NFT is a new type of art form that goes beyond the traditional physical painting and sculpture. The artist does not create anything but instead layers together pre-existing video clips and sound bytes to create an aesthetic, which is then uploaded onto the internet. It is popular among many young artists because it is cheap and easy to make, since all of the components are free. The artist does not need any materials other than a computer and an internet connection.


Start Your Etsy Shop

An Etsy shop for artists is a storefront website where individuals can sell their handmade, vintage, or craft items online. Empowering the artist to create their own store on Etsy with no fees is one of the many benefits of using this website.


Teach Music Lessons

Teach Music Lessons is a company or person that specializes in teaching people music lessons. People can learn how to play piano, drums, guitar, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola and many other instruments. Some musicians represented by the company are Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder.


Write a Book

This is an opportunity to work with a professional writer, editor, and publisher to create a book that makes a significant contribution to your area of expertise.

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