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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

Startup Streams

28x Side Hustle Ideas South Africa

South Africa Side Hustle Ideas...


Side hustle ideas for small businesses in South Africa are plentiful. From driving for ride-share services like Uber to picking up odd jobs with TaskRabbit, there is a quick and easy way to make the extra money needed to supplement your income.



Accounting is the process of documenting and reporting financial transactions that are involved in the running of a business. The accounting department often consists of four parts – accounting, auditing, tax planning and information systems – with accountants generating financial statements and other reports for management to use in decision-making.


Answering Surveys

Surveys can be used for data collection in business, but surveys may also be used to collect information in other contexts. Surveys are typically an effective way to gather data in the social sciences, when there is no sampling frame available. A survey then uses a sample that has been obtained through some sort of probability sampling method. Surveys are also used in the social sciences to study society and culture. The questions asked on these surveys can vary widely depending on what is being studied.


Be a Delivery Partner

As a Delivery Partner, you will be responsible for fulfilling orders to customers on behalf of merchants. Your responsibilities will include meeting the customer in person to hand them their item, package it securely, deliver it to their doorstep, and enter into an agreement with the merchant that the merchant will cover the cost of return shipping in case of order cancellation.


Be a Restaurant or Store Partner

The restaurant or store partner of a brand is an entity that has partnered with the company to place its products at their restaurant or store for sale. The business will typically be compensated for this privilege with a percentage of sales. It can also be considered as an endorsement for that particular restaurant or store, as it provides the customer something new to experience on top of the usual fare.


Boerewors Roll Stand

Boerewors rolls are a popular and iconic South African fast food item. The boerewors roll stand is the wire mesh contraption that the boerewors rolls are served in. Boerewors rolls can be eaten on-the-go, at school cafeterias, on the beach or on an outing with friends and family.


Card Making

Card Making is a form of handicraft, as well as a popular hobby. The process typically involves the production of an intricate piece of paper constructed from many layers of thin papers, called "paper sheets" or "cardboard". This construction process can be done by hand, or by machine. Layers are glued together to form a stack of "papers" which is then cut into smaller pieces, which are sometimes punched with specialized hand-operated tools.


Sell Digital Birthday Cards Online

At first, a pretty bit of paper with much-appreciated well-wishes. But after a week, it’s another bit of clutter that you have to guiltily throw away, or shove into a mouldering box of keepsakes. From the sender’s end, it’s a pain in the proverbial. Digging through an address book (do we even have an address book?), picking up the card from the local chain shop, buying stamps (how much?) and dropping it off in a post box. I mean, we love our friends and family, but what a kerfuffle. So, we’ve reinvented birthday cards for the Age of the Internet. Flaunt your well-wishes across social media so that everyone knows what a good friend you are. Digital social greetings cards, optimised for Instagram, are greetings cards designed specifically for social media: Customers can purchase, instantly download, post to any social media platform, compose a special message for whoever's birthday it is and tag them in it. It solves buying traditional greetings cards, writing and posting. Who do you know who always forgets to send a birthday card and struggles to find one last minute? Sell them the solution… 


Cooking Classes

A cooking class is an educational course for people who are interested in learning the basics of cooking. These classes are often hosted by restaurants, culinary schools, or can be found online. There are many different types of classes including healthy cooking, gluten free classes, and vegetarian cooking classes. The preparation of food in a kitchen is one of the most important steps in creating a meal.


Custom Packaging

Custom packaging is a form of branding that specifically targets more specialized goods. In these cases, the buyer is often looking for a product specific to their desired need and is willing to pay a higher price for this product. Custom packaging takes into account the individual needs of the customer and offers a product that fits those needs.


Drop Servicing

This involves the servicing of a drop when it becomes necessary for one reason or another. Some reasons are that it is no longer profitable or that it becomes obsolete. A drop can be serviced in one of two ways, either by renovating the existing drop or by replacing it with a new one. It is up to the company operating the drop to decide which to do in order to maximize profits.


Fashion Design

Fashion Design is a stylized and creative way of designing clothes, accessories, jewelry and other such items. The design process usually involves the exploration of new ideas and concepts through sketches and experimentation with materials to create plausible design solutions. This includes design for mass production. It also includes aspects like textile development and product development which encompasses quality control and collection management.


Growing Seedlings

Growing seedlings is the process in which seeds are planted then they are given necessary resources to grow into plants. Planting seeds requires a lot of precision in order to provide the most suitable environment for each plant, including enough light, water, and nutrients. Potting soil needs to be sufficiently moist and fertilized for optimal growth, while providing a sturdy plant pot to keep them from tipping over. Conditions need to be managed carefully but can change from day to day or from season to season.


Hair Stylist

A hair stylist is a person who cuts, colors, and styles hair. A stylist is usually certified after completing training in the field. The numbers one thing that differentiates a stylist from an ordinary person is that they are skilled in the art of cosmetology. Hair stylists generally work within certain industries such as hair salons, beauty parlors, festivals, weddings, etc.



The hospitality industry is a large field that includes the management of hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, casinos, amusement parks, and other public places that are open to the public. Hospitality can be defined as hospitality industry which ranges from managing businesses such as hotels and restaurants to meeting and greeting people. Hospitality can also entail serving customers with high quality services.


Investment Banking

An investment banker is a person who provides both debt and equity financing for clients in the form of securities offerings, mergers, acquisitions, etc. Investment bankers are also involved in activities such as merger feasibility studies, IPO underwriting, proxy solicitation, and the development of capital-raising strategies.


Investment Management

Investment management is the process of saving and investing money in order to maximize returns and minimize risk. Many people invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other vehicles.


Landscape Artist

A landscape artist, also referred to as a landscape painter, is an artist who paints landscapes. This type of artist may use various media such as oil or watercolor painting for their work. Landscape artists are known for capturing the natural beauty of landscapes by presenting them in realistic perspective and perspective techniques. They often choose different seasons and times of day, which allows them to depict specific weather conditions like snow or rain that might be occurring in the scenery.


Management Consulting

In order to be a successful management consultant, one must have the ability to work with key stakeholders from different departments and organizations. The consultant is then able to help a company or organization by evaluating needs and goals, identifying solutions, and implementing the changes required to meet those goals. Lastly, an effective management consultant must be able to communicate long-term goals for the organization in a way that resonates with the business's core values.



A massage therapist is a health care professional who specializes in alleviating pain and treating muscle and joint problems through touch, typically by applying pressure to the muscles and joints. A massage therapist has an education that includes at least 500 hours of training, and additional hours of continuing education in anatomy and physiology.


Master of Ceremonies Services

A Master of Ceremonies is an individual who serves as the public face for an event. They often introduce speakers and performers, keep speakers to their allotted time, ensure that the event runs according to schedule, and act as a liaison between the audience and producers. The master of ceremonies typically has experience in public speaking, broadcasting, or entertainment.


Match-making Services

Such services range from those that offer to introduce members of the opposite sex with the aim of establishing a long-term committed relationship, to those that offer to introduce members of the same sex with the aim of establishing a short-term sexual liaison. 


Nail Art Technician

The Nail Art Technician is responsible for the detailed application of nail polish and nail art. The technician must have a wide range of knowledge in the field ranging from French manicures to gel nails. Focusing on a specific technique, however, they are most commonly found carrying out the work of a pedicurist or a manicurist.


Personal Trainer

A Personal trainer is someone who trains or teaches individuals to work out and exercise. It can also refer to fitness instructors who teach classes to people and instruct them on the right way to perform exercises.


Professional Coaching

A professional coach is a trained and experienced counselor who offers advice and support, typically one-on-one, to help people achieve their goals. The process of professional coaching will depend on the needs of the individual and is often tailored to their preferences. Professional coaches often work with individuals with cognitive or emotional limitations such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mental illness, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and intellectual disabilities.


Sell Digital Mental Strength Guides Online

Mental strength is an overlooked, yet truly vital part of any human's psyche to accomplish their goals, whether that be studying for exams, training for the military or indeed running a successful ecommerce store. Startup Streams commissioned the production of two ebooks on the subject with the intent of providing customers with top quality information (average 5 star ratings from real soldiers and civilians) and you with quality products to sell. The ebooks are aimed at helping people from all walks of life; military and civilian, with accomplishing their plans, goals and dreams. Therefore, this niche here can be as specific or broad as you would like. The mindset of a special forces warrior is an aspiration goal, but how do you get there without putting yourself through hell and high water? The solution this business solves is to teach people about the same exact mind management techniques of the elite special forces like the US Navy Seals and the British SAS. You, this mental strength online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people understand their emotions, combat negative thoughts and become mentally tough. Who do you know who wants to become more mentally robust? Sell them the solution…



Tailoring is the process of customizing a design for an individual. Tailoring can be applied to both clothes and software applications. Tailoring typically involves three phases, with the first phase being the most time intensive. The first phase is usually where all of the necessary information is collected, with things like measurements, preferences, and use cases.


Team Building Coach

Team Building Coach is a professional who provides activities, exercises, and tools to help teams successfully complete cohesive projects. They use the appropriate techniques in order to build trust, commitment, motivation, and innovation. The Team Building Coach can help with difficult challenges that come up when working collaboratively. They are available for hire or to consult in various industries including education, healthcare, business, government agencies, nonprofits and faith-based organizations.



A tester is an individual who tests software for bugs. A tester's job can be quite complex, as they are responsible for ensuring that the software functions correctly under various conditions. A tester may find themselves testing things like screens, integration with other pieces of software, error handling, and so on.

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