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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

Startup Streams

28x Side Hustle Ideas Jamaica

Jamaican Side Hustle Ideas...


Side hustles are a great way to make extra money and enjoy the freedom of working on your own schedule. If you're considering starting a side hustle, Jamaica is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The country offers resorts, excellent surf breaks, world-class jerk chicken, and more.


Animation Studio

Animation studios are companies which create and produce animated films. The animation process can be divided into three phases: development, production and post-production. Development includes the conception, original drawings and storyboards. Production is composed of keyframes, inbetweens and overdrawing. Post-production is the final stage where the film is given color.


Beauty Care

Beauty care is the art and practice of enhancing one's physical appearance. It includes hair styling, hair care, skin care, make-up, clothing, personal grooming. A beauty salon is a place where spa treatments are available to beautify the customer. The salon offers various services like pedicure, manicure, hair dressing or hair washing etc.


Sell Digital Beauty Guides Online

Did you know that according to Forbes, the beauty and cosmetics industry is worth $532 Billion expecting to rise to $800 Billion by 2023? That is a huge industry with incredible growth foreseen. What’s more, currently women in the USA spend an average of $3000 on cosmetics every year. But when it comes to the individual, knowledge is needed for women to look their best. The process isn’t as simple as buying any old thing from the makeup isle. Each complexion is unique and different skin types react to certain products. The beauty niche therefore isn’t simply a ‘product only’ industry as the end user needs to have a considerable amount of knowledge to be able to find and apply the best, most suited products for the consumer to feel fantastic. The solution lies in supplying immediately accessible information about beauty in the form of an ebook - or nine ebooks to be more precise. You, this beauty online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can supply guides about fashion, skin care, makeup and anti-ageing. Who do you know who would like beauty tips and advice? Sell them the solution…


Become a Software Developer

A software developer is a professional in the field of computer programming and who develops and designs application software, such as word processors, application software, video games, computer operating systems, and other types of applications. A programmer typically works as part of a team such as a software development company or an IT department in large organizations.



A construction business is a real estate development company that constructs new buildings. A construction company may provide building, civil engineering, and carpentry services, as well as installation of various mechanical systems, power distribution lines, wireless network systems, bridges and highways.


Customer Care Executive

The Customer Care Executive is a service provider who resolves customer complaints and inquiries on behalf of the company. A customer care executive might be asked to provide information on a product or service, schedule a repair appointment, or provide refund or rebate information. Frequently, a customer care executive will need to listen to the caller's issue and then either resolve it with them over the phone or take their contact information for resolution by other company staff.


Fashion Boutique

A fashion boutique is an establishment that sells clothing articles for everyday wear. The owners are usually stylists that offer professional advice on what to wear. A boutique may also have a wide variety of shoes, handbags, jewelry, and other accessories to complement the purchase.


Film & Music Distribution Company

The Film & Music Distribution Company is a company that distributes films and music. They offer a service where they distribute the films and music to theaters or other platforms that house them, while also offering a marketing campaign to promote the film to get it out in the public eye. The company works with the production of the film to get it placed in theatres nationwide, so they can have an audience reach from coast-to-coast.


Film Equipment Rental Business

The Film Equipment Rental Business is a company that provides the equipment needed to make film. They provide everything from cameras, lights, microphones, and even sets to studios where the filming will take place. The company in question offers various packages to suit various budgets and needs of their clients.


Fitness Training

Fitness Training is a form of exercise that frequently involves weights and the use of machines. It often includes aerobic exercises such as walking on a treadmill, bicycling or swimming. Fitness training is an excellent means for improving your cardiovascular function, strength and endurance.


Food Business

The food business is a booming industry. The expertise in this industry ranges from production to retailing, and has long been dominated by multinational companies who have the resources to fund the research and development for product innovations. In recent years, however, smaller firms have begun to grow in size. These small firms not only provide consumers with healthier options that are organic or vegan, but also deliver a unique market perspective that is different from big food corporations.



The term “Handicrafts” can refer to any product that is made by hand. The products may be traditional or as a new product as a result of technological development. In this case, handicrafts are typically created from natural materials such as wood, clay, and cotton. There are various reasons why people participate in handicraft production, including earning an income from the market, expressing artistic intent, and improving local economies.


Language Translation Service

A language translation service is specialized in translating written text from one language to another. This is accomplished by translators who are fluent in both of the languages. The translator converts the input text (original) into an output text (translation) by decoding the message of the input text and encoding it in the new target language. Translation provides linguistic, cultural, and ideological translations that can be applied to novels, advertisements, business cases, or any other written texts.


Livestock Farming

Livestock farming is the small subset of agricultural production that relies on domesticated mammals, like cows and pigs. It can be contrasted with other types of farming, which might use more fruit or vegetables, or poultry. Livestock farming produces some slightly different outputs than other farming, such as corn or apples. For example, one common product from livestock farming is milk - a type of fluid that comes from cows and is used to produce cheese and yogurt.



Logistics is a significant part of what makes a company’s success. Although it may seem like a non-essential component, it is integral in the operation of any company. For example, if a company doesn’t have the right tools or resources to do their job well, they will be less likely to succeed. In other words, logistics are responsible for ensuring that everything is in place and ready before the business starts operating.



Mining is the extraction of valuable materials from the earth. This usually includes precious metals, gems, and chemicals. In particular, copper and gold are mined from rocks. Coal may also be mined to be used as a fuel source for industries such as steel production. The steps involved in mining differ according to the type of minerals being extracted, but typically include prospecting, exploration, surveying, shaft sinking and excavation, ore processing and transportation.


Online Advertising Agency

Advertising agencies are responsible for the creation and placement of advertisements on various media channels. They can be approached by marketing professionals, businesses, or advertising firms. Some advertising agencies also specialize in a specific type of ad such as television ads or print ads. An online advertising agency is one that works through an internet browser to create and advertise to consumers.


Sell Digital Marketing Ebooks Online

Shopify, the world renowned marketing platform this website is built on, estimates by the end of 2021 that global business to consumer sales will exceed $4.5 Trillion a year! That is a lot of money on the table. But as there are so many people shopping online now, how can you possibly garner the attention your business deserves? How do you get your brand on the front page of Google? How can you use Facebook to properly promote your business? How can you develop a business brain? When it comes to marketing, there are lots of problems to solve. The solution would be for you to offer a range of marketing guides to business owners (yourself included - could you benefit from these guides too?). You, this marketing online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help business owners get their products in front of the right people at an affordable price. Who do you know who owns a business? Sell them the solution…


Photography Business

The photography business is a lucrative industry to get into. There are many opportunities for photographers in almost any industry, from weddings and family portraits to advertising and editorial photography. People will always want to capture memories of their lives through photographs, and because of this need, the demand for photographers will always be high.


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is any form of energy that replenishes with time, such as solar and wind power. For many years the world has focused on fossil fuels to power our homes and businesses. The problem with using these sources is that they are finite resources; they will eventually run out. Since the second law of thermodynamics states that in an isolated system entropy always increases, it becomes difficult to convert renewable resources into usable sources of energy.



Nowadays, restaurants are very popular all around the world. A restaurant is an establishment that prepares and serves food and drink to customers in return for money, either paid at the time of service or with a running tab. The word restaurant comes from the French word “restaurer” meaning to “restore” or “refresh”.


Start a Freelancer Platform

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and is typically hired for short-term projects. A Freelancer Platform allows the individual to search for, bid on, or create projects. There are many benefits to using a Freelancer Platform. The freelancer can make money doing what they want to do while the employer is able to find talent around the world. It also brings transparency into the relationship between freelancers and employers as they can see their ratings and reviews.


Start an SEO Agency

An SEO agency is a company that specializes in finding and manipulating internet content related to the keyword they are given, such as “seo services,” to make it more visible on search engine results.


Start a Travel Agency

A Travel Agency is a business that offers clients an option of renting, buying and selling travel services such as airline tickets and hotels. The truth is, people often find it hard to find the best deals on their own and instead rely on the knowledge and expertise of a Travel Agency to secure what they do need at a fair price. For those looking for the best deals, the key is to be conscientious and compare rates between Travel Agencies before making any decisions.


Sell Digital Travel Guides Online

The Guardian newspaper in the UK reported that 1.4 billion international travellers go on vacation a year. That is a lot of global travel! Of course, the travel industry as a whole took a pretty hard hit in 2020. Where Startup Streams is based in Bali, Indonesia, the average hotel occupancy rate hovered around 5-10% during peak holiday season and as Bali is so tourist dependant, many people lost their jobs (some now work for Startup Streams!). However, the travel industry is expected to bounce back over the next few years and as such, more and more people will be seeking some adventure. But with so many people around the world who have now found themselves unemployed, budget travel would be the way to go. But how can you travel on a shoestring budget? Is it even possible?  The solution would be for you to offer a budget travel guide to people wanting to travel but can only do so on a tight budget. You, this travel online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help all kinds of people with their travel ambitions over the next few years and beyond. Who do you know who wants to go on a cheap vacation? Sell them the solution…


Tourism Business

Tourism is an industry that benefits many parts of the world, including in Jamaica. While it is true that some tourist destinations are impoverished, this does not stop travelers from coming to their shores. Tourism gives jobs to locals and also provides services for travelers. With so many reasons to travel, the tourism industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds.


Voice Over Service Buisness

Voice over service is an important form of media production. It is a technique in which the voice track is recorded over the originally intended dialogue and sound track. Voice overs are typically recorded by a voice actor or "voice talent" but it can also be performed by the original actor in the scene, if their lines were dubbed; an anonymous voice-over artist; or a celebrity who is not seen on screen.


Waste Disposal

The waste disposal service is a company that offers waste management for residential and commercial clients. The company collects and transports trash/garbage to its processing facility or landfill. The contracted waste disposal service provider will remove any type of waste material from the client's property, including bulky items such as furniture, appliances, and yard debris. The company provides both scheduled and emergency services and is available 24 hours a day.

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Our mission is to maintain our excellent 5 star reputation as the go-to provider for new ecommerce stores, designed for new entrepreneurs. We provide excellent service for all Startup Streams entrepreneurs and I look forward to doing so for you today.”

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