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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

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27x Side Hustle Ideas for Farmers

Farmers Side Hustle Ideas...

Many farmers do not make enough money to cover the costs of operating their farm. The market price for agricultural products varies wildly, and if bad weather ruined an entire crop, this can spell disaster for the farmer. One way that some people are earning more than just what they need to survive is by starting a side hustle on top of their farming business. For example, you could start a mushroom company on the side, or create an organic plant business.


Agricultural Market Advisory Service

An Agricultural Market Advisory Service (AMAS) is an organization that provides market intelligence for agricultural commodities. The AMAS monitors global prices, production, trade and other information on agriculture to help make the best decisions for the producer. The market intelligence provided by an agricultural advisory service can be used to track production or gather data on farmers' need for aid.


Agritourism Director

An Agritourism Director is someone who often works for or with an agricultural company, farm, or ranch. They are responsible for developing and engaging in educational tours of the business to not only show people around, but also to provide information about the business. The goal is to engage visitors in agricultural businesses to participate in them or buy products.



An auctioneer is the person who facilitates the auction and each bid. The auctioneer’s responsibilities include authenticating pieces of furniture, announcing bids, and guiding bidders through the bidding process. It is the auctioneer’s responsibility to get valuable goods for a fair price.


Board Horses

A board horse is a large breed of horse that is bred for its size and strength in order to be ridden on in work in rugged terrain. They are typically used in lumber camps, large farms, and in logging where they are used in the construction of roads and buildings. They are also used to transport people over rough terrain. The board horse can weigh up to 2200 pounds at full maturity.


Cattle Farming

Cattle Farming is the practice of managing cows for beef production. The term “cattle” refers to animals that are raised for both their meat and their dairy products. Cows are used to produce milk, cheese, ice cream, butter, yogurt, and other dairy products. Cows are also commonly raised for beef production.


Sell Digital Gardening Guides Online

The average US household spends $503 a year on gardening, according to Garden Research. The entire gardening industry is worth over $47.8 Billion. People like to garden and want to know how to get started or improve their gardening skills. But the activity of gardening can be overwhelming - it is a topic which consists of a number of disciplines and requires a great deal of knowledge. Where do you start? The solution would be for you to offer a range of 7x gardening ebooks. You, this gardening online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people get into gardening, grow herbs, grow vegetables and even grow a perfect garden to attract butterflies. Who do you know who wants to grow a garden to be proud of? Sell them the solution…


Farm Estate Sale Arbitrage

Farm Estate Sales are a type of arbitrage. The word "arbitrage" is defined as the purchase and sale of an asset to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset. Farm Estate Sales are generally taking place on farms, where there is often an abundance of items to be sold by the estate. For example, furniture, household goods, clothes, etc.


Farmland Wholesaler/broker

A Farmland Wholesaler/broker is a commercial entity that negotiates transactions of agricultural land and commodities, often for a commission. This type of broker will either handle the process from negotiation to closing or work with another agent or broker. The broker charges a fee for the service of finding the property and negotiating the transaction.


Forage Your Forest

Forage Your Forest is an educational outreach program that encourages people to forage for common edible plant species in their surroundings. Participants can learn the basics of plant identification, edibility, and nutritional information, as well as find out what parts of the plants are used for medicinal or culinary purposes. The program also helps participants understand the importance of sustainable harvesting practices and preserving our diverse ecosystem.


Goats for Rent

Goats for Rent is an idea to rent out goats to clear weeds and brush. They are rented out by the day, week, month, or year. The herd of goats can be anything from five to fifty or more depending on the size of the job. The average clearing time for a 1 acre lot is about 3 hours with 50 goats grazing.


Keep Bees

A beekeeper is a person who encourages bees to produce honey by taking care of the hives and harvesting the honey. They also make sure that the colony is healthy and maintain a large number of honey bee species. In other words, a beekeeper is responsible for the population of bees within the hive.


Landscaping Service

A landscaping service is a business that provides groundskeeping and construction services to residential and commercial customers. They provide services such as gardening, seeding, fertilizing, planting, irrigation, mowing, mulching, seeding and trimming trees. The number of homeowners investing in professional landscaping is expected to rise as they seek out ways to make their yards look more finished and appealing.


Lease Out Farming Equipment

A Lease Out Farming Equipment is the act of using equipment, either machinery or land, that does not belong to the person who uses it. One benefits because they would not need to buy the item in order to use it. The owner benefits because they do not have to pay for the maintenance of the machine.


Locally Grown Marketer

A locally grown marketer is one that focuses on marketing to the local population with the intent of best serving their needs. Locally grown marketers are often taking seriously the marketing trend of localization, which combines traditional marketing methods with more localized methods. Marketing materials are often crafted specifically for the local population's needs and preferences.


Sell Digital Eco Living Books Online

The last few years have seen some of the hottest temperatures on record, averaging 0.95 degrees celsius warmer than last century (Statista). You are well aware of the adverse changes our planet will experience if the world continues on the same path of burning fossil fuels, releasing green house gases and enlarging the hole in the ozone layer. However, it is common knowledge that the best way to combat this disaster is if we all do our part and go greener. But, not everyone knows what that means - even if they have the right intentions.  The solution would be for you to offer a range of ebooks about how to live in an eco friendly manner. Doing so would no only save the planet but has the potential of being economically efficient as well. You and this eco online business for sale, combined with our marketing resources and support, can help provide the best info to become more ecologically aware. Who do you know who would love to save the planet? Sell them the solution… 


Pest Control Specialist

A pest control specialist is someone who applies pesticides to homes, businesses, and other properties to eliminate pests that may pose a health risk. They are also responsible for educating their clients on best practices for identifying and treating pest infestations.


Raise & Sell Animals

Raising and selling animals is a process in which producers of animals raise animals for profit. The producer will buy the animal at the wholesale price and sell it, usually live or slaughtered, for more than what they paid. These animals may be raised for food (cattle, pigs), dairy (cows), fiber (mules), work (donkeys, horses), or pets (dogs).


Rent Out a Room or Cabin for Tourism

A Rent-Out-a-Room or Cabin for Tourism is a person’s privately owned room or cabin that they help other people rent out to travelers who are visiting the area. Typically, these spaces are small and usually provide at least one bed, but some may offer an entire home for rent. They usually work like any other hotel would with guests staying overnight before moving on to another location.


Rent Out Small Plots

A Rent Out Small Plots is a piece of land that is sold and rented back to the original owner, and then leased out to others for farming.


Rent Out Your Barn for Special Events

A Rent Out Your Barn for Special Events is an opportunity for owners of barns, or other similarly large structures to make money by renting out their property for special events. This technique is becoming more popular in the United States because it provides an economical way to host large gatherings while preserving historic features.


Rent Your Land to Campers

Renting property to campers is an approach for landowners to make some money off their property. Campers may want to stay at the property for a week or more without having to buy property, thus creating profit for the landowner. The landowner can also choose what to provide to the camper, such as electricity and water access, making it easier on the camper.


Rent Your Land to Hunters

A Rent Your Land to Hunters service allows hunters to travel to an area near the place they want to hunt, rent a plot of land to hunt on, and spend time in that area. The hunter will have the opportunity to either hunt with friends or alone. Hunting grounds are usually big enough for more than one person and can provide hours of hunting without worry of trespassing on neighboring hunting grounds.


Sell Manure or Compost

A manure or compost is a mixture of organic matter that was once living, such as animal droppings, scraps from gardens and farms, leaves from the forest floor, and grass clippings, all mixed together. The process of combining these materials creates a fertile soil-like material that can be used to fertilize plants and increase their growth. The organic matter in the pile decomposes and breaks down over time and becomes more potent as it does so.


Sell Vegetables & Herbs

Selling Vegetables & Herbs is a store that sells fresh food grown in the store's own garden or sourced from local farms. Selling vegetables and herbs is the only focus of the store, so there are no other products for sale. The store tries to provide an opportunity for people to buy locally grown, organic foods at prices that are fair for everyone.


Take the Scenic Route

Side hustles are often seen as a way to make extra money. For someone who is taking the scenic route, this is done by taking on tasks that are not their main job or skill set. The person might have an idea of something they can do for others without needing any formal training, so they market themselves accordingly. They take on jobs that would be seen as odd for someone with their credentials to do.


Turn Pretty Spots Into Photo Opportunities

Turning Pretty Spots into Photo Opportunities is a great way to document your family’s adventures and create memories that will last a lifetime. The basic idea is to find something out of the ordinary, something pretty or interesting, take at least one photo of it, and post it on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. You can also use this technique to document your trips all around the world.


Turn Your Farm Into a Destination

In order to turn a farm from a commodity producer into a destination, the farm must diversify their offerings and create opportunities for visitors. In addition to harvesting produce, farms should offer cooking classes, nature education, and other ways to promote the natural beauty of the land. The farm also needs to find ways to bring people in; this can be accomplished by having special events and creating partnerships with local organizations and businesses.

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