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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

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27x Side Hustle Ideas for Doctors

Doctors Side Hustle Ideas...


Imagine being a brain surgeon, anesthesiologist, or pathologist and not being able to keep up with the expenses of your work. You have a mortgage, a car payment, and a family to take care of. The hospital is strict with their hours and you have no life outside of work. So what can you do? Get a side hustle!  Many doctors dream about the day they will become an entrepreneur, but never actually get around to it. The following side hustle ideas are meant to inspire the next generation of doctors...



Administration as a side hustle is the process of managing and organizing the affairs and operations of an organization. This includes analyzing company data, directing day-to-day activities, supervising employees, developing long-term strategic plans, and using administrative skills to oversee all aspects of a company's business operations.


Be a Medical Tutor

A Medical Tutor is a professional who assists students with their studies, especially in medical school. They create study guides and workbooks for students to use through the course of the semester or year, then they check each student's progress to ensure they are understanding the material. Tutors also meet with students individually on a regular basis if need be.


Become an Expert Witness

An Expert Witness is someone who has specialized knowledge of a particular issue and is called on by lawyers to provide an opinion or testimony about it.


Being Interviewed by Industry for New Drugs/Processes

Pharmaceuticals firms are continually being interviewed by industry for new drugs or processes that can affect the lives of people. The author made a point that it is important to be aware of the risks, benefits, and other considerations before deciding to use a specific drug.


Buy a Vacation Home and Rent it on

The idea of using to purchase a discounted home for rent is an excellent side hustle opportunity. A vacation rental company such as offers the chance to purchase a property at a discounted rate that will then be rented. This way, the owner can make money off the rental and reap the benefits of their own piece of property without having to dedicate much time or funds to it.


Sell Digital Diet Plan Books Online

The digital diet is a new and innovative way of looking at our food consumption. It encourages us to eat more whole, unprocessed foods and less processed junk. The only problem is that it can be hard to know what counts as "good" or "bad" without any guidelines. That is where the digital diet plan books online come in handy! These books give you the guidelines you need to avoid consuming junk food and drink tons of water too! How many people do you know want to eat healthily or lose weight but don’t know where to start? Sell them the solution…


Chart Review

Chart review is the process of reviewing medical records, laboratory values, and other relevant clinical data. Chart review is an important aspect of quality improvement in healthcare because it can identify both clinically meaningful differences and those that may be statistically significant but not clinically significant. For instance, hospital chart reviews have been shown to result in a decrease in length-of-stay and improved mortality rates.


Create a Blog About Being a Doctor

A side hustle is an activity engaged in to generate additional income, at least on a part-time basis. Create a Blog About Being a Doctor is one such side hustle. As with most side hustles, this activity can be carried out as either part-time or full-time. Blogging about being a doctor would provide the physician with not only additional income but also additional marketing potential.


Create a Course

Doctor Course is a simulated, simulated course designed to help students learn about clinical competence. Students will be able to complete this course through the use of various simulations that include critical thinking, communication, and common human responses. Participants are given clinical competence to make decisions.


Create a Doctor’s Youtube Channel

Doctor’s Youtube Channel is an online video blog that features the Doctor’s thoughts on popular culture, media studies, and her life as a management-level woman at a major corporation. The videos are meant to be an educational resource for feminist ideas and to provide information about achieving success. The audience is mainly comprised of people who want to understand what feminism means in its modern form.


Create a Study Guide

A doctor's study guide provides information for students who are preparing for their medical licensing exams. They can either download the study guide or purchase a paper copy. It is common for these guides to include detailed descriptions of different diseases, treatment options, and potential side effects.


Do Medical File Reviews

A medical file review is a process that typically involves a doctor or other healthcare provider undergoing an extensive process of evaluation. The doctor will examine the patient's history, symptoms, vital signs, and laboratory data. A doctor will also conduct an interview with the patient to get feedback on their health condition. This information link be used for diagnosis and treatment of the individual.


Sell Digital Self Improvement Books Online

Market Research. With a new paradigm shift towards obtaining information about self improvement using technology (outlets such as podcasts, YouTube channels and audiobooks) has increased the market year on year. But whether someone is concerned with changing their thought process, learning a new skills or solving problems better, how do you go about it? The solution would be for you to offer a range of self improvement guides to help people interested in making themselves a better person. You, this self improvement online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help kickstart people’s ambitions to become the best versions of themselves. Who do you know who wants to improve themselves? Sell them the solution…


Invest Using Stash

Stash is a peer-to-peer investment app that facilitates investing in private companies. Investors can browse opportunities, make investments, and earn returns on their investments. Currently, there are over 700 private companies on the app from industries such as food, fitness, healthcare, financial services, and more. Investing using Stash involves two main categories of investing: equity and debt. Equity means investing in stocks which are stocks shared by various private companies.


Mcat Prep

Mcat Prep is a series of academic lectures and practice exams in preparation for the MCAT. It is designed to help students develop and strengthen their skills in problem solving, critical thinking, and communications. The mcat prep includes lectures that cover topics such as biological sciences, organic chemistry, physics, mathematics, psychology, sociology and biostatistics.


Medical Consulting

Medical consulting is the business of providing professional medical advice to clients. Medical consultants provide information, expertise and guidance to clients by making recommendations about their health care.


Medical Spa Work or Ownership

Medical Spa Work or Ownership is a type of business that involves offering medical spa treatments. Medical Spa Work or Ownership involves the use of medical procedures, products, and services for therapeutic purposes. Treatments are often applied to skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, cellulite, sun damage, and more. Services are often offered by doctors who have obtained a degree in medicine or medical science.


Medical Surveys

Medical Surveys are used to document the prevalence of a disease or illness in different groups. It is also used to find the cause of the illness. Medical surveys are used to study medical conditions, investigate potential causes, and design effective treatments. The data collected through medical surveys are analyzed by epidemiologists.


Pharmaceutical Research for Third Parties

Pharmaceutical Research for Third Parties (PR3) is a term describing the development of pharmaceutical products for use outside of the sponsoring company. This process typically occurs through contractual agreements between independent firms and pharmaceutical companies or research institutions. For example, a pharmaceutical company may contract with a research institution to develop a drug that the company can take to market and sell. Generally, these agreements are designed to cover all costs associated with developing, testing, and marketing the product.


Public Speaking

Public speaking at its most basic level is the opportunity to express a thought in a manner designed for a public audience. It is a form of communication that utilizes language to transmit ideas and persuades listeners to think differently about an issue, event, or topic.


Real Estate

Real Estate as a side hustle is an investment and a way to make money. It can be done using the traditional method of acquisition, management, and divestiture, or by making similar investments in real estate through crowdfunding platforms.


Review Insurance Claims

Review Insurance Claims is the systematic examination of a claim, with the purpose of determining its validity. This process can be performed by an insurance company's claims adjuster or by the company's attorneys. The claimants are typically asked to produce evidence that supports their claim, such as medical records or police reports. Should there be insufficient evidence, the claim will likely be denied.


Sell Digital Weight Loss Guides Online

The US weight loss industry is worth over $72 Billion expected to grow 2.6% a year, according to MarketResearch. With an increase in readily available food, cheap snacks and larger portions, people struggle to lose and maintain a healthy weight. In the US, 99 million people are overweight, and an extra 70 million adults are classed as obese. We all know we should eat healthily, but food which is processed is usually cheaper and more convenient than preparing, say, a salad. Combine that with the fact that people spend more time on the couch at home, or sat at a desk at work or sat down on their commute means people aren’t burning the calories they consume. So exactly can someone go about loosing weight? The solution would be for you to offer a series of complete weight loss guides to help people loose weight. You, this weight loss online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help people get rid of unwanted fat, become more active and live a longer, healthier life. Who do you know who wants to know loose weight? Sell them the solution…


Start a Hydration Business

A hydration business is a business that focuses on the production, distribution and sale of water. This may include the production of bottled water, tap water or mineral water. The distribution of this commodity can be handled by a fleet of trucks or even a fleet of drones.


Start Drop Shipping

A Start Drop Shipping as a side hustle is when entrepreneurs start selling goods on the internet without holding any inventory. Entrepreneurs will choose a product they want to sell and work with a distributor and/or manufacturer to ship out orders quickly.



Telemedicine is the practice of providing clinical care through telecommunications. This side hustle utilizes technology to connect patients with doctors. Telemedicine can be used in areas where there are physicians shortages, remote areas, or in natural disasters when access to medical attention is limited because of infrastructure damage. It can be implemented by connecting patients with doctors via video chat, phone call, or other electronic means.


Write for Other Medical Publications

Medical publications are often the voice of physicians in the field. They provide their perspective on an issue to readers who may not have access to this information. These articles are typically written to educate and inform, not to persuade others or proselytize.

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