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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

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20x Side Job Ideas for Extra Money

Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Money...


Today, in this world of advanced technology and high demand for jobs, it can be difficult to find enough time in the day to do everything necessary. With the cost of living rising everyday, many people are struggling to make ends meet. To add a little extra money to their bank account, some people seek out part-time work. This article will list some ideas for side job opportunities that can be done at home or on the weekends.


Amazon Furniture Assembly

An Amazon furniture assembly is a process in which a person attaches the pieces of a furniture piece together. These pieces are typically metal bars that have been welded together and then drilled to attach to the chair frame, the back of the chair, and the head rest. The metal bars are then tightened down with a wrench, usually starting from the middle to either side.


Become a Social Media Influencer

Becoming a social media influencer is a process of gaining followers on social media platforms through the use of content, mainly photos and videos. People can often make money from these platforms, called micro-influencers or macro-influencers, by promoting product brands or making sponsored posts. The influencer will be paid in return for their advertisement.


Sell Greeting Cards Online

At first, a pretty bit of paper with much-appreciated well-wishes. But after a week, it’s another bit of clutter that you have to guiltily throw away, or shove into a mouldering box of keepsakes. From the sender’s end, it’s a pain in the proverbial. Digging through an address book (do we even have an address book?), picking up the card from the local chain shop, buying stamps (how much?) and dropping it off in a post box. I mean, we love our friends and family, but what a kerfuffle. So, we’ve reinvented birthday cards for the Age of the Internet. Flaunt your well-wishes across social media so that everyone knows what a good friend you are. Digital social greetings cards, optimised for Instagram, are greetings cards designed specifically for social media: Customers can purchase, instantly download, post to any social media platform, compose a special message for whoever's birthday it is and tag them in it. It solves buying traditional greetings cards, writing and posting. Who do you know who always forgets to send a birthday card and struggles to find one last minute? Sell them the solution… 


Deliver Packages for Flex

Deliver Packages for Flex, or DFPF, is a software application used to create and send packages for the FedEx Ground service. The software generates labels based on the recipient's address, prints them on to specialized paper, and prepares the package for transport through FedEx ground. DFPF is an application that assists in the creation of shipment labels based on the recipient's address. It also prints these labels onto specialized paper before packaging it to be shipped through FedEx Ground.


Donate Blood Plasma

Donating blood plasma is a way to earn money because you're essentially donating your own blood to the company. The process is done using a machine that separates whole blood into two components: red cells and plasma. The plasma is taken from the donor's body, cleaned, and then returned to the donor in a sterile bag.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the act of sending messages via email to promote products or services. The term can also refer to the use of email for promoting business interests, which is what this essay will outline. While email marketing has traditionally been seen as an instrument for companies to present their latest offers and deals, it can be used in a variety of ways to create leads and drive conversions. Many businesses implement opt-in forms for their digital newsletters, which collect emails voluntarily submitted by interested prospects.


Sell Marketing Guides Online

Shopify, the world renowned marketing platform this website is built on, estimates by the end of 2021 that global business to consumer sales will exceed $4.5 Trillion a year! That is a lot of money on the table. But as there are so many people shopping online now, how can you possibly garner the attention your business deserves? How do you get your brand on the front page of Google? How can you use Facebook to properly promote your business? How can you develop a business brain? When it comes to marketing, there are lots of problems to solve.  The solution would be for you to offer a range of marketing guides to business owners (yourself included - could you benefit from these guides too?). You, this marketing online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help business owners get their products in front of the right people at an affordable price. Who do you know who owns a business? Sell them the solution…


Help People Move

The specific service offered by Help People Move is a moving company that will move you for a price. They offer everything from packing your belongings, to unpacking them in your new home. The company is based out of Chicago, IL and guarantees that they will not cost more than what you initially budgeted for. They also offer a 10% discount off of their prices if you pay in cash.


Join Clinical Trials

Join a clinical trial allows individuals to help with the recruitment process by participating in a study of a medical or healthcare intervention, without being compensated. This is done for validation of the treatment and to better understand how it affects the body. The purpose of this study is to find out whether there are any side effects from taking a medication. In order to participate, an individual must be between 18-55 years old and have no major health problems that would prevent them from taking part in the study.


Launch a Print on Demand Store

Launch a print on demand store is a great way to make money. There are many benefits to this type of business, as it can be done from anywhere, and does not require much start-up capital. The only downside is that the cost of printing needs to be taken into consideration as well as the markup on each item that is sold.


Online Coaching & Consulting

Online coaching and consulting is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of portfolio management, but one that is quickly becoming an important part of the industry. The theory behind this form of work is that through online communication, coaches can help their clients learn how to navigate challenging situations more readily than they could with an in-person meeting.


Pick up Parking Lot Trash

Pick up parking lot trash is a way for people to earn money. Trash pickers usually go into the lot after it has been emptied, and they search for valuables that have been left behind. To be sure that they are not breaking any laws, many states require that all unclaimed items be given to charity.


Recharge Electric Scooters

Recharge Electric Scooter's general function is to allow people to rent e-scooters for a short amount of time. They then use the scooter to get from point A to point B, return it at point B, and recharge it for someone else.


Sell SEO Guides Online

According to Forbes, US businesses will spend at least $80 Billion on SEO services by the end of the year. Why? Because SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is essentially the art of getting your website, blog or store on the first page of Google search results. Why is the first page so important? Because statistically, 75% of people don’t bother to see page 2. When was the last time you did? So now knowing how important this process is, how exactly can you get on the ‘front page’ of Google (or Yahoo and Bing)? What tricks can you implement to make sure your customers come to you, and not your competitors? The solution would be for you to offer a series of complete SEO guides to help businesses bring in organic search traffic. You, this SEO online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can help kickstart business owner’s ambitions to get seen in our crowded online world. Who do you know who owns a business and wants more customers? Sell them the solution…


Sell Freelance Photography

Selling freelance photography is a way to earn money by offering your services as a photographer. Photographers can offer their skills for weddings, events, or family portraits.


Sign Up For Freebies

Sign up for Freebies to earn money is a phenomenon where users sign up for websites that provide offers in order to receive monetary compensation. The website then sends the user offers via email or text messages, and pays them when they complete the offer.


Start a Food Truck

A person with an entrepreneurial spirit may want to start a food truck to earn money. This business is typically not new or complicated. It is about providing some type of service to people at their location on the street. The first step would be to research the laws for this new business idea so they can operate legally. Laws will differ by state, but some common things are included in permitting, city codes, and zoning among others.


Work Odd Chores

This strategy requires the student to choose one or more chores or tasks around the home, school, or community and to offer their services for money. The method is typically used by students who are looking for extra income.


Work Odd Gigs

Work odd gigs is a term for making ends meet by giving short-term labor in the form of freelance work. It may be through online task boards or through other labor agencies. Work odd gigs are typically not full-time jobs, but they may provide the opportunity to make money while pursuing other goals.

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