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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

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"I launched 9x new businesses this week!"

Startup Unlimited Ecommerce Businesses with Lifetime Membership

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100 Profitable Home Business Ideas: Top Remote Jobs to Explore in 2021

Things have taken a turn since the pandemic has been that clingy aunt in our lives who comes over and never talks about leaving. Not to mention, how lives, jobs, and many plans have been ruined by the fall of this virus – in these situations, how do you find profitable home business ideas? Well, when there is a thought in one’s mind, there is always a way to achieve it.


The emergence of remote work in 2021

One of the biggest benefits of working from home is the wide range of employment opportunities that are not limited to geographic location. This is particularly useful for job seekers living at homes during the pandemic or like side hustles. 

The lack of a mature workplace means that employees who were completely unreachable before the pandemic can travel and live like nomads and have meaningful careers. Now that the border has begun to open, the lifestyle of a mature nomad has been going down but what is better than living two jobs – one which requires you on sight and the other gives you all your answers about how to make money at home business ideas. 

To pause your hunt for remote profitable jobs we have an ultimate fix for you – let’s see which one from the 100s of ideas fits your needs. 

The branding business idea:

How many times have you had the thought where you wanted to start something of your own? Countless times? Well, starting your business and selling products and services is easier now as it has ever been before. By taking advantage of inclination towards the online world, we have business all ready for you to use. Hop on and check out the Vibrant Branding pre-made business for sale to get everything you need to start a business – with a branding guide to sell included.


Real estate guide business idea:

The real estate business is the new black in town as it encourages a healthy stream of revenue and has turned many people into millionaires. How about you bring your real estate business dream to life by getting a business-ready template called Sold! by the Startup Streams? A Shopify store that comes with e-books (you have full royalty of everything included in the package) with 1-to-1 marketing support included.


Music Business Idea:

Just as much as you wanted to pursue your career in the music industry, society made you believe that it was not a full-time job. Why not make it a profitable home business idea out of your love for music? Share your skills with others and earn money for it, your piano and guitar skills are exceptional and I know they can bring some crowd together even on an online platform like the Harmony business for sale which is built with perfection to provide everything you need to kickstart your music career.


Freelancing business idea: Teach freelancing

When we talk about a profitable home business idea, the thing that takes the most place is the field of freelancing. People in this department can sell services from any sector and that is what makes it accessible and unique for everyone. Many platforms provide freelancing services but not a lot of people are aware of the things needed to win this competition. Turn to Nomad, a pre-made business for sale to guide people in this crowded field and this platform will also give you a light for people to recognize your freelancing skills – resulting in direct hiring for the specific home-based projects.


Sell career advice:

Getting a dream job is hard and sometimes we just like a specific professional without knowing the potential it demands from us and also the scope it has in our society. Career guidance can help people move from a general understanding of life and work to a more specific understanding of the reality and actual career choices available to them. If you think you can give people career advice then you can opt for it as a profitable business through the Perfect Job ecommerce store.


2021/2022 will be all about parties:

2021 will be about people who were locked in 2020 and hence, there will be more party trends. Why don’t you take an advantage of the situation and start our own party greeting card business? Startup Streams invented the Party social media greetings cards business for the Internet age. This business offers Instagram optimized digital greeting cards which are specially designed for social media. Customers can buy, download right away, and post them on any social network. Easy.


How to make money online:

Let’s admit the fact that we all want easy money but there are many people out there who are clueless when it comes to making money online. If you have made it to this article, then you are probably aware of how a profitable home business idea can excel your earning. With this thought in mind, Startup Streams has created a business template that can help you guide people with all the online making money tricks that are available on Corporate’s e-books and are royalty-free for you to sell on the pre-made website.


Teach people about weight loss and earn money:

Including me, countless people need to be guided about weight loss tricks and hacks that work. The world is full of people who eat clean and have cracked the code of losing weight. If you have something that has made you healthily shed those pounds, share it with the world and make money for it. Inches lost is a weight guide business that can flourish with the experience you have. And guess what? Everything, including marketing resources, is already made for you by Startup Streams.


Summer drinks business idea:

The fact that people missed summer last year means that this year there will be more drinks and enjoyment, and what’s better than having some great homemade recipes for delicious cocktails? If you have this in you, share with people different guides and recipes of some amazing drink by the business template Summer which includes ready made cocktail guides to sell.


Finance business idea:

A person who is good with numbers and money, ah they are rare. People lack the personal financial skills needed to manage basic daily finances and if you are the one with these skills, you can help people save money, manage their money, and be financially independent with the Revenue pre-made financial business for sale.

To all my dear people who want some profitable home business ideas to kickstart their 2021, these are just 10 out of 100 business ideas I have mentioned in this article – head on to the Startup Streams homepage to discover another 90 pre-made businesses for sale today.

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