Why Are These Businesses For Sale? Why Buy a Starter Store?

All Startup Streams stores have been built to sell...

All of our stores are template starter stores meaning that they are non-exclusive but are available to provide new entrepreneurs, or people without the design skillset, to own beautiful Shopify stores. 

Although exclusivity would be nice and has its benefits, a duplicate store has it's advantages too…

For starters, a bespoke store would cost $2000+ as standard so you are saving money. Secondly it saves you time: Even if you have the design skillset, knowledge of how to create a website, link a domain name, create shipping categories, write terms and conditions, write product descriptions, link apps and know how to set everything up through Shopify, it may take weeks to complete. Here, the work has been done for you. Thirdly, a starter store would benefit specific types of people:

  • You may be new to eCommerce and entrepreneurship and want a new business to learn the ropes with
  • You may want to be a business owner but have limited funds to start up and are after a cost effective way to do so
  • You may want to experiment with various marketing strategies to see what works, and what doesn't, before applying that knowledge to another business
  • You may want to purchase a starter store to improve and 'flip' (sell for a higher price to another buyer - another lucrative business strategy!)
  • You like the idea of being an entrepreneur but don't know where to start (We include a support pack with each store - how to manage a Shopify store and how to market it)

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