What Is The Startup Streams Support Pack?

The Startup Streams Support Pack is made in partnership with Shopify and includes details and resources on how to manage and market your store.

It comes included with all Startup Streams stores. 


  • Accessing your store
  • Managing your store
  • Orders
  • Payment gateways
  • Shipping
  • Taxes
  • Customers
  • Reporting
  • Products
  • Collections
  • Discount codes
  • Gift cards
  • Pages
  • Blog
  • Menu navigation
  • Details to change in your new store
  • Marketing: Google, Facebook, Email, SEO and Retargeting 
  • Marketing guru: Neil Patel
  • Marketing: Recommended YouTube videos
  • Mindset of a successful entrepreneur 
  • How to improve your store
  • How to outsource to freelancers
  • Where to learn digital marketing
  • Free tools and resources

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