What Expenses Are Involved?

There is only one compulsory expense applicable to this store which is the Shopify monthly fee of $29 per month.

There are no long term commitments and you can pause or close the store at any time. Once made store owner, you can choose when to active the store and when to start paying this monthly fee to Shopify. You can edit the store to your preference before making your store ‘live’ - you do not have to active the store straight away.

Shopify is the platform where this site is hosted and allows you to sell. The domain name, files and website are all hosted on Shopify's servers. With your store, you will gain access to the store's admin where you have full control over the front and back end of your store and can make any changes you want or need. It is very easy to use.

There are many advantages to using Shopify. As standard you get: Automated cart abandonment emails, visual analytics, unlimited discount codes, SLL encrypted checkout, email push notifications to your customers; you can choose from over 1700 apps to increase conversions, help with marketing or customers support (many apps are free to use) and you can run the entire business from your smartphone… Plus, you can make use of the fantastic Live Chat support if you have any questions when you set up. Is Shopify reliable? Yes…

FACT: On Black Friday 2019, Shopify processed 10,978 orders per minute! That’s $1.5 Million in sales every 60 seconds during its peak. Over the day, Shopify stores made a massive $2.9+ Billion in sales (Up from $1.8 Billion in 2018!), demonstrating the increasing reach and power of borderless commerce.

800,000+ merchants can’t be wrong, $100 Billion+ sales have been made so far using Shopify!

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