Is My Store Customisable?

Yes! You are eligible for 2 hours included design time with all full priced stores. 

One hour is supplied by Startup Streams, the other by Shopify.

There are 3 options for customisation available to you:

  1. DIY: You can edit the store as you wish: You can edit some colour options, header text, terms, privacy, meta data, store name, basic layout, pages, blogs, discounts, domains, navigation etc…
  2. Startup Streams: You are eligible for 1 hour included design time for your store from us. We can edit the copy in the banners, colours, images… Terms apply. 
  3. Shopify: Get in contact with Shopify support to arrange - they will be able to complete this for you once you are on a paid plan. They can edit basic HTML and all manor of changes to your store. Terms apply. Shopify has the right to withdraw this service at any time. 

We recommend composing a short list of what you wish to changed before you approach either us or Shopify to better manage your allocated design time - you don’t want to spend most of your 1 hour of design time on sending dozens of emails back and forth. Please be as detailed as possible but remember, you get 1 hour max with each store. 

Startup Streams charges extra for additional time spent on customisations. 

If you are unsure if Startup Streams or Shopify can make your edits, please email us first to see if we can help you.

Want to make changes to your new store? Email with your requests

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