Do I Need Any Specific Skills To Buy A Store?

Essential skills that are required before buying an ecommerce store

All Startup Streams stores are designed with the new entrepreneur in mind, meaning they are very easy to manage and operate and all of the hard work has already been completed by a professional graphic designer / web developer, which would usually set you back thousands of dollars.

Even though you don’t need any specific skills to buy and manage a store, some characteristics will benefit you to start and succeed at ecommerce...

1. Marketing & Sales Skills

One of the most important things in ecommerce business is promotion. This is the way you get noticed by potential buyers and people who are interested in your product range. Many small business have amazing ideas but they fail to sell the products because of lack of marketing skills. Fortunately, nowadays it much easier to learn about marketing & sales, as you could find some experts speaker on YouTube who would share their methods and experience to help you grow your business or you can go to SkillShare to have more knowledge on an advance marketing strategies to generate your sales. SkillShare courses are highly recommended for those new to digital marketing. 

2. Communication & Networking Skills

Providing excellent customer service and maintaining good communication with your customers would increase your business value, in terms of generating positive customer reviews which many people review and rely on before making a purchase. Maintaining a healthy business relationship is not always easy between you and your buyers and you may encounter problems. Having effective written and verbal communication skills will help you to build good working relationships and if you succeed at this, your customers will come back time after time.

3. Content Creation Skills

Creating content will help you to increase brand awareness and providing your buyers / followers with much more information about your company or even your products. It will also help your SEO and digital marketing. In this case, not many people have the ability to make content, write a blog, or create graphic design assets for their social media accounts. Startup Streams understands that concern which is why we provide Marketing Kickstarter package which provides you with social media content that would be useful for you to run the business, available with all of our stores. To see what’s included, add your favourite store to cart and select the ‘Kickstarter Marketing’ option. 

4. Financial Management Skills

This may sound boring but having sound financial management skills will help you to run your business profitably and protect your financial investment. At least you are able to maintain your cash flow effectively as you need to declare your taxes within your own country. Being able to successfully control money is essential to success in business. Vitally, start today with a 'profit and loss' spreadsheet to know where your money is coming from and going…

5. Growth Mindset

Deciding factors, which affect your ability to run a successful ecommerce business (and aside from investment) are experience, your time and your mindset. A quick google search will bring you all of the latest thoughts and theories regarding this but you will have to set realistic expectations, realise that running a business is unlikely to be an overnight success and understand that no two paycheques will ever be the same. You will have excellent days and you will have poor days and you will experience an emotional rollercoaster as a result. The experience and your ability to manage this flux of income and highs and lows will make you mentally stronger and more likely to succeed. So, a positive mental attitude and growth mindset is 100% required.

Startup Streams Is Suitable For New Entrepreneurs Without Experience 

Because all of our stores are focused towards the new entrepreneur, we provide everyone with premium setup support. As you get started, all steps are clearly laid out to help you gain ownership of your store and set out what details need your attention so that you can start to make sales from day one. 

We are always on hand to answer any questions, you can always share with us or contact us directly with email or live chat. We also supply a Support Pack including details on managing, developing, and marketing a Startup Streams business when you decide to buy a store - we maintain 100% positive feedback for a reason!

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